Sep. 22, 2016

I'd heard about this place, a secluded spot near the mostly unused edge of a park in the city. Teenagers apparently come here on the weekends looking for somewhere to explore their budding sexuality away from interfering adults. I saw evidence of this the first time I came to look, a used condom discarded in the shrubbery, a testament to a young couple's sexual awakening perhaps? Rumour had it that it was sometimes used by adventurous adult couples fulfilling some fantasy or maybe simply needing a clandestine meeting place away from other, less open-minded people. My fantasy, to watch a couple as they took their secret pleasure and then to be invited to join them, drew me back there for the second time.

As I walked slowly towards the small clearing I spotted the edge of a blanket and could hear soft moaning and the sounds of sucking and slurping. Quietly I edged closer, not wanting to reveal myself and frighten them. He was standing with his back to me, pants and boxers in a heap at his feet. She was kneeling in front of him, blouse opened so he could rub her tits and pinch her nipples while she licked and sucked on his hard cock. Her eyes were closed, all of her other senses focussed completely on the taste, the smell, the texture of his manhood. Exploring every shape with her tongue, licking and circling the head of his shaft before taking it fully into her mouth. Her hands were grasping the firm cheeks of his ass, pulling him in and moving him back away, thrusting his cock deep to the back of her throat, then slowly sucking the length of his hard shaft to savour the soft head of his cock. I watched her hands rubbing and massaging his ass, her finger slipping slightly into his hole as her body writhed gently to the rhythm of his cock moving in and out of her mouth, one hand now holding his balls and guiding his cock to her lips. He gasped as she pressed her finger deeper into his hole and as she glanced up to see the look of pure pleasure on his face, she spotted me partially hidden by a tree.

The sight of them had me fully aroused and I was caught with my hand inside my jeans, fondling my balls and imagining the feel of her tongue on my cock. Startled, I started to withdraw but to my surprise she held my gaze, her eyes widening, with a look of hunger. She took his cock and ran her lips up one side of his shaft and down the other, not once looking away from me. As she teased the head of his cock with her tongue, she raised her eyebrows and smiled as if to say "do you like what you see?" I was transfixed, time slowed as I moved out to where she could see me fully and unzipped my jeans, liberating my throbbing cock, waiting for her reaction. She lifted her skirt and rubbed the mound of her pussy invitingly as I began to stroke gently, precum glistening on the head of my cock. She licked her lips, tasting him and imagining me. With some saliva as lubrication, I began to rhythmically stroke the full length of my silky, slippery, hard cock. As she watched my excitement mount, she intensified her movements on his member. Like musicians jamming, we played sensually, passionately, in sync and then off on our own riff and back again. He moaned and withdrew from her, holding back from that inevitable explosion of pleasure and kissed her deeply, tasting his cock on her lips. With one hand on his rock hard cock she motioned me closer and took mine in her other hand.

He turned at the sound of my approach, looked quickly at her, saw the wanton lust in her eyes, and pulled me closer. We were standing on either side of her now, her hands on our cocks, hungrily sucking one while stroking the other. His fantasy now revealed, to see another man's cock in her mouth, to see her sluttiness, her primal desires fulfilled. Her cunt was creamy wet as she fingered her clit and sucked the heads of both our cocks into her mouth at once. She would have swallowed them both if she could. He had to have her now, feel his aching cock inside her dripping cunt and fill her up with his cum. "On your hands and knees" he said "so we can both fuck you." And as she sucked and licked my balls he slid deep inside her from behind, pressing hard up against her and slapping her ass. Her moans grew louder as his thrusting began to intensify, pushing her forward, my cock going further into her mouth. "Fuck me hard" she begged. I grabbed her hair and held her head as I fucked her wildly, my cock hitting the back of her throat again and again. He was holding onto her hips and fucking her even harder, the sound of his balls slapping against her clit. He was reaching the point of no return, his face contorted in ecstasy, and we spasmed and exploded as one, filling her up at both ends with our hot sticky cum. She swallowed mine like the cum slut she was, slurping and licking, rubbing my hot sticky cock all over her lips and face. We kissed for the first time, tongues exploring, tasting each other and ourselves in a slurry of cum and saliva, breathless and spent. She turned to him, smiling, eyes half closed, held him tightly as they kissed passionately and deeply. "Thank you, my sexy beast. And you horny delicious stranger." Our fantasies satisfied... for now.