Written by Michaelmas12

Mar. 26, 2016

The only light in the room comes from the fire place and the warm flickering flames cast a orange glow across the room! As I sit across from you and your man, enjoying a glass of wine, I watch the two of you on the sofa both relaxed, both turned on by one another's closeness. The heat from the fire and the effects of the wine have have you both relaxed as your man reaches over kissing you on the neck! You seem to enjoy that and trying to get more comfortable you lay down on the sofa with your head on his lap! I look at the two of you. My attention is focused on you, laying there with one of your legs draped over the end of the sofa, the other reaching down to the floor! Your man's attention drawn to your breast, as the robe you are wearing slips down over your shoulder to expose your naked chest! He reaches down and cups your breast with his hand teasing the nipple lightly! Both of you seem not to notice me sitting across from you and I can't help getting getting aroused if not a little uncomfortable watching the two of you starting to tease one another! Your legs spread open a little more as you start to relax under you man's attention and I look at your exposed thighs, the robe still hinding your waist and hips! Your man leans over giving you another kiss, this time on the lips and with a bit more passion he squeezes your nipple just a little harder! You squirm in reaction and your robe slides open revealing a tight fitting pair of lace panties, your figure now fully exposed! Your skin looks warm in the fire light and the fire itself is reflected in your eyes as you look towards me! I can see your passion in your eyes as you stare at me while your man's hand slides away from your breast down to your belly! His hand finds its way under the waist of your panties and he quickly cups your sex! He holds you tightly like that for a moment or two as you tighten you thighs around his hand and start to slowly rotate your hips in reaction! You are getting wet to his touch...