Written by Michaelmas

Mar. 26, 2016

Your man has his hands around your head as he pulls you towards him! The length of his cock deep down your throat, your lips pressing against his belly. His strength keeps your head firmly planted and you squirm trying to pull away pushing your hips and hot pussy hard down on my face! Both of us struggling to catch our breath your man releases his hold on you and his cock eases back out of your mouth! I reach up with my hands and manage to part your pussy lips open and bury my tongue deep in side you! You try and catch your breath! Your hips rotating round and round as you feel the pleasure of my wet lips against yours! You watch as your guy strokes his cock still inches from your face! You now start to stand up! Turning around you reach down and start unbuttoning my jeans! Sliding the waist of my pants over my ass and down the length of my legs you have released my cock! Your anticipation and lust in your eyes is there for both of us to see and you know exactly what you want! You kneel on the floor turning around to face your man once again you take his cock in your hand and guide it once more between you lips! You kneel befor him with your bum resting on the heels of your feet! I stand up behind you to watch you deep throat your man! It is a very hot scene and you don't seem to notice as I kneel behind you grabbing you around the waist, then lifting your hips upwards I can press my cock against your shapely ass! I reach down to probe your pussy with one of my fingers and it slides in so easily! You are soaking wet!! My finger slides without a problem in and out stroking gently the inside of your pussy! You push your ass back towards me forcing my finger deeper inside you! I take the opportunity to slide another finger inside and you accept that easily! My touch has you riding my hand as your head bobs back and forth along the lenth of your man's shaft! Each time you rock forward your lips take more of his cock and my fingers slide in and out of your sex! I pull my hand away and grasp your hips with either hand and press the head of my cock against your waiting pussy! That's what you've been waiting for! Sandwiched between two men! A cock down your throat and a cock buried deep in side your sex...