Jul. 12, 2018

****One of the ways the Mrs and I deal with extended periods of separation is to write erotic fiction together. Sometimes we collaborate, sometimes it's in response to what the other person wrote. This is one I wrote. Let me know if you'd like to hear more about the characters. If we get a positive response we will carry them forward in a series. ****

First Date

Danny was nervous. He had probably switched his look out half a dozen times by now. 'casual, man casual. You're not getting an Emmy here'. He laughed to himself thinking he may not be getting an Emmy but will sure as hell deserve one if he can get through this and appear calm. He changed to dark jeans.

He looked over at Aditi, she was effervescent, her usual state. He adored her but right now he resented that open and positive attitude with which she floated through life. What did she have to worry about? She was lithe with the body of a dancer. The chestnut tone of her complexion alone stopped men and women alike. She wasn't pretty, she was striking. What sealed it was that smile. It could engulf a person; draw you in so the only thing that mattered was that she kept smiling. He'd do anything to make her smile.’Tie, no tie?’ He put the tie back in the dresser.

They had first met at a farmers market. He was tending a booth and she was shopping. He noticed her immediately. She was wearing a yellow dress that silhouetted her legs when the sun was behind her; that and the fact she was wearing nothing beneath it. She carelessly chatted with him as she looked over the vegetables. Her hand landed on a cucumber which she picked up and began slowly stroking. Danny turned 12 different shades of red, he stammered, he tried to look away but he couldn't. Aditi's smile erupted into gales of laughter. Moments later so did he. That was 17 years ago and she was still that wickedly funny, beautiful spirit he fell in love with.

When they first started dating she had taken him to India. She was born and raised in Calgary but her grandparents still lived in Bombay. When he arrived there it was completely overwhelming to him. The noise, the colours; it was all just so much. He was frightened and intoxicated by the possibilities all at the same time.

Tonight felt like that first trip to India. Tonight they were going on their first date as a couple with another couple. Not just for dinner but possibly something more. It wasn't that they had grown apart, far from it. The years had knit them together so closely now they almost breathed as one. They weren't looking for new people just new adventures and that pursuit had lead them to Geri and Mason.

Weeks back they stumbled upon Swing during a shared bout of insomnia and were now addicted to it. It was Aditi that first floated the idea that they might consider swinging themselves. Danny laughed initially but that changed when she didn't join in. That was 2 weeks ago and now he was trying to figure out what shoes to wear.

"Adi, the brown or black shoes?"

"Black" came her reply, "and don't wear that shirt, this isn't a funeral". She handed him a light blue shirt, grey vest and black shoes.

"Now hurry up, I want to get there in time for happy hour. I'll need a scotch." Aditi was more anxious than she let on, Danny noted. He put on the clothes she had given him and headed to the kitchen to make sure the dogs had water and food. He was ready as he would ever be. He too needed that scotch. Probably more than one.

On the car ride to the Iron Wood Adi was more animated than usual. She talked about the weather, she talked about work, she talked to fill the silence. She did that when her nerves were becoming frayed. For tonight Adi had chosen to wear a short skirt that fit taut and rode higher than what she would normally wear. Danny placed his hand on the inside of her knee. She had been a competitive swimmer as a young woman and maintained her muscular tone. His hand slid down the inside of her thigh, reaching her vagina. He lightly brushed her clit with his index finger, Adi's back arched as it did so. Danny leant over kissed her neck and whispered.

"You're exceptional". He drew his hand back, winked and hopped out of the car. She shuddered, smiled and followed him towards the restaurant.

Danny found a table near the back of the restaurant where they'd be able to enjoy the music but conversation would still be possible. Adi grabbed them each a scotch while they waited for Geri and Mason to arrive.

Uncertain with where to start, Danny signed them up on a swinger's website. Neither had wanted to go to a club quite yet so some harmless flirting online seemed like a good option. He had made some missteps early on and it was Geri that approached him in a private message to help him out. Geri was a polar opposite to Aditi. Where Adi was femininity incarnate, Geri was amazonian in stature. She worked as a pipefitter at Fire Bag and was back home on her 2 week turnaround. Her back was wide, thick from hard work with her hands. She had a shock of curly red hair that obeyed no rules and dropped down to the middle of her back. Her face had the cast of a 40's movie star, sexy with a strong jaw line. No one would think her pretty but everyone would watch as she passed by. Danny found her intriguing and nearly irresistible to look away from. She may be solid in build but she most certainly had a woman's proportions. Her hips wide, her breasts firm and high. It was an image he lingered on now as they sipped their scotch.

Mason worked in the city as a materials accountant with one of the smaller Petro companies that populated the city. He kept himself trim and dressed smartly. From the exchanges the two couples shared online he came across as clever with a wry sense of wit. Adi said she found him handsome and they seemed to have an easy repartee with one another. Danny had been surprised by his own lack of jealousy. He was in fact relieved that there existed a connection between the two. Aditi was no one to trifle with and had Mason been remotely presumptuous with her he would have quickly known the sting of her tongue. He was charming, not excessively, so that a person would find him ingratiating, but he just had the air of being a gentleman.

They had just emptied their drinks when Geri and Mason arrived. Adi was the first one to her feet and hurried over to meet them as they came into the bar. She hugged them each kissing Geri on the cheek. The two women seemed to instantly become best friends. Both laughed loudly as Adi lead her by the hand to their table.

"And this is Danny" Adi announced and handed Geri over to him.

"Hello". Her voice was dark chocolate, sultry in pace and timbre. Danny stumbled over his words despite practicing them on the drive over.

"Hi, I'm.... Danny."

"Ya, I know, we covered that already."

Geri leant in and kissed him on the cheek, giving him a wink as she did so. She wore a faded leather motorcycle jacket, tight jeans, tall black boots with 3 inch heels. But that wasn't what set Danny off kilter. For colour Geri had on a cardinal red sheer blouse with a black lace bra. The pictures, as flattering as they were, did her breasts no justice. He had felt their firmness against his chest during the kiss. He was instantly aroused.

"I'll take one of those if you are getting another one. On the rocks, no water."

Geri said as she carried on speaking with Aditi.

Danny pulled the chair out for her as she sat down. His manner reflected his Southern Alberta roots. It had been many years since he last chased cattle across the rough Alberta prairie but he kept that earthy style. Soil gets under your nails and in your soul. He maintained a working man's frame despite spending much of his time driving as a buyer for Cargill. He loved his steak so he'd probably 'never sell suits' as his dad would say but he had the farmer's muscle his father worked into him as a lad. He also kept that small town boy's sincerity.

He came back from the bar with 4 drinks and passed one to each person. Danny, drained his glass in a gulp, slammed the glass down on the table and exclaimed.

"Well holy shit eh!"

For a moment everybody fell silent, their mouths agape. Three heart beats later they all howled with laughter. Danny grinned and got himself another.

The evening nearly rushed past. By 2 in the morning everyone's feet were sore from being up on the dance floor and their legs unsteady from the drinks. A warmth enveloped them all.

The two women were walking arm in arm 3 steps ahead of the men, singing 'living on a prayer' at the top of their lungs, laughing and weaving as they did so.

"Danny," Mason said "we've had a great time tonight with Aditi and you. We were so nervous but you two have made this evening a real pleasure. We rented a hotel room with a hot tub. We'd be thrilled if you both would join us."

Danny's heart began to pound. It had been an amazing night. Adi knew how to move her body from years as a swimmer and Geri had an innate sensuality that animated her every action. He watched them the entire night and was throbbing now because of it. He wanted them. But this, being in another room naked and intimate with strangers. It was a long way from the small town he grew up in. He knew how to satisfy Adi, he knew her body, knew what made her moan, what would make her claw the skin right off his back. This was different. The couples had spoken about what each wanted while still online. He knew he wouldn't be under the pressure to satisfy Geri but there was no denying he wanted to be there when Mason did. Even now, tipsy and unsteady the 2 women swayed back and forth with the allure of a burlesque dancer. They sang out the last of the song ending with laughs and hugs. Adi yelled back at him over her shoulder.

"Oh just say yes already, I want to get out of these shoes." The 2 women leaned on one another and walked on.

"The boss has spoken." Danny grinned and followed on behind them.

The room was large, if not somewhat dated. It occupied the upper floor of a respectable but inexpensive hotel. A living room with 2 couches, a flat screen TV and a writing desk was to the right of the door along with a small stand up bar. Large windows ran along the north wall that opened on to an expansive city scape. How could anything so familiar to him now feel so exotic?

Geri went into the master bedroom that was on the left and began taking off her coat and boots. Mason yelled back to them to grab a drink while he got the hot tub ready. Aditi drew in close to Danny, put her arms up and around his neck and began kissing his chest. She looked up and deep into his eyes and said "I love you Danny". She began kissing him, with each kiss she unbuttoned his shirt until her mouth rested near his belt and his shirt was open. Behind her Geri was undressing. She looked directly at Danny as she did so. She lifted off her sheer top exposing her lace bra underneath. Her fingers traced a line down to the buttons of her pants, she unbuttoned each one slowly and deliberately running her hands down between her legs when she got to the last one. It was then that Danny realized she had not been wearing anything underneath her jeans all night. The thought of it made him stiffen and a small clear drop of fluid collected on the head of his penis.

Mason returned from the hot tub room about then and swept up behind Geri. He kissed her from the back of her neck to up and under her right ear. His hands came forward around her waist and down along her opened pants. Her head fell backwards involuntarily with a moan as he rubbed her clit between his fingers. They kissed. An open mouth, pressured kiss, wet and with tongue. Mason pulled away and began kissing her back along it's length, he tugged her jeans off as he did so. Geri's legs opened slightly, her chest heaved with each breath as Mason brought his hands up along the insides of her thighs.

Adi had Danny's pants off and his cock in her mouth. Her head rhythmically moved up and down; he could feel his cock going down the back of her throat. Mason kneeled in front of Geri as she leaned back against the king sized bed for support. Her legs were quivering, hands white under the strain of digging her fingers into the bed sheets. Danny and Geri stared into one another's eyes as their partners pleasured them; every nerve seemed to be firing all at once in Danny's body.

Adi looked up at him from on her knees, the desire in her eyes alone made him want to climax but he resisted. He was so close to cuming he had to pull back.

Danny lifted Adi to her feet, all but tore the dress from her body and threw her onto the small dining table he had been backed up against. She was naked and wet with her legs spread wide in front of him. A chair was close by, he sat himself in it and placed his face deep between her legs. Adi's legs fell open, she knew what he wanted and was desperate to let him take her.

He teased her with the tip of his tongue, tracing the outline of her vagina with it. He went around and around without actually licking her clitorsis. It was pure, delightful torture. She pulled on the back of his head to force his tongue into her. But he pushed back. He smiled and pushed her legs up and higher so he could access her ass. He flicked the tip of his tongue rapidly across her anus. The pleasure was so intense she screamed unintentionally. She crossed her ankles behind his head pulling his face into her. This time he didn't resist. He dove in, sucking her engorged clit into his mouth. She swore, and moaned out his name, begging him to keep going. With her swollen clit in his mouth he pushed it against the back of his teeth rubbing it with the tip of his tongue. Her hips rose and fell, fucking his face, a handful of hair in her right hand.

He was relentless with his mouth. Sucking and licking every inch between her legs. He used his first and second fingers to search the roof of her vagina to find her G-spot. When she bucked and swore, he knew he had found it. His tongue circled her clit with the regularity of a ticking second hand. She tightened the muscles in the floor of her pelvis and began undulating to the rhythm of Danny's fingers against her g-spot. He knew what was coming as the sides of her vagina began to swell, he could feel the muscles along the walls throb and her moaning became a continuous low wail. "push" he said softly at first then more loudly. "DO IT!!, PUSH!!"

Adi exploded, she squirted clear fluid across Danny's chest, crying out "FUCK!! FUCK ME!! FUCK!!!" her pelvis nearly leapt from the table she was balanced on her shoulder blades and Danny held her there, still sucking her clit. When it was too much, she pushed him away and squeezed his head between her now quaking legs. He set her back down on the table, smiled and wiped his face. Adi simply lay still caught up in the afterglow of her orgasm.

Mason and Geri had finished minutes before and now stood in near awe of what they had just witnessed.

"Time for that hot tub, I think I could use it." Danny said with a smirk.

The 2 couples kibitzed quietly, their voices muted by the bubbles and the churning of the water. Each had a drink in their hands, flushed with the endorphins that were still flowing through their bodies. Even so the atmosphere was sexually charged.

The hot tub was surrounded on three sides by mirrors, every view lead to curves and nipples and wet flesh. Danny had purposefully held back from ejaculating when Adi went down on him out in the living room. He wanted that sense of urgency present when he got to the hot tub. And so it was. Geri's breast rose just above the water exposing her nipples randomly as the water sloshed about. They were magnificent, pendulous breasts that he couldn't look away from. Geri found him looking, smiled and floated over to where he was sitting. Geri straddled him allowing her breasts to rub against his chest. The couples had agreed to no penetration and there wouldn't be but Geri's outer lips were gently rubbing against his cock as the water caused her to bob up and down. Danny's hands might as well not been his own as they sought out her breasts autonomically. Adi had been sitting close by so she leant over and began nibbling beneath Geri's right ear; small kisses, one after another around Geri's neck. Mason repeated a similar process but on Geri's left. Adi's small kisses traced Geri's neck forward and along her collarbone, then down the curve of her breast until she had her nipple in her mouth. Adi licked clockwise circles around it, biting occasionally. Geri's head fell back with a groan. Mason came up behind her and began kissing her deeply, tongues intertwined, mouths searched for the other's lips. A wholly passionate interlock.

Danny's hands had searched every square inch of Geri's breasts and torso. With Adi suckling Geri's right breast, Danny sucked hard on her left one. Where Adi was taut and firm Geri was voluptuous and soft. He was mesmerized by having this woman's breast in his mouth. He bit, and licked, and teased her nipple with his tongue. Her hand sunk down beneath the water and found his near bursting hard on. She held it with her left hand stroking it slowly, fingering the tip with her index finger. She slid closer to him so she could rub her clit with its tip. It was swollen to the point of enormity. He could feel it throb even against the rolling water.

He wanted to cum, cum right there in her hand. Wanted to cover those breasts in a blast of semen and sperm. His body shook with anticipation and want. Geri floated back off his lap pulled away by Mason's deep kisses.

Adi now stood, turned her back to Danny bent over the edge of the hot tub and waited for him to enter her. She wouldn't have to wait long. He thrust himself deep into her, grunting as he did so. He had her by the hips and was pulling her back onto his cock. Back and forth, back and forth, the wash of the water streamed up and across Adi's clit like 2 fingers rubbing it in rhythm with Danny's strokes. It was electric for her. Danny had pulled her upright and back so he could bite her shoulders and neck, not so hard it hurt but hard enough to be painful. She pushed back forcefully into him. He choked her with his right hand causing her to clinch her fingers into his thigh in response. Their bodies moved as one, undulating with the water. Their rhythm intensified, harder, faster they grasped and thrust and moaned together until neither could restrain themselves and came with one another in an eruption of cum and screams. Short moments later so did Geri and Mason.

It's was nearly 3 30 a.m. and both couples were weary but gratified. A general amiability existed between the four people. Each felt it and were glad it was there. They carelessly caressed one another, while the urgency of the previous moments ebbed from their bodies.

"Well that's me done" Mason said "what an extraordinary night." he leaned over and kissed Adi on the cheek, she kissed his cheek in kind.

"Me too" Geri said, “I'm so grateful we met you guys." she hugged Danny and Aditi, got out of the hot tub and headed to Mason in the king sized bed.

Adi kissed Danny on the lips, a kiss imbued with tenderness and her love.

She headed off to the pull out bed in the living room.

Danny lingered for awhile in the now stilled hot tub. The room was hushed and he serene. He tumbled the remaining ice cubes around in the bottom of his glass, swigged the last swallow down and thought to himself.

"That was a hell of a thing."