Written by Sengen69

Apr. 6, 2013

The first woman I loved lived at her home with her parents and I lived at home with mine. We had gone for coffee and I was walking her home. It was the very end of winter and it was cold. We held hands as we walked. I held her hand in my jacket pocket so that we could keep warm. We could feel the movement of the other body as we walked because we were always so close together. I do not think we went more than 10 or 15 steps without stopping to kiss. Even though it was in a public place, we could not help ourselves.

Each time we embraced, I could feel my penis become a little firmer. I tried to stand so that she would not notice. But, when we kissed, our bodies moved so close together that it was hard to avoid contact.

We crossed a major street. On the other side was a boulevard, a thick hedge of evergreen trees, a fence, and then houses.

When we crossed the street she looked at me. She smiled and said, "Let's go." Almost running, she led me between the hedge and the fence. We ran several meters along the hedge. We could no longer see the street. We could hear the muffled sounds of the cars on the nearby road.

We embraced. I kissed her lips. I kissed her cheeks. I kissed her nose. I kissed her neck.

We undid our coats. We opened them. Pressed together. The fabric draped along our sides, protecting us from the cold.

She pushed her hips forward. She pushed her pussy into the hard bulge in my pants. Our hips swayed in opposite directions as we kissed. Our groins were experiencing one another for the first time. I felt her breasts as we kissed. They filled her bra. Even more tightly as she breathed. I squeezed her breasts through her clothes. Our faces flushed. The heat from our bodies as they rubbed together made us dizzy. Our stomachs had butterflies.

Without thinking i reached down and started to undo her belt. Instead of pushing my hand away, she inhaled to make it easier for me to undo the belt. I undid the button on her pants. She inhaled as my hand pushed down between her panties and stomach.

The hair on her pussy seemed to stiffen as I touched it. I gently rubbed the hair. It was soft, but almost seemed to tickle my fingertips.

My fingers went deeper into her pants. The hair thickened.

My fingers went deeper. She pulled in her stomach again. I went further down between under her panties. I rubbed the hair and the skin below it. It was slow and deliberate. I had never touched such a luxurious and intoxicating surface.

My fingers went deeper. I felt a fold in the middle of the hair. My fingers stopped at it. I gently rubbed each side of the small fold.

She inhaled again and my hand dropped further into her pants.

My finger slipped between the folds of skin. I felt something firm and I caressed it. As I did, it seemed to become a little larger. Her legs parted slightly. It was easier to feel her skin and the small bump. As I rubbed it, she pushed her breasts more firmly into my chest. She kissed my lips more firmly.

She inhaled again and my hand seemed to dive deep inside her clothing. I could feel the full surface of her pussy between my fingers. I was surprised by that the are area in the middle was wet. My finger pushed into the wetness. I could sense it with my entire body.

My finger seemed to pass into a thick liquid. As I moved it, I could feel wet skin. When I touched the skin, she pressed herself against my body. Her mouth was wet. Her warm saliva tasted sweet to me. Her eyes looked almost distant when she opened them. But, when she focussed on me, she kissed me more deeply.

I pushed my finger more deeply inside her body and I could feel the skin inside. I explored every ridge. Sometimes she gasped as I tried to unlock her secret pleasures.

After a very long time, I pulled my finger from inside of her and started to explore the rest of her pussy. I rubbed my finger along its folds of skin. As I rubbed, the wetness spread. As I rubbed, our kisses become more passionate. As I rubbed, our chests moved against one another.

I found her clit again. It was firm. I ran my finger around it. Over it. I would have penetrated it if I could. As I rubbed, her breathing seemed to change. Her hips started to move back and forth as she rubbed her pussy against my fingers. Her slumped a little lower and her legs spread a little further apart. I could feel her rubbing her pussy against three of my fingers.



Then, her eyes glazed. Her mouth fell back from mine. Her body seemed to shiver and heave. Her pussy pressed hard against my fingers and then pulled away.

She relaxed.

She smiled.

She kissed me slowly.

My fingers gently rubbed her pussy.

After several minutes she said she need to hurry home.

I pulled my hand from under her panties. The finger were wet. I smelled them. It was like smelling sweet musk mixed with the way her neck and hair and ears smelled and the way her lips and tasted. It reminded me of every aspect of her body. I shoved my hand in my pocket. I did not wipe it. I wanted to save her scent.

As I sit her now and smell the tips of those fingers, I can still smell her. A sweet musk.