Written by Sengen69

Apr. 20, 2013

We had been seeing each for a couple of months. It was summer. At 30C, it was a hot summer day for the place we lived. But, it was not humid.

Up until this day, each time we were alone, our hands explored the other persons body. She had often opened her blouse and undid her bra so I could kiss, squeeze, suck her breasts. Sometimes, I bravely kissed my way to her stomach and pressed against her jeans or shorts. Sometimes she pushed my pants down enough that she could barely see the tip of my penis.

But, we never undressed.

After arriving at my parent's house, we went to my room in the basement. We had built a walls of tie-dyed sheets and giant posters to break the space into rooms. I had my stereo and records in one area. My bed - a large double bed - was in the other room.

We lied down on the bed and kissed. I liked kissing her lips. I liked kissing her face. I liked kissing her neck. I nibbled on her ears. I kissed her closed eyes. I rubbed my face against her's, trying to absorb her scent.

She was wearing a light colored blouse. I unbuttoned it. I stared at the deep cleavage between her breasts. I kissed the little depression where her throat met the center of her chest. She pulled my t-shirt up and over my head. She pressed herself against my naked chest.

We sat up. I removed her blouse. She had taught me how to undo her bra. I reached behind with one hand and unclasped it. I took her bra off and set it aside.

Though her breasts were large, they barely sagged as now that they were free from the bra. Her nipples were erect. She felt her chest become a little flushed. Her breasts glistened with small beads of sweat.

I kissed the middle of her chest. I moved down. Kissed. Moved down. Kissed. My face was between her breasts. They were warm and damp from sweat. She tasted a little salty. I swept my face along one breast and licked her nipple. I clasped it with my lips and gently sucked. I swept my face across to her other breast and licked the other nipple. I clasped it with my lips and gently sucked.

I rose my head. She looked me deeply in the eyes and then moved forward. Her lips parted and she kissed me. She pressed her naked breasts against my naked chest. Still kissing, we fell to the side. She glided as she rubbed her body against mine.

The sensation of her wet breasts against my body made my entire body tingle. My mouth went suddenly dry. My face tingled. Her face was also flushed.

I slide down her body until my face was over her crotch. I kissed the fabric guarding her pussy once. Twice. Again. Again. I moved over the fabric, frantically kissing. My face pressed down between her legs. I kissed the fabric. I kissed the are where the skin from her leg met the fabric from her pants.

I reached and undid the clasp on her shorts. She raised her hips, pressing herself into my face as I pulled her shorts down and over her bum. I pushed them over her knees. I pushed them down to her ankls and then over her feet so they dropped to the floor.

I kissed her panties. I kissed the point where her panties and thigh met. I started at her hip. Kiss by kiss, I reached her pussy. I kissed it. The smell was more intense than the smell she had left on my fingers. It was dizzying. Kiss by kiss, I reached her other hip. Kiss by kiss, I reached the middle of her pelvis.

She stopped me. She reached and undid my pants. I rose to my knees. I was facing her. She undid my zipped. She gently fondled the bulge in my underpants. She reached for waist band of my underpants and pulled. I felt my pants and underpants fall over my bum and down to my knees. I felt my cock swing forward into her face.

She kissed the tip of her finger and then touched the tip of my penis. The tip was wet. As she touched it, my cock rose slightly. She watched it intently. She kissed the tip of finger again and once again touched the tip of my penis. My cock rose slightly and became harder. Her face came forward. She let my cock brush the side of her face and become enveloped by her silky hair as she kissed me just above the crotch. My cock rose and hardened more. She then paid back on the bed and lifted her hips in the air. I placed my hands on the top of her panties and gently pulled then over her hipes. Over her knees. Over her feet. They dropped to the floor.

She beckoned to me. I dropped into her arms. Our bodies locked together. Her breasts pressed hard into my chest. Her pussy pressed against my cock. Our bodies started to move up and down. Our lips locked in a series of long kisses. I could feel the hair of her pussy with my cock.

I slid up. I slid down. I started to slide up and she pushed upward with her pussy. She relaxed as I slide down. I could feel the wetness from her pussy gather on my sac. A little evaporated, cooling my sac.

She parted her legs a little. She could feel my cock gliding over her clit as I glided up and down her body. As I pushed up her body, she pushed her clit forward into my passing cock. Each time, she pressed a little harder.


She pressed really hard and held herself against my passing cock. She was cumming. The unexpected change in pressure. The long rhythm of gliding and rubbing myself against her pussy. The feel of her hair on my cock. I could not think. My mind was foggy. I was cumming on her body.