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Ed H 5 years ago

First Meeting

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2 min
We have been texting back and fourth for weeks now trying to see who would invite who over first. You decide to do it cause you are the braver of us to. So it's Saturday night I have your address and I head over there is a apt nice place halls are clean smells nice good place I am thinking. I get to your door my hands are sweating I am shaking I don't want to be the 30 sec man god how bad would I feel I am thinking. I knock on the door I hear you say "I am coming" As the door opens I walk in I see you I can't resist I grab you and start Kissing you deeply walking you back to the wall you back is against the wall I take your hands and put them above your head put both of your wrists into one of my hands I hold then them I am still kissing u. With my free hand I start to touch your body running them down your body and the front of your pants I slide my hand down and my fingers into your pussy. I start to move my fingers around inside you waiting for your hips to move. You start to moan and your hips begin to move. I then let your wrists go and move down your body as I get all the way down I slide your pants with me I take your panties and move them aside and start to lick you tasting u you moan louder enjoying every movment of my tounge I put your one leg over my should and the other leg over and pick you up with your back against the wall you have that feeling of falling but inside you know I would not let that he pen you grab my head and pull me into you. If you want more message me Armond166

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