Aug. 23, 2018

First Time

He settles beside her, trying to be casual about it all. Failing. She turns her head to him, her eyes are half closed, and he closes the distance between his lips and hers. Her eyes close completely as they kiss for the very first time. Her tongue darts, softly, teasing, and he answers, a sigh escaping.

They talk, quietly. Somehow they're not nervous. He thought he would be, but isn't. She seems completely calm. He brushes a strand of her hair from her face, a soft touch, and they fall into another kiss. More passion, this time. She lies back, he slides over her, her legs part, still clothed but the gesture welcomes him. He slides closer, letting her feel his passion, her legs slide around his, almost casually, but her own hunger is betrayed by her hips, grinding softly up against the hardness she feels there. After a few moments they break. He slides back to rest on his knees, looking into her eyes. He's looking for any sign of hesitancy... any fear. There is none. Her eyes speak of desire. Long held, now expecting release.

His hands slip to her jeans. Undoing them, almost casually. He wonders if she feels the way his hands are trembling. Then they're gone. They undress each other, finally falling together, kisses now harder, passion building. She grasps him gently, kneads him, guiding. He in turn goes slowly, gentle, wanting to savor every touch, every second. Finally he's there, deep within her, her heat and passion driving him closer to the apex. He slows, not wanting it to end, not yet, and she whispers.

"Harder. Please. Now."

Her words send a shiver through him. He can feel she's close herself, the way her nails rake his back, the way she moves beneath him, her gasp. He obeys. In moments he feels it... that point of no return, the unfolding explosion. She shakes beneath him, gasping, and as he loses all control he realizes how impossibly perfect this moment is, then he's lost, nerves detonating like fireworks in his mind, her taste on his lips, the touch of her skin so soft against him. They lie for minutes, locked together. Soft kisses. He doesn't leave, staying buried within her. He lifts his shoulders a bit, looking into her eyes. Sees her smile. She shifts her hips slightly, feeling him still there. Still very much there. Raises an eyebrow. He can't help but grin like a schoolboy.

Elsewhere, the rest of the world spins, un-noticed.