Written by MikeBray41

Nov. 28, 2016

(Authors note: This is my first attempt at writing from a woman's point of view)

To say I was beyond attracted to you when I first laid eyes on you as you got on the bus this evening, was an understatement. I was on my way home from visiting family out of town, when you had got on the bus. I immediately moved my bag which was beside me. Smiling you came and sat next to me. I introduced myself as Christine, as you shook my hand, smiled and introduced yourself as Mike. I immediately felt the electricity in your touch, as I had hoped you would as well. As the bus pulled out, we began to chat and I watched and followed your gaze as I saw your eyes wander up and down my body. I could tell immediately things may get interesting.

I sat up and straightened the skirt I was wearing to give you a better view. I notice as you squirmed and had to adjust yourself as well, obviously to disguise the bulge that was developing in your jeans. Thankfully I hadn’t worn panties or by now they would be soaked, as I could tell you are quite well endowed under your tight jeans you had worn that day, but I had to wonder if you had anything underneath or were going commando. As the bus turned on to the highway, the driver shuts off the overhead lights, as we had decided to catch a night bus out.

We chit chat quietly about ourselves and begin to discuss our hobbies, you tell me that one of yours is writing short adult erotic stories. I embarrassingly admit I enjoy reading them. Grabbing out your phone, you pull one of your recently written ones up and hand me your phone to read it. As I get just a couple paragraphs in, I can’t help but become seriously aroused. You sit and watch from the corner of your eye as I read and before long I can’t help but feel the need to relieve the sexual arousal and tension subconsciously that I am feeling.

I slowly slip my free hand to your lap and begin to rub the bulge in your jeans as I lean in and kiss and nibble on your neck. I whisper how I had been attracted to you since you got on the bus and now after reading your story, I need to get fucked!! You smile and without saying a word, slip your hand to my thigh, under my skirt to my bare pussy and begin to rub my clit.

I bite my lip as I feel your fingers touching me. Starting at my clit, then between the soft folds of my pussy lips, as I begin to get very wet. You softly and gently rub and then slowly begin to insert one finger. Sliding off your jacket, you place it over your lap as I undo your jeans. I discover to my excitement and pleasure, that you had gone commando, well that nearly pushed me over the edge to where I nearly came on your finger. Pulling out your now very hard, erect, throbbing cock, I begin to slowly stroke you.

Pulling my face to yours, we kiss deeply and passionately. Thankfully we had got a seat at the very back of the bus to disguise what we were up to. Removing your jacket, I lean my head down and undo your jeans. I slowly lick up the shaft of your cock as I feel a second of your fingers, part the folds of my pussy and enter me. I feel you working them in and out slowly as I lick you to the tip of your cock before parting my lips and taking you in my mouth.

Without saying a word, as I take you in, you reach down and take a handful of my hair and guide me up and down on your hard shaft. God I am loving the taste and feel of your cock, but I am wanting more, as I can tell you are as well, with how your cock throbs in my mouth. Add to that the fact a drop of precum forms on the tip of the head of your cock. I hungrily wanting to taste you lick it off, as you remove your fingers from deep inside me and lick my juices from them.

I slip up my skirt and I straddle you, I want your cock in me and NOW!! I know I should have asked if you had a condom, but I just didn’t care at this point. I need to feel your exquisite, hard, throbbing cock in me!! I slowly tease myself first though to coat some of your shaft with my own juices and to feel it rub along my clit. Slowly I guide your cock in me. Sliding down on you, you lift my shirt and pull down my bra to suck and bite my nipples, which are now hard as rock.

I do my best to disguise my moans as I slowly push the last inch of you inside me. God you have got such a big cock, I think to myself. I honestly can’t remember the last time I had felt a cock as long and thick as yours inside me. You grab my ass and begin to guide my hips and pussy up and down the shaft of your cock. I watch as you also bite your own lip and kiss me to stifle your own moans as I ride you slowly to prolong the pleasure of your hard cock in me.

I can sense my orgasm though, beginning to build, as can you, as you feel the walls of my vagina, begin to flutter, tighten and squeeze around your cock. Plus I begin to feel your orgasm begin to build after several minutes of riding you both slowly and faster. I slide my hips all the way down on you and ride your cock, close to your body, so I can also give myself a clitoral orgasm from rubbing it on you. I slide my hands up the back of your shirt and rake my nails down your back, which causes you to thrust up hard, deep inside me.

You whisper in my ear that you are going to cum any minute, this sets me off and I begin to have my own orgasm. As you feel me tighten and squeeze the shaft of your cock, I feel you pull me down on you. The tip of the head of your large, hard cock presses deep into me so I feel it at the opening of my cervix as you begin to unload. I feel stream after stream of your potent cum enter my body. I kiss you deep as you fill me. As you cum you moan my name and tell me you are cumming. This just increases the intensity of my own orgasm. I squeeze your cock with my pussy to milk every drop into my fertile body.

I kiss you as you start to slow your thrusts and I begin to feel you soften inside me. I whisper and tell you I forgot to take my birth control in awhile and that I am fertile. You smile and kiss me. You tell me that I have nothing to worry about. I can tell just from the look in your eyes and smile, this to be true, especially if I do get pregnant by you. As I slide off you, I lean down and lick your cum and my juices from your cock. You push some of the cum you just shot inside me back in with your fingers and I lick the rest off. I straighten my skirt, as you do up your jeans. I lay my head on your chest, for the rest of the journey. By nights end I know I will be in your bed…for good!!