Written by Michaelmas12

Mar. 26, 2016

More than aroused at this point, I get an invitation from you to come over and join the two of you on the couch! With some unease I get up and make my way acrross the room! Your man is now cupping both of your ample breasts in his hands pinching your nipples which are now hard to his touch! Standing over you I look down at you with your head resting on your man's lap and your legs spread open across the sofa! I kneel on the floor before you, my head inches from your soft warm legs I can see the dampness of your sex showing through your panties! Slowly I lean over and and with a little encouragement from you I bring my head down between your thighs! You have pulled your panties tone one side exposing your sex to me for the first time! I can see the moisture on your lips and can smell the musk of your sex as you let me slide a finger very slowly inside you! You are hot to the touch and your wet sex allows my finger to part your pussy lips easily and slip inside you! You groan with delight and you squirm under my touch as you move you hips allowing my figer to enter you a little deeper! Your man has a firm hold on you now, his arms around your shoulders, he has you pinned down on to his lap! My finger gently tickles the inside of your sex as you reach over and pull my head towards you! My lips and nose now pressing against you my tongue parts you lips and finds its way to your clit! With my finger still inside you, my tongue, wet and warm works its magic tickling with pleasure! You wrap your hands around my head and pull me towards you! My lips now pressing hard against your mound you start grinding you hips against me while your man holds you firmly in his grasp! You moan with pleasure and I can feel your sex getting wetter as you push against me! My cock now hard is pressing against the inside of my jeans and as I look up at you your face I can see the passion in your eyes! I see too your beautiful full breasts one being massaged roughly by your man as he too is caught up with the sight of another man enjoying the pleasures of his woman...