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Happy Ending Indeed!

A rather unique spa experience


7 minute read

I had frequented this spa for a year. Usually a somewhat shy petite 30-something, blonde did the honours – an hour-long, full-body massage. This day, I was informed by the owner that Nikki was home sick and that she, Connie, a mature divorcée, would be stepping in. Not a problem. As soon as Connie left the treatment room, I stripped off as usual and lay face-down on the table under the heavy blanket meant to keep me comfortable. A minute or so later, Connie entered the room and began the treatment. First, shoulders, arms and upper back. I was mildly surprised when the blanket was pulled down over my butt cheeks and tucked under my upper thighs. Gluts were next. No covering sheet, no quarter given, but I was used to a lot of pressure and, besides, the good bits were buried deep in the treatment table. Eventually, the blanket was pulled up and the massage moved to my legs. Once again, my butt received equal treatment. Finally, about 35-40 minutes in, I was invited to roll over onto my back. To my true surprise this time, Connie lifted up the cover, placed a hand towel over my privates and completely removed the blanket. “Ahhh…???,” was the only comment I could muster. “Hey, don’t worry, Hon! Ya seen one; ya seen ‘em all!” “Hon?” I wondered to myself. I barely knew the woman. All I knew is that she owned the spa, had recently dumped her “chum” and had a tendency to hug everyone. She was in her mid to late 50’s, a little on the short side, somewhat chubby but not fat and rather well endowed of chest and butt. While RMT’S usually, in my experience at least, stayed well away from one’s “privates”, Connie was continually encroaching on mine. As my cock began to stiffen slightly – a fact she could not help but notice – I finally said, “Well, Connie, if you’re that interested, why not have a go.” I thought that would stop the tease. She hesitated just a brief moment, smirked and removed the hand towel. My cock responded just a tad more, rising slightly to the occasion and thickening a little. “Well, I guess we have someone’s attention,” she commented. “Let’s see how you like this? A bit of oil?” she queried. And without waiting for a response, she slopped massage oil over my lower abdomen, my cock and my balls. It dribbled over my scrotum and down my ass crack. She returned the oil to the side table and began “massaging” my belly, then my balls, slipping a finger down the perineum just avoiding my anus. Her hand ran up over my balls and wrapped around my now-hard cock. She winked at me and began stroking it. Now that was a massage! After several minutes of her wanking me, slowly then quickly, making me stiff and bringing me closer to orgasm, I reached around her, grabbed her ass and pulled her toward the table. “There’s no way this is gonna end this way!” I offered. “How about I see yours?” And, holding her firmly against the table with one hand, I moved my other hand up to the top button of her smock. She grinned as I undid button after button. Six buttons later, I pushed her smock off one shoulder, then off the other. It dropped to the floor, exposing huge tits, held up and in by a lacy black bra with a wide strap and four fasteners at the back. I struggled with the clasps. She laughed, let go of my cock and unfastened her bra. Her tits dropped, but her nipples perked right up. “Mama likes her titties to be sucked hard!” she croaked rather huskily. And she took one tit in each hand, leaned forward over my face and virtually handed them to me. “Mama?” I thought. Then I revised my thinking. “What the hell!” I told myself. “Maybe this’ll be fun!” I took one nipple into my mouth, sucked hard for a moment and then began to chew lightly. “Oh yeah!” she moaned and reached for my cock again. “But there are two of them!” I obliged by popping the second one into my mouth as best I could. Instinctively, I let go of her ass then and dropped my hand to her crotch. She pushed her pussy against my hand. “So, are you one of those GILFs?” I teased, more serious than I wanted to let on. “Great tits, but what’s the pussy like?” And I slipped my thumbs into the waistband of her pants and slid my hand around to the clasp and zipper holding them up. Connie wiggled out of her slacks and unceremoniously dropped her briefs. And there is was – a GILF pussy in all its glory. Hairy, slightly pouty, meaty labia, exuding that slight but acceptable odour of pussy confined. I dipped a finger in. She groaned. Two fingers. She began stroking my cock faster and harder, stopping every so often to wet it with her spittle. My fingers inside her cunt kept pace with her wanking. I was so stiff, I hurt. She was so horny she started to dribble down my hand and wrist. I needed to fuck her and I was pretty certain she wanted it too. “OK, Girl, let’s get you up here,” I said, patting the therapy bed, “where I can get my cock into that wet cunt.” She may have been middle-aged plus, but she hopped onto the bed like a teenager, flopped onto her back, snuggled to the edge and spread her legs, feet high in the air. Nothing was left to the imagination. There it was – a mature, wet cunt, its brownish lips slightly parted, an open invitation to investigate further. So, without so much as a by-your-leave (mind you, it seemed to me that I did have her leave), I promptly inserted my one-eyed snake and pushed it to the hilt. Connie moaned and huskily added, “Oh yeah! Yeah! All the way… Harder!” Within a minute, my hands had found her flopping tits and the tip of my cock, her cervix. By this time, our fucking was creating a loud slapping sound as my hips slammed into her ass and thighs and my cock sank deep into Connie’s wet cunt. For a brief moment, I was worried that anyone else in the spa would hear the noise of our fucking – the groaning of the table legs, the slap-slap of flesh on flesh and Connie’s moaning and loud and unabashed encouragements to “fuck her harder”. I even paused for a moment, the head of my cock just tucked in between Connie’s fleshy lips. She called me to order: “Hey! Pay attention! Don’t stop now; I’m coming! Fuck! Ohhh!” My cock disappeared inside of her. And indeed, she came, all over my cock, down her ass, dribbling cum and squirt off the edge of the treatment bed onto the floor and my feet. “Fuck, when you cum, you cum! You didn’t mention that you were a squirter!” I complained jokingly. “Whew! God, come here,” she replied, sat up and, putting her hands at the back of my head, pulled me forward and kissed me deeply full on the mouth, her tongue exploring, her mouth sucking me into hers. “Now that was worth waiting for…!” she commented when she came up for air. “Been a long time…” “And me?” I complained while I squeezed her tits and nudged at her pussy lips with my still-erect cock. “Oh, don’t be a baby! Come on up here,” she suggested as she patted the treatment bed. I lay on my back again and Connie settled herself over me, cowgirl style, grabbing my cock and inserting into her cavernous wet pussy. Tight, she wasn’t, but wet and accommodating, for sure. She bounced her ass up and down, making certain my stiff cock penetrated her to the hilt. Every once in a while, she ground her hips over mine, making certain my cock stay buried deep within her. When she saw that I was ready to come, she removed herself and patted me on the belly. “Now, now!” she teased. “This is a massage parlour. Happy endings, sure, but let’s not get carried away!” She got off the bed, took my cock in one hand and my balls in the other and bent over my cock. She licked and sucked my cock and balls, using spittle to lubricate. And finally, her skilled mouth and hands brought to a volcanic orgasm, sperm hitting her chin and spilling over her hand. She squeezed the last juice out of my flagging cock and smiled. “There! Better now?” she commented and sucked her fingers. And then she laughed, not at me, but with me. I think I’m now a client for life.

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