Written by cudacouple

Jan. 20, 2013

Thought you would read about a mythical Unicorn here didnt you? hehe?

The Room s lights were dimmed, candles lit! You could hear the sound of the soft Music in the back ground and somewhere in the distance a hot tub was running. On the bed in the middle of the room, lay a naked woman,seemingly asleep, peaceful.

The door opened, from the bathroom, and JoJo walked in, seeing, the naked sleeping form on the bed. She was surprised at first, but smiled. She crossed to the bed, the dropped her robe and her heart beating rapidly, and climbed slowly and quietly onto the bed. She stretched out, beside the still form, and slowly ran a few fingers sensually down over the still woman's face, breast, and belly tracing it ever so gently and softly. she leaned in, and began to blow soft breaths, along the woman s soft warm body, watching as tiny quivers began. Jo jo smiled, and could feel her own body begin to quiver and ache.

She traced tiny paths along the still forms breasts, with her tongue, watching, the soft intakes of breaths begin to speed up. Jo jo smiled, to herself, and began to swirl her tongue teasingly around the nipples of 'her' still unicorn. The woman, moaned, and opened her eyes. Jo jo, leaned up, and sensually, licked at the hollow of her throat and down over her breasts, tracing down her belly and as doing so, grasped the woman's hands holding them, there flat, as she continued down, slower, further, to the warm soft area, in between her legs, teasing her clit oh so slowly, then coming back up her belly, to her breasts!

JO jo told her that this was only the beginning.

Jo noticed that her husband was in the room, and waved to him to join them, and he reciprocated, helping bring their new friend to even higher peaks. Jo giggled because she knew he was the master of 1/2 hr orgasms! she knew only too well! and loved every second!

The woman, grabbed the edge of the bed, groaning, and yelling out, cumming, over and over!

By the time, the night was over, both women, were worn out, JO JO was ready to get her tattoo, and their new friend, had learned what it was like to have 1/2 hour orgasms.