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Heartbeat of the River

Hot Shower sex


4 minute read

I can hear the heartbeat of the river rising and falling...It is a perfect line of large haystack waves, no obstacles and I have a sense of freedom, when the rivers roar diminishes; my senses begin to sharpen and I open my eyes coming to the realization that it has been a dream. My disappointment recedes and gives way to a sense of satisfaction as visions of the night before flash across the canvas of my memories. The cascading water that has joined my sleep is the shower running.. you have gone to the shower as I slept. My cock involuntarily begins to flood, an aching strums a chord.. a muscle memory of your grip causes longing in my loins. I enter the bathroom and brush my teeth. I can see you through a part of the large glass shower doors that has not fogged over yet; you don't realize my presence yet and I watch as you run both hands across your erect nipples , lazily across your tummy, and hesitate when your hand reaches the top of your mons. You visibly shiver as you briefly touch yourself there and close your eyes. When you open your eyes and see me, you smile, unashamed, sure of yourself, and wordlessly, with a smouldering look invite me to join you As I step through the glass door, you smile and reach out wrapping your wet hand around my thickness, pulling me towards you and we kiss softly. I cup your bum with one hand, the other along your face, and I caress you as we kiss. I move us back away from the stream of water, against the back tiled wall of the enclosure, and kiss along your collarbone, up your neck, and whisper into your ear that you make me crazy. You arch your back accentuating your mature breasts and I take one of your nipples between my teeth. You are so sensitive and swollen from last nights attentions and I gently pull at you, first one nipple and then the other, holding you at your sides... sliding my hands down to cup your bum, feeling you clench with each pang of craving that awakens your carnal desire. I kiss the undersides of your breasts and place my cheek against your tummy.. feeling you.... I place a folded towel on the wide corner ledge of the tub surround, and sit you with your back against the wall. I raise your eager legs upwards and you naturally move them apart as I taste your inside thighs.. smelling you.. savouring you " my god you are beautiful" " I'm in no mood to be teased" you tell me.... and looking at me lustily, breathing shallowly, you place your hands on my head and pull my lips towards your aching need. Your petals are open and vibrant, parted and swollen; I forgo teasing and plunge my tongue deep within you. You smell so fresh, so sexy and I taste your nectar deeply. I move my hands to gently pull your wet labia aside... and you rock your hips urgently back and forth as I fuck you deeply with my tongue.. alternating between sucking your hard swollen clitoris and tasting you; forcing pressure against your g-spot and holding your legs back, cupping your sweet ass and running my tongue from your ass up between your desperate trembling folds to your clit and back again. You are writhing against me now, hot, wanting to feel more and I kneel in front of you as you grip my hardness, teasing us both... rubbing my ample cock head against your swollen clitoris, up and down your parted labia; wetting me with your juices, centering me against your yielding depth. I drive my length into your ready wetness deeply right away.. No mood for teasing you had said. You gasp as you welcome the force of my entry and grip me tightly around the shoulders as I begin to drive into you deeply again and again.. Pulling back until you can feel the ridge of my hard corona pulling you, and moving deeply again as you bear down on the girth of my length I kiss you deeply with lips and tongue as we share your wine and you are whimpering as your release builds, wanting to hold me deeply, your breath uneven, your eyes glazed with lust.. "Shit.. Oh yes.. don't stop" and I kiss you hard, my heaviness swelling deeply within you, as you convulse around my thickening shaft; I shout, I hold my breath.. and exhale with release, my balls spewing a torrent deeply within you as you stiffen and spasm again..clenching me, clamping down on me with your extraordinary strength and we find our release together. We remain there as our breathing returns to ease, holding one another tightly, your frame held against the wall by my weight and pulsing heat.. the river of our lovemaking between us, our trembling, the heartbeat of the river

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