Mar. 13, 2017

On occasion I meet up with Alice and her husband for a few drinks, dinner and just socialize. Well the conversation switched one night to their fantasies. God did I get a surprise. Alice told me she wanted five men to ravage her, have it recorded for her personal viewing and that her husband was not to be involved. A big question mark popped into my mind, but it was not my place to push. She also told me that she felt comfortable with me being a part of the scenario. And because she knew that it would not get too out of hand unless she let it. Her husband then told me that he was comfortable with this and that he had the fantasy of being the cuckold for a later date for her, but the individual had to be hung like a bull, so that he knew she was really being stretched out. It really made me think about how their relationship had developed since the first time that I introduced them to swinging. I told Alice I would arrange it, but I needed to know that this is what she wanted. She looked at me, stood up, pushed me back in my seat, lowered herself to the floor, pulled down my zipper and pulled out my semi hard cock. She then proceeded to suck on my dick soft and slowly at first until I was fully erect. It seems she had been practicing because she took her time, bringing me close to explosion and then back down, until I could take no more and bang. I shot a large load down her throat, but I wanted more. I looked at her husband, I didn’t even ask, I just picked Alice up and bent her over the couch. Flipped up her skirt, to reveal a bare beautiful ass and then it was my turn. I started to lick and nibble on her already wet pussy. But then I decided to wet my thumb and stick it in to grind on her G spot and use my Fore finger on her clit. I proceeded quite slowly and intensely to concentrate on those two spots. With my other hand I stuck my thumb in her butt. Within minutes she was moaning her soft little Asian moans and getting very wet. As she started to have an intense orgasm I stood up and drove my dick all the way in her ass and pull her hair, to drive her over the edge. It lasted for what seemed to be a very long time. I still wasn’t done; because I had to taste those wonderful juices that flowing from her. So I flipped her over again and went down on her to clean up her mess and finish her off. When I was done I looked at Alice and asked her is this the way you want to be treated. A little rough and intense. Where you are the centre of attention. To last as long as it lasts. She looked at me with a little sly smile and said yes, that is exactly what I want. To challenge my comfort zone and even learn a few things if possible, of what I am able to take. So I said OK, give me a few days, even a week, I will arrange it at my place.

I made a few calls to people I knew that did not know Alice, to try to make her experience at worthwhile as possible. But I also wanted her enjoy it. So on the following Saturday I had everything arranged. I asked Alice to come early, so that she could meet every one at the door and introduce herself. She showed up as I asked wearing a very light sun dress that revealed her sexy little body. She perky little B cup titties and a very hot ass that I just loved. Her hair was tied back in a long pony tail braid and she looked gorgeous. Well all the guys that I had invited showed up at once, first entered was Dave; he was the jack rabbit of the bunch. Then it was Mike, our resident BBC. But to add to the mix I asked the twins to come over. George and Greg, two great guys that competed against each other and always had fun sharing a date. We all socialized for a bit , drank some wine to let Alice relax around us, then someone put on some music.

Mike came in behind Alice and started to bump and grind with her, the twins sandwiched her on either side and Dave went to the front. Hands were roaming everywhere and before Alice knew it the dress hit the floor and she was naked. She reached forward and helped Dave pull his dick out and the rest followed. Now as this was going on; I was setting up four cameras hooked up to my laptop all around the room. Now I might have missed some action but within a few minutes Alice was on her knees admiring four dicks in her face comparing size sucking each one. What Alice did not know that all these men were Bi. So as she was sucking a stroking, they were also stroking each other. This turned her on ever more because she had never seen anything like this before.

When everything was setup, I stripped down and walked over to Alice, picked her up and turned her upside down, to have a little desert. All five of us fed her dick, explored her body in her upside down position for fun. Then Dave laid down on the floor and we put her in a 69 position and Greg came in from behind while the rest of us stroked each other and explored Alice with our free hands. Greg slowly worked his dick in and out of Alice while she sucked Dave’s cock. He then switched position with his brother who was not a gentle. He would pull out slowly and then slam it home every time. That was when Alice had her first orgasm. One of many more to come. I started to probe her ass and Mike stepped over her and I guided his large dick into her small little asshole. He inched his dick in slowly, allowing her to adjust to his size. I grabbed a bottle of lube oiled up is dick a bit and in he went. So here she was hands full and air tight. When everyone got their rhythm and stroking Alice at the right moment; she was cumming again with more intensity.

Now the tensions are building for the men in the room, Dave is the first to blow his load down Alice’s throat, and she swallows it all. Dave’s dick is then replaced by Greg’s. Only Greg starts to do a switch up with Alice. He sticks it in her mouth then in Dave’s ass. Then back again. As I said these guys are Bi. This throws Alice off a bit, but I can see that this is also really turning her on. She looks up at me and then notices that I am stroking Dave back to a semi hard dick. So she decides to switch it up a bit. She tells Greg to fuck Dave while she sucks his dick back to full hardness. He does as he is told. We Dave is hard again we all switch positions again only this time we are on the couch. Alice is riding me, Mike is still in her ass and George is in her mouth, with his balls resting on my head. Greg is still fucking Dave while Alice is jerking him off. Mike then blows a massive load in her ass, George cums in her mouth and I cannot hold it off any longer and I cum up inside her. Then Greg cums, causing Dave to cum on what Alice says was the biggest load she has ever seen all over her face. This goes on and on throughout the night. By the end of it Alice did not know if she was coming or going she had cum that many times throughout the night. To end off her excursion she looked in a side mirror in the room to notice that with Greg on bottom, me in her ass, Mike in her mouth and George was fucking Mike and Dave was fucking me, to ultimate of climaxes that made the cum ooze out of all her orifices and make her have the most explosive of the night where she was gushing and leaving everyone soaked and laughing.

After all the guys had kissed Alice good night and left I asked what she thought. She told me that she never knew that watching men have sex while with her could be such a turn on. It gives me ideas of what I want to do to my husband maybe next time. I laughed. She also said that she never knew that I like men. I told her I do not always do it. It depends on the mood, the situation and I thought that I would give you a truly memorable experience. But I also told her that I would never fuck her husband because I am not attracted to him that way. She said that’s OK, I only want you to fuck me and make him watch. I thought then and there, I have created a monster. A truly liberated woman that when it comes to sex, goes after what she wants. Watch out world, Alice is on the loose. LOL