Written by PixieAngel

Aug. 28, 2015

He sneaks up behind her and wraps his arms around her waist and pulls her back into him and kisses her on the neck. She takes in a surprised breath - she recognises those hands. She turns around, grabs him and kisses him showing her willingness to be taken… right here… right now.

He pushes her up against the Fridge. He kisses her on her neck again teasing her. His hands cup and caress her breasts through her top. His lips travel down to her breasts. He slowly runs his tongue between her exposed ample breasts licking her cleavage. She grabs his biceps to steady herself.

She let’s out a moan of pleasure at feeling his touch and his lips and tongue exploring her body. She wants him now. She grabs him and pulls him back up to look at him. She tells him “fuck me, fuck me now”.

He smiles at her “all in good time I am not done kissing and licking every inch of your body yet madam… you will have to wait to have my cock inside your pussy”.

He takes off her top and takes a step back to take in the glorious sight of her exposed breasts. She takes a step forward and he gently pushes her back. Grabs both wrists and holds her hands above her head as he once again explores her body with his hot, warm and moist lips. He takes one nipple into his mouth and sucks on it lightly; he then runs his tongue around her now very erect nipple all the while pushing his erect cock against the front of her pussy driving her mad.

She has no choice but to just stand there and take it. He has her restrained pushed up against the fridge. She gives her whole body over to him willingly. She has no choice but to give in to whatever he has planned. He knows very well that she loves this; it turns her on instantly to be taken like this. To lose complete control over to him for him to pleasure her body how he sees fit.

She lifts a leg and wraps it around his waist, pushing him even closer, tighter against her. She starts to rub her pussy up and down his erect cock. He lets out a muffled moan. He stops what he is doing and looks her directly in the eyes. He can tell by the look on her face that she is very aroused - just the way he likes her. He knows her pussy will be very wet by now.

He runs his hand along her thigh feeling his way to touch her pussy. He slips his hand between them and gently and slowly runs his fingers along the slit of her pussy and gently parts her pussy lips to find she is very wet. She lets out a moan of pleasure when she feels his fingers caressing her. She tells him to touch her clit. He will find how swollen it is, as she is very aroused because of him.

He smiles at her and removes his hand from her pussy. Before she can protest and say anything he kisses her long and hard. He is still holding onto her wrists. She tries to wriggle her wrists free. She wants to touch him. She wants to push him to the floor, rip his pants off and ride his cock hard. He is having none of that.

He tells her not move an inch as he let’s go of her wrists otherwise he will stop and walk away. No… no… no… escapes her lips, she will behave. He drops to his knees in front of her. He lifts up her skirt and runs his tongue between her legs lightly skimming along her pussy’s slit. She lets out a moan as he repeats this again and again. Her breathing quickens. She wants to grab his head and push her pussy against his tongue but she is not allowed to move.

He then surprises her and inserts his tongue hard and licks his tongue hard and fast and against her clit over and over again. She has to grab hold of the fridge to not lose her balance as her legs start to become weak and shaky at the ecstasy of having his tongue licking her pussy. All of a sudden he stops and stands up. Grabs her by the hands, picks her up and throws her over his shoulder. She squeals as he does this. He spanks her on the arse. She tells him to spank her harder, he obliges her request.

He gently lowers her onto the lounge and removes her skirt. She is now totally naked. He can’t take his eyes off her body. He keeps eye contact with her as he removes his clothes. He climbs atop of her she automatically wraps her arms around him craving to touch him. She runs her nails down his back gently and grabs his arse. He laughs at her and kisses her. She wraps her legs around his waist and starts to rub her wet pussy against his erection. She wants him inside her. She needs to be fucked now.

She manoeuvres herself so his cock head is sitting at her pussy’s entrance. All it would take is one thrust for his cock to slip inside. He can read her mind and quickly lifts his hips to prevent that from happening. He makes his way down her body. He runs his tongue down her belly, over her pussy to find his prize… her clit.

She sucks in a breath as his tongue touches her clit again. She clutches the cushions of the lounge. She lets herself just be taken on this journey of ecstasy as he licks her clit and explores her pussy. She starts to move her hips and pushes her pussy against each lick of his tongue. She reaches down and holds onto his forearm. She is so close to orgasm. He senses her need to cum. He licks her clit faster and harder. “oh fuck I am going to cum, please don’t stop” she says. He doesn’t dare… he loves to hear her screams as she orgasms. He doesn’t need to wait long as she explodes hard. She is holding onto him tight as her orgasm ebbs. He continues to lick her clit nice and slowly, softly wanting to bring her down from her orgasm nice and slowly.

He makes his way back up her body and kisses her gently and passionately. He rests atop of her; she wraps her legs around his waist holding him close to her. “I love to hear you cum like that. What a huge turn on to know I can pleasure you and make you scream out like that”. She blushes a little at his words - “How can I not when you lick my pussy like that. But now it’s my turn to make you moan in pleasure, to make you lose control”. “Yes ma’am your wish is my command” he removes himself from her and they swap positions.

She nestles herself comfortable between his legs and gently handles his cock with her hand. He is nice and hard already. She better take her time. She doesn’t want to make him cum yet. She gently strokes him from tip to base and back up again. She can’t help herself - she needs to lick his cock. She runs her tongue from tip to base and back up again and gently wraps her lips around his cock head and slides her lips down his hardened shaft…. all the while gently stroking his balls, caressing them and tugging on them.

He lets out a moan of pleasure at her touch. She knows how to please his cock always as from day one. She is very good at handling a guy’s cock. He can’t get enough of it and luckily for him she craves pleasuring him this way.

She looks up at him as she removes his cock from her moist wet warm mouth. She proceeds to pump his cock fast with her hand now that his cock is nicely lubricated from her mouth. But she can’t help herself and puts his cock back into mouth, deep, deeper all the way down her throat. He gently cradles her head to hold her in place as he pumps her mouth with his cock. Ever so slowly pushing his cock deep down her throat… he knows her limit.

She looks up at him and he removes his cock. She has that look on her face that reminds him when his cock is in her possession (mouth and hands) she is in charge and not him. He smiles at her and lets her take over. She is so fucking good at giving head... he is always a willing victim to give her control of his erect cock.

She continues to pleasure him and at one point she makes him say “oh fuck”. She smiles at him knowing she is giving him exactly what he needs.

She tells him to warn her if he is close to cumming because there is no way they are not fucking and she wants to be fucked hard, deep and for a long time. She knows he can last a while… that boy has staying power.

They can fuck and pleasure each other like this for hours. He can make her cum at least 3 to 4 times and she has been known to make him cum at least 3 times.

She is waiting for some precum to become present on his cock head. She wants to taste him. Her aim at the moment is to lick this bead off his cock head and then may and maybe then she will stop pleasuring his cock so they can fuck. She uses both hands now to pleasure him. Pumping his cock fast with a firmer grip, he moans are getting louder. He loves it when she does this. Mmmmm there’s her prize finally glistening on his cock head. She bends down and looks at him and slowly licks off the bead of precum and swirls her tongue around and around his cock head and then runs her mouth all the way down to the base of his cock. She slowly removes his cock. He lets out a moan as she removes his cock from her mouth again.

She looks at him “I need to have your cock inside me fucking me… I can’t wait any longer… I need you now”. He gets up onto his knees, kisses her and tells her “to turn around I am going to fuck you in your favourite position”. She does as he asks and turns around. He is going to fuck deep and hard doggy style. It’s his turn to get his pleasure from her his way; she will now need to give over control to him.

He positions his cock at her pussy’s entrance and pushes in his cock head and stops. She turns to look at him about to demand he puts the rest of his cock inside of her. Before she can even utter the words he thrusts his cock in deep and hard and stops. She lets out a moan of pleasure as his cock fully enters her. He pulls back slowly and slams his cock in hard and deep again and stops. “Oh fuck escapes her lips. He takes this as a sign to keep going. He thrusts his cock in and out fast and deep. She can’t help herself as she pushes back against him at each thrust. He loves it when she does that - his cock going inside her pussy deeper.

She can feel herself building up to another orgasm. He is the only man that has ever made her cum in this position. She can feel herself starting to quiver as she gets closer and closer to exploding all over his cock. He can sense she is about to cum and doesn’t dare stop his hard thrusting. He can feel her pussy starting to contract as she cums. She pushes back against him as each wave of her orgasm hits her. He moans as he feels her pussy tighten around his cock. She slows down her thrusts as her orgasm comes to and end.

When he is satisfied that she have finished cumming he removes his cock and tells her to turn over. He looks at her, kisses her as his cock enters her now very wet pussy. He steadies himself. Fuck, her pussy feels so fucking good, tight and very wet. He has no intention of cumming yet. He will take his time. He fucks her nice and slowly enjoying every thrust. Her moans of pleasure at each thrust of his cock turn him on even further. The sound a lady makes when she is being fucked is a beautiful thing.

She runs her nails up and down his back, grabs his arse and holds on as his fucks her nice and slowly. She loves it when he takes his time like this. She wraps her legs around his waist and meets each thrust by thrust her hips forward. They are now fucking in beautiful unison. Fuck, it feels good. She can lay like this for hours with his cock inside of her, fucking her.

He dips his head down and starts to suck her nipples. Mmmmm… yep that feels very good. He then nibbles on her neck (he knows that drives her wild). She grabs him tighter and holds him closer to her… lost in the ecstasy of their fucking. He looks at her as his thrusts get faster and deeper. She can tell he is close to cumming. They keep eye contact as she feels his cock harden a little more… the closer he gets to exploding inside of her. They kiss again and this time his thrusts get faster and harder. She holds onto him as he fucks her for his own pleasure, to get his happy ending. After all she’s been there twice already… it’s his turn. She thrusts forward as he thrusts towards her ensuring his cock is in side her deep and hard. Now their very sweaty bodies are slamming up against each other.

His moans are getting louder and louder he is about to cum. She can feel his legs beginning to shake. She holds onto him she wants him to use her body anyway he needs so he can cum. He fucks her even harder and faster. She loves it… no craves it when he gets to this point… the point of no return. There is no way he won’t cum inside her now.

Then he explodes…. She can feel his cock pulsing inside of her as he empties his juices deep inside her pussy. He bends down and kisses her as he slowly fucks her still lost in the aftermath of cumming. Then he stops and lowers himself on top of her. Mmmm she likes to be under him like this just lying there relaxed together. His cock slips out of her pussy and he lies on his side next to her. She can’t help herself and slides down. He knows she likes to lick his cock clean.

She ever so carefully and gently cradles his cock in her hand and licks his cock all over, slowly licking his cock clean. She puts his cock into her mouth tasting the both of them. She gently caresses his balls. This is the best way to come down from fucking for the both of them. She has to do this. Its part of her ritual. When she is satisfied his cock is clean she repositions herself and lies next to him. He wraps his arms around her and they lie together relaxing.