Written by No One In Particular

Nov. 21, 2017

Saturday night in Canada started like many other nights, having a few buddies over to watch the hockey game. My wife Sara who wasn't totally into the game told me she would have more fun being our sexy bartender and serving us drinks all night. I told her that would be awesome and she slipped upstairs to get ready for the night.

A couple minutes later my buddies started to show up, first Dan, then Alex and finally Mark. We sat down on the couches and turned on the TV to watch the pre game show. Just then Sara came down the stairs wearing a tight Maple Leafs jersey, small black shorts and long blue and white striped socks. I think all of our jaws hit the floor, she looked amazing. I looked at my friends and they just stared at her as she walked towards us.

She broke the silence " can I get you boys something to drink?" they shook their heads and she headed to the kitchen.

I followed her into the kitchen. "do you think the guys like what I am wearing?" she asked as she flicked her long blond hair off of her shoulder. "I think I heard a loud thump as their jaws all hit the floor" I said. "Well if they like this, they will like what I have planned later" she said. Very curious now I asked her what she had planned and she told me that one of my fantasies was about to come true. She knew that me sharing her with another man or a few men was high on my list of fantasies but I didn't think she was actually brave enough to try it. I gave her a kiss and told her I couldn't wait to see what she had planned and went back to watch TV with the guys.

A couple seconds later I was followed out by my gorgeous wife and a tray full of beers. Leaning forward to put the drinks on the coffee table in front of us, she made sure we all got a good look at her amazing ass. The game started and the night had begun. Sara came out with another tray of beers and started handing them out, every time she came out the focus went from the game to my wife.

During the intermission my wife told the guys they were on their own for a few minutes while she went upstairs to freshen up. Just before the second period started she walked down the stairs again only this time she wasn't wearing the tight shorts, instead she just had a matching blue thong. Again I think I heard a loud thump as all of our jaws hit the floor. The game continued but most of the focus was on Sara, flirting with her, grabbing her ass every time she would walk by. We were all really starting to get into the mood. She was loving the attention and was flirting back.

Second intermission and again my wife disappeared back upstairs, this time all eyes were on the stairs waiting to see what she would come down wearing. Down the stairs she came, wearing only a blue bra, blue thong and blue and white stripped long socks. Her bra was tight and barely holding in her large size D breasts. We were all staring as she went into the kitchen to grab more drinks. Sara came out with another tray of beer for us, she walked over and placed a beer in each of our laps making sure to gently stroke our legs on the way past. She came over and sat on my lap facing the others. She started to rub my cock outside of my pants and started to make me hard. I leaned forward and undid the clasp on her bra, looked over at the guys and said "if you want me to let this go then you better get as naked as she is." All of the guys got up right away and started pulling of their clothes until they were standing there in just there boxers. I undid the clasp and Sara's bra fell to the floor showing all of the guys her perfect tits.

Sara turned to me and ordered me to strip down to my boxers as well. As I did that the guys all sat back down and tried to hide the bulge in their boxers. Sara got on her knees in front of me and helped me pull off my pants, she started to rub my cock outside of my boxers and I was almost fully hard.

Mark walked over closer and started to rub his cock over his boxers as Sara slid down my boxers a bit and wrapped her lips around the head of my already throbbing cock. Alex and Dan followed Mark and moved closer. As Sara gave the head of my cock a kiss she looked over to the other guys that were now within a foot of her face. She grabbed Alex's boxers and pulled them to the ground to expose his fully hard 6" cock. Alex grabbed the back of my wifes head and guided it to his cock, she took it most of the way and started to bob her head up and down. Mark and Dan both dropped their boxers to the floor, both were fairly large, Mark about 7" and thick and Dan looked to be the same as me, about 8" but he was thicker then me. We all were stroking our cock as we watched Alex in pure pleasure as my wife sucked his cock. I got my wife from her knees and sat her on my lap facing the men. Mark took Alex's place and Dan and Alex flanked Mark on either side. Sara reached for Alex and Dan and started stroking them as she took Mark as deep into her mouth as she could. Dan and Alex playing with her tits and I reached down and started to rub her already soaking pussy. I knew she was loving it because she was moaning as Mark's cock slid in and out of her mouth. I could see Mark's eyes roll in the back of his head as he let out a deep groan and started to cum deep into the back of my wifes mouth.

My cock started to throb as my friends were all enjoying my wife. Mark got on his knees and pulled her thong off and started to eat her out while she was still sitting on my lap. Sara alternating sucking both Dan and Alex while she started to have her first orgasm from Mark licking her dripping pussy.

Alex stood up Sara and laid her on her back on the carpet, got on his knees between her legs and slid the tip of his hard cock into her. Dan and I both got on our knees beside her and she started to stroke our hard long cocks. Mark sat on the couch and started to stroke his cock again while he watched Alex slide himself all the way into my wife until his body rested against hers. Slowly he started to slide himself in and out of her. Sara still stroking Dan and I as we played with her tits. Alex started to pick up speed, his body starting to slap against hers, the sound of my wife moaning while getting fucked by another man was almost enough to make me explode. Alex couldn't hold it anymore and he started to moan as he pushed himself deep inside her pussy, Sara started to cum again as Alex let out one last moan and shot his cum deep inside her pussy.

Sara got off her back and onto her knees, I got in behind her and Mark got in front of her. I slid my cock inside her with ease, the combination of how wet she was and Alex's cum dripping from her pussy made it slide right in. I was throbbing as I started to fuck my wife nice and hard. Every time I would thrust it would force Mark's cock deeper into her mouth. She could barely get any of his cock in because of his size. I could feel her pussy start to tighten on my cock as she started to cum again. I slid myself out and traded places with Mark. He slowly slid the tip of his cock in and I could see the look on my wife's face, he was thicker then me but about the same length. The extra width made my wife start to wince while he inched his cock all the way in. He waited there for a minute so my wife could get used to the extra girth. She started to rock her hips back and forth as she got used to the size and was enjoying the feeling of being stretched to her max. She grabbed my cock again and slid it back into her mouth as Mark started to pick up his pace. My cock muffling her moans I can tell she is cumming again. Mark's balls now slapping against her as he grabs her waist and begins to fuck her as hard as he can. Sara in pure ecstasy as her body is being used, looking up at me as she cums over and over. Alex joins me in front of her, fully hard and ready to explode. Sara gives him one suck and he pull his cock out of her mouth and strokes it until rope after rope of cum cover her face. Almost at the same time Mark makes a loud groan and I look over to see him emptying his balls as deep into Sara as he can, holding her body tight to him as he explodes.

Sara gets off her knees, pushes me back onto the couch, turns around so her ass is facing me and lowers her dripping pussy on my throbbing cock. I grab her ass as she starts to bounce up and down on my cock. The guys all surround her and she starts to lick them all clean as she continues to ride me. I can't take it anymore and I feel my balls start to tighten. I grab Sara's waist and fill her pussy one last time. I empty myself into her as she rides my load out of me. She stands up and whispers in my ear "I had an amazing time and I hope you did too. Hope we can do it again some time" and with that she disappeared up the stairs to clean off. The guys all thanked me for the great time and all said they were eager to join again. They all left, I closed the door and my fantasy had finally been fulfilled.