Written by Jacques Jill

Nov. 20, 2011

The ad in the newspaper simply said “room for rent, clean quite home”. The all-night bus ride from Minneapolis had been exhausting. “I am calling about the room.” I said in the phone.

The cab dropped me in front of 622 Holland drive.

Betty opened the door welcoming me with a genuine smile. After what I had been through in the past few months and have been running away from that comforting warm smile felt like cool water flowing gently over a fresh burn.

“I’ll take it.” I said after Betty took me to show me the room. “Can I move in today? I am new in town and have nowhere to stay.” Betty nodded approvingly.

“Take you jacket off. We will have a cup of coffee. Let’s get acquainted, then I will help you unpack.” I folded the jacket on the bed readjusting the scarf around my neck to hide the big bruise and followed Betty to the kitchen.

The kitchen was welcoming and cozy. The warm glow of the early spring Philadelphia was enjoying flooded the room. Green plants overflowing from hand-crafted ceramic pots with intricate brightly coloured designs were hanging from the ceiling framing a large bay window. The kitchen was painted in earth tones; the cupboards with large glass windows were neatly stocked.

I sat at the edge of my seat, readjusting my scarf, worried that it would betray my bruised neck. Betty poured me coffee and sat next to me. She placed her hand on mine squeezing it gently. “You don’t need to hide your neck Kirsten. I can see the bruise. Can you take your sunglasses off and let me see your eyes?” I hesitated a while worried I would be recognized. I readjusted the blond wig I was wearing when I ran away, and slowly I removed my sunglasses, revealing the black swollen bruised eyes they were hiding.

After a moment Betty asked softly “When you are ready we can talk about it” I broke into tears unable to hold them back longer. Betty hugged me. “I too ran away from an abusive relationship once” she whispered. Here you will be safe with us and you can heal.”

She introduced me to a swarthy big strapping young man. He could not have been more than twenty to her 30’s something. “This is my husband David. He treats me like a slut ...and I love it!” She added in a low sultry voice.

David grinned a big smile. “Kirsten rented the room” added Betty.

David was running on the treadmill. He was completely naked, his entire body glistening with perspiration. “Oh by the way, I don’t know what we will do with Eunice....” she started evidently continuing a conversation from where they had left it before. David kept running while the conversation continued as if there was nothing unusual. I felt a surge of embarrassment at the display of his nudity. Instinctively I lowered my eyes taking in a full view of his magnificent penis swinging between his muscular thighs. It must have been six inches and it was not even erect! His buns were solid rounded mounds that accentuated even more the crack between them. My throat felt like sandpaper as a warm glow was creeping in my pelvis.

A tall man in a business suit walked in the room. “This is Julius, my other husband. He treats me like a real princess, and I love it too. It’s Julius that I go to make love with when I need to be comforted.”

Betty laughed as she introduced me to Julius, her second husband. He politely shook my hand. There was something kind and comforting about his handshake and the look in his eyes.

By then Dave got down from the treadmill, announcing he was going to shower.

My head was spinning. I couldn’t grasp what was going on, or what Betty was explaining to me.

The day had been a roller coaster of emotions. I felt tired from the long bus drive and the fear of being found and returned to the hell I was running away from. After supper I asked to be excused to go to bed.

I put on a pair of pyjamas Betty had lent me. The gentle touch of the satin over my skin caressed my thighs with every movement. Betty was in the shower. I closed my eyes snuggling into the pillows ready to slumber into sleep.

The noise of the water stopped. Betty opened the bathroom door. She was wearing a towel wrapped around her. She stood at the doorway the full moon light illuminating her beautiful features. The fragrance of her bath soap enveloped me.

I smiled awkwardly, afraid that my eyes would betray the intense emotions raging inside me. How lovely she looked. Perfect features, her full lips slightly parted, her eyes glowing in the dark, her smooth naked shoulders the color of ivory, I took it all in. She stood there for what seemed an eternity.

--Good night Betty.

--You don’t have to wear that in bed if you don't want to, she said.

Surprised by her words I looked down at my pyjamas. “What?” I asked, clutching the top of the pyjamas.

--The wig! She said without even imagining that I could have misinterpreted what she meant.

Relieved that there was no misunderstanding I begged Betty to spend the night with me. I felt so lonely and afraid of the dark.

“This bed is huge, I said. Come on, I know I will get a good night sleep if you stayed here tonight.”

I threw the cover off to one side, smoothing out the warm sheets.

Betty looked at me smiling softly. She walked slowly towards the credenza bending slightly to look at herself in the mirror. I watched her as she ran her fingers through her raven black hair fluffing it. Her hair flowed gently over her naked shoulders.

Betty moved towards the bed. With a flick of her hand her towel dropped to the floor. I swallowed hard as she stood naked. The semi darkness of the room outlined the silhouette of her full breasts and the sensuous curves of her body. She was even more desirable and more beautiful than I had imagined her.

I turned my eyes down not to stare at her nude body, embarrassed by the emotions that I felt. My eyes betrayed me.

As Betty slithered under the cover, I felt an indescribable surge of intense emotions toward my roommate. Everything felt more accentuated by the darkness of the room, the rustling of the bed sheets, and the fragrance of her skin. I inhaled deeply her scent.

Betty pulled the cover over herself to the hips leaving the rest of her body exposed. She turned on her side towards me.

Not knowing what to do or say, I blurted awkwardly trying to avoid her eyes “more comfortable than even your bed I bet, is isn’t?”

She let out a small laugh that displayed her beautiful white teeth, her eyes stayed riveted on me.

--Thank you Betty. And I meant it sincerely.

--Oh it’s nothing. I should have thought to stay with you tonight without you even having to ask me.

-- No I mean for everything, I whispered. And for staying tonight with me also”. I was trying to sound more self-assured than I really felt. Just knowing that Betty lay naked next to me stirred unknown emotions deep inside me. Finally when I got together enough courage to look at her we starred at each other for what felt like an eternity. We hesitated one last moment before taking that plunge towards each other. Our lips touched and we kissed a searing hot kiss. I let Betty’s hands touch my breasts under the pyjamas. I reached for her breasts too as we continued to kiss. Our hands lost themselves over each other’s body exploring each other’s most intimate parts. Betty was drenching wet between her thighs, as I was.

--Have you ever done it with a woman Kirsten before? asked Betty.

--No! I replied my heart racing in the back of my throat.

--I will show you...She was looking intently in my eyes as her fingers penetrated me. The fires raging inside me became more and more intense as she thrust her fingers and moved them rhythmically. I felt a pleasurable pain. Just when I was about to explode, she slid down between my thighs. The moment her tongue penetrated my lower lips I felt a moment of indescribable pleasure overwhelming me that sent shivers down my whole body. I had just experienced my first orgasm ever and my first with another woman.

-- Now you she whispered, as she directed my hand deep inside her thighs.

We lay down breathless, side by side spent by the night's love makin our naked bodies bathed by the moon rays. I watched Betty’s breasts rise and fall with each breath. As I let my gaze wander down her entire body I realized for the first time that Betty was cleanly shaved between her thighs. I felt self conscious about the large bush of black hair covering my pubic region. As if she was reading my mind Betty said: “we will shave you down below tomorrow. It is much easier for love making with a man or a woman. Mind you Dave would prefer you like that.”

--Betty can I ask you a question?

Then she told me the story of how she ended up married to two men and sharing her affections with both.

“I met David in the men’s locker room of the university. As a reporter I get free access to their locker room to interview players after ball games. At the beginning the players didn’t want to talk to me. They felt that no clothed woman should see them naked unless she was naked too under them. David was the only one who gave me the time of day. And he didn’t care that he was completely naked and that my camera woman was filming us during the interview. Of course on the news clips we only showed him from the waist up. But I knew otherwise and even when watching the clip on TV it made me wet between my thighs. I have seen a lot of penises Kristen in my line of work. Big ones, small ones, you name it. But it was Dave’s is I wanted to wrap my mouth around and push inside me.”

After I had met David a few times, in the locker room on day I said to him: ‘Let me take you home Dave and show me if I am too much of a woman for you.”

Julius was away. Perfect timing. We got to my apartment, and before I opened the door Dave had my bra off and my dress around my ankles wearing nothing more than my red laced G-string that fitted so perfectly up between my buttocks. I unzipped his pants groping for his cock and guided him in the crack of my ass around to my dripping cunt. The thrust of his cock penetrating me made me scream.

Damn! The elevator door was going to open! I fumbled with the keys. One split second and we would have been found out fucking in the middle of the hall. Out of breath I shut the door behind us. Dave literally ripped my clothes off as I spread my labia to let him in me. I was frantically rubbing my clit, craving for multiple orgasms. I let out a primeval scream devastated by my first orgasm. Dave had not yet spunked me. “Oh gods please, don’t let him come yet!”

Just then the door opened. Julius found us on the floor. Dave pulled out of me.

After an awkward moment Julius said “Well we might as well get acquainted. My name is Julius. This is my wife Betty and who might you be may I ask, fucking my wife on my carpet in my own house?

Dave got up, fully naked, holding on to his erect cock, glistening from my juices. As if we were at a cocktail party, he introduced himself: “Dave, I didn’t realize Betty was married....”

“More details please. I want details,” added Julius. “Betty and I are not technically married. She and I have been living together as husband and wife for two years. “

Turning to me he asked me how long had this Dave and I been fucking. “A few months” I lied, pretending to feel guilty and all the while enjoying myself immensely. Then Dave announced totally unexpectedly:

‘We got married about a month ago in Vegas”

“Funny you never mentioned a second husband Julius added.”

“Well you see Julius I have more claims over the fair damsel than you since we are legally married, and you are living with my wife” Dave said.

“I am not sure Dave that the lady is a damsel. Nevertheless this is ...well awkward.” The two turned to me. I was still pathetically collapsed on the floor completely naked in the presence of two men fighting over me. I lowered my eyes in faked embarrassment, pretending not to know what to say.

“Dave, Julius, I... can’t chose between one and the other of you. Both of you have rights over my affection. Both of you deserve my love. In return for the passion and love that you Julius show for me I must be devoted to you. Yet Dave, you have shown me the stars and the moon and the sun rising and the sun setting all in one instant when you make love to me. I cannot decide gentlemen. I will abide by your decision.”

Julius first spoke: “It seems to me that being the master of the premises and having rights over the lady’s affection that you don’t have, I say she stays here to love and cherish and you Dave shove off.”

Dave still completely naked argued that I was legally his wife and he fully intended to exercise his conjugal rights. The discussion dragged on and was getting more heated. I was afraid it would degenerate into an all out physical fight instead of just a war of words.

Then, as if an idea came to me suddenly I got up, and went to my two husbands: “gentlemen, gentlemen. We are civilized people; can we not settle this amiably?”

“What do you suggest?” Asked Dave

“I don’t dare to think it... is it possible that you might suggest...” said Julius. I looked at both, as I saw them trying to comprehend what came next.

“Why can we not live in harmony as two husbands and wife? I will be devoted to both of you. And both of you can enjoy my company and love. If Julius fancies the warmth of my embrace, I will give myself to him. If Dan wants to spend the night to fill me with his expressions of love, I will also give myself to him.”

We considered the option I had put in front of both. Gradually the more we thought about it the more it seemed less absurd and made more sense. We began to work out the details. I was not to prefer the one over the other. But I was to give of my affections to both equally. Agreed. When we went out the three of us I would introduce them as “my husband, and this is also my husband.”

There was one detail though that remained. What would I decided if Dave and Julius fancied me on the same night? That was a difficult situation.

After some moment of silent reflection, I held both their hands in mine and placed each on of my naked breasts. “Both of you can have me together at the same time.”

The simplicity of the solution stunned us. That very night my both husbands made passionate love to me taking turns to fill my vagina and the crack of my ass. But the best was yet to come.

While Julius was filling me deep inside from the front as I was lying on top, Dave approached me from behind. Fully expecting that he was going to enter me from behind again, I was getting ready for him spreading the cheeks of my butt to let him penetrate me. But I was wrong. Dave slipped his cock also into my vagina. O Heavens never had I had hoped for so much bliss. My two husbands continued to fuck my cunt, their two cocks penetrating deeper and deeper in my pussy, until they both came in one large spasm that rocked the bed. There were fireworks in the sky!

I have now been married to my two husbands for over two years. Never such a marriage has been so blissful. My two husbands are trying all the time to outdo the other with affections and gifts. As much as I enjoy all their attentions I remained faithful to my promise. Sometimes I would spend the night with Julius; sometimes I shared my bed with Dave. But the best is when they both want me and I enjoy two cocks at the same time in my pussy, like that first night when our marriage was consummated. And sometimes they fill me from the front and from behind, taking turns.”