Jun. 5, 2018

So it's me you and this guy. We shall name him mark. (Like mark Walberg) lol me you and mark are heading up to the hotel room. The room is on the 7th floor. So we have some time on the elevator. You tell me to kiss mark and while your kissing him I want you to grab my cock. So I start kissing him and you move so I can reach you and I grab your hard cock tight over your jeans and stroke it. We get to our floor and now we are all hot and can't wait to get to the room. We get into the room and I tell mark to go sit on the bed. Me and you are still by the door and we start making out. Slowly we move closer to the bed while you start taking of my clothes and I start upziping your jeans. My clothes are off so you tell me to lay on the bed. You come to the bed with your hard cock and shove it in my mouth. Mark starts grabbing my tits and then moves My legs so their spread open. His tongue starts playing with my clit so I'm moaning. As I start moaning you shove your cock even further till it hits the back of my throat. You can't take it anymore so you tell me to get up. Now I'm bent over the bed so you can fuck me and mark is laying on the bed so I start sucking his cock nice and slow. Your watching me so it makes you even more hard. You shove your cock in my tight pussy fast so I let out a loud moan as you fill me up. I keep sucking marks cock while I'm stroking him. Your fucking me hard now you can start to feel my pussy getting tighter. I'm so wet because I'm sucking his cock while your fucking me so it's turning me on even more. Till finally I cum and its so intense I have to stop sucking his cock so I can look back at you. You keep fucking me and it feels so good my legs start shaking. Now you tell me in my ear you want him to fuck me. So I listen and I lay on the bed while you stand at the edge. Mark comes on top of me and spreads my legs and slowly fills me up with his cock. I moan and put your cock in my mouth while you start playing with my nipples. Your watching him fuck me hard so it's turning you on even more and your cock is so hard at the back of my throat now. My orgasm is slowly building the more you play with my nipples and the more harder I suck your cock. Till finally I cum while he's fucking me. My legs are shaking now and you want to cum all over me. So you tell me to get on my knees and I listen. You and mark are both standing over me and I start sucking your cock while I stroke it. And my other hand is stroking his cock. You hit the back of my throat so now you want to cum all over me. You start stroking your cock and you start cumming all over my face. There's so much cum it starts dripping down my face and hitting my tits. Now it's time for mark. You get your camera to take a pic of my cum covered face while I suck his cock and stroke it so he can cum. It doesn't take too long before he starts cumming all over my face. There's so much cum I can't open my eyes. My tits are full of cum. And you take one last photo of my cum covered face and body.