Written by ManInMidland

Mar. 1, 2019

We had a great day on South Padre Island. The hotel is great. We fuck as soon as we checked in and 3 times after dinner. It is shortly after midnight. The pool and hot tub area is empty and dimly lit. I slip on swim shorts and you a bikini top and shorts. We leave the room and head for the hot tub. There is no one around. We put our towels down and slip into the hot steamy water. We sit close together and our hands begin to wander. You play with my cock, it hardens at your touch. I remove your shorts and my fingers find their way inside you. My shorts come off. You are moaning, our breathing increases. The risk and pleasure intense. I whisper that we must be quick as not to get caught. And in one smooth motion you are on me, my cock buried inside you. The water bubbling and foam hides your movements. Bouncing up and down on my cock, it pointing straight up underwater. You ride me effortlessly and your pussy presses against my balls as they float to meet you. Then you cum, a power surge triggering my orgasm and my ejaculation mixes with your juices and the water. You slide off, floating backwards away from me as we retrieve our shorts and put them back. We exit the hot tub and head back to our room to dry off. We pass a couple coming out and she glances at me and smiles. He laughs and says, "Great minds", with a nod. You look at me and point down and say with a smile, "I guess they know what we were doing and are planning the same thing." I look down, my hard cock straining against my shorts, my cockhead poking out the leg of the shorts; dripping cum. Opps.