Jan. 5, 2014

Laceys mouth hung open wide, the expression on her face was one of intense exhileration, her feet suspended in the air as her husband Mark sat watching as another man sweetly penetrated her. Lacey momentarily lifted her head to eyeball his cock entering her body but could not hold it because it felt too amazing and the feeling forced her head back. Lacey again forced her eyes open but this time focusing her sight on Mark, who sat not more than a foot away watching events unfold, he was rock hard in his shorts.

Laceys attention quickly turned back to her new husband approved lover as he caused her even more pleasure by arching his back to suck on one of her bouncing breasts lips chasing her nipple for a moment as it moved up and down- the sight was too much to bear for Mark as his heart pounded in his chest, finally living out his most erotic fantasy that in the swinger world was called 'Hotwifing'. Once again, the look on his wifes face was amazing to see-it was a huge turn on for him.

Laceys lover continued to separate her labia with his thick penis, showing his high level of staying power. She offered to lift her legs higher, her natural flexibility enhanced with yoga, Jake naturally didnt object. Laceys legs folded all the way up so that her ankles were within an inch of her ears. Immediately at this point Mark couldnt hold back any longer, so he positioned himself near her head and held his wifes feet down against the bed,beside her ears. He leaned in close and commensed passionately kissing his wife with his hands firmly holding down Laceys feet.

This arrangment allowed for Jake to have Lacey open up completely. This made her even more dripping wet; this position also allowed for the fullest and deepest access Laceys body could possibly allow for Jakes hard member to enter. Laceys breasts were framed by her arms as she reached down to grip her own hips, also helping to frame her breasts were her thighs. Jake still on top, moaning, almost desparete with too much enjoyment.

Mark stopped kissing Lacey long enought to begin sucking on her toes and he also hungrily licked her entire foot-hotly switching from one to the other. Mark spread her legs as far open as he dared, all the while managing to watch his wifes body as it got bounced from the impact of Jakes hips impacting her body. Mark could tell from Jakes body language that he would soon be cumming hard-watching Lacey cause another man such incredible joy made his mouth water and feel as though his own cock was going to burst. He watched, sucking Laceys feet, as his wifes new lover grew closer and closer to climax- he peered down inbetween their two bodies to watch the moment pass. Then with mad passion Jakes body heaved over and he grunted loudly, his arms wrapped around her body tightly and he thrusted near violently and unleashed his load deep inside her. Mark sat back for a moment so he could take it all in-he thought to himself, this is incredible...

Lacey set her legs back and took a moment to take in the body bliss with a few deep breathes. Her entire body tingled warmly-sensing now her moment of rest was over as now it was time to satisfy her own husnband who lied beside her naked. She looked at him softly and opened her mouth to kiss him. Jake had retreated to the washroom for the moment. The passion between Mark and Lacey quickly intensified as he could not wait a moment longer-he just had to have her. Mark knew that she wouldnt mind as Jake had made her orgasm early in the evening, several times in fact.

Lacey again opened her legs willingly to make room for her husbands hard rod to skewer her center-she was still so wet. She wrapped her legs around his hips and reached down to grab two handfuls of his ass that she loved so much and sinfully used the memory of Jake eating her pussy for added excitement to the moment.

She recalled Jake kissing her slightly moist pussy and licked around her center with his playful kisses to tease her senses. He had taken his time performing on her with his tongue, separating her folds repeatedly and sucking and flicking her clitoris skillfully until she came. The third orgasm he used her clit to bring her half way before entering two fingers inside her to stimulate g spot and brought her to a g spot orgasm-which made her scream.

Lacey and Mark embraced each other as the experience came to an end. Lacey once again used her sweet mound to finish another cock-that came inside her so incredibly warmly. He was so amazed by the experience and even though his load was spent Mark could already feel the next one begining to build. The two cuddled in the bed listening to each other breathe carressing each other lightly- only the sounds of the other man in the washroom breaking the silence.

Jake came to sit at the bed near the couples feet, she playfully offered a little nudge with her toes, he took the bait and began massaging her little toes and feet. He proclaimed just how good the experience was and gave his thanks to the both of them and left the room for good.

The happy content couple lied in each others arms holding each other comfortably. They quietly fell asleep motionless together in the dark.