Written by Pixieangel

Jul. 12, 2015

I make my intentions very clear.

I kiss you passionately.

My hand runs down your front to your glorious cock.

Your cock is already standing at attention and presenting himself to me desiring for my touch.

I back you up slowly and push you up against the wall.

I grab you by your tie and pull you in for another kiss.

As I am kissing you I unzip your fly.

I carefully put my hand inside and start to stroke you rock hard cock.

A moan escapes your lips you have been waiting for me to touch you like this for way too long.

Your hands find their way inside my top and you are gently caressing my boobs.

It feels so good to feel your touch. To feel you hands touching my nakedness.

I press my body up against yours eager to feel every inch of your body.

I stop kissing you and step away and instruct you go and lay down on the lounge.

I nestle myself between your open legs.

I lean forward and kiss you again whilst I undo you pants.

I sit back and slowly pull down you pants revealing your engorged cock.

I suck in a breath as I am amazed at the sight.

I am going to take this very slowly.

I am going to ensure you enjoy every stroke of my fingers

I will ensure you enjoy every lick of my tongue.

I will slide my lips slowly down your hardened shaft.

Every caress on your cock will be mind blowing.

I want you to scream my name when I make you cum

I gently wrap my fingers around your cock.

You let out a hiss of pleasure at my touch.

I slowly run my hand up and down your shaft.

I gently start to fondle you balls, your very swollen balls.

I stroke your cock a little faster.

I lick my lips to moisten them.

I bend down and as I stroke your cock downward with my hand I follow with my lips.

I put your cock between my lips and into my nice warm and moist mouth.

I continue this motion for a few strokes.

Making sure I start out very slow.

I want you to stay hard for a very long time.

I want to pleasure your cock with my mouth, lips and tongue which will feel like an eternity to you.

I remove my lips it’s time for my tongue to have a play.

I run my tongue around your cock head applying enough pressure so you can feel each and every caress.

I continue to stroke you now Fully Erect Cock.

I can feel your cock getting harder and harder.

I stop as I want to see a bed of precum glistening on your cock head.

I will pump your cock until I am satisfied with the amount.

I slowly lick it off running my tongue across your cock head.

I quickly run my lips back down your shaft and quicken the pace a little.

You moan at the change of pace.

You start to thrust your hips.

You start to fuck my mouth.

I stop and stay still and let you continue to fuck my mouth as that is what you need right now.

But before you loose total control I stop you.

I am in charge of your cock right now not you.

I lick the underside of your cock with my tongue from base to cock head. I repeat this couple of times.

I then swallow you whole, and start to deep throat you.

You reach out and gently hold onto my head.

I can tell you are close to cumming.

I gently squeeze your balls.

Your moans are turning me on.

I love to hear a guy moaning in pleasure a he is receiving a blow job, a huge turn on for me.

I start to remove my lips from your cock.

I sit back and start to stroke your cock with a firmer grip.

I quicken the pace.

You start to move your hips in unison with my hand.

You are fucking my hand with your cock.

I tell you tell me when you are going to cum.

I stroke your cock faster and faster.

I stop and rub the precum into your cock head.

You let out a moan of pleasure at the change in touch.

I return to stroking your cock.

I won’t stop now until you cum.

You clutch the sheets.

Your moans are getting louder and louder.

I ready myself as I know you are close.

You announce to me you are going to cum.

I put you cock back into mouth.

I stroke you with my lip and hands.

Your legs start to shake.

You whisper my name just as I feel you’re warm cum spurt into my mouth.

I continue to fuck you with my mouth until you have completely emptied yourself.

I swallow.

Remove your cock from my mouth and lick your cock clean of any cum still present.

I slowly and gently stroke you cock.

You grab me and pull me forward and kiss me.