Written by ManInMidland

Mar. 1, 2019

Once we enter the elevator and are alone your hands find my cock in my shorts and your mouth on mine, our tongues playing. I am starting to harden at your touch. Once in our room you take off your top releasing your tits with erect nipples. You stand me at the end of the bed and kiss me deeply. You pull back and tell me, you need me, crave me and must taste me. With that you lower to your knees and tug my shorts down to my ankles. My cock is now pointing directly at you as you engulf it with your mouth. Moaning as you slide up and down my shaft you tell me you want my cum, all of it. You fondle my balls, suck and lick my cock, finger my ass, I am thickening and throbbing as you pleasure me. "Give me you cum", you tell me. I am so close, can barely stand and I grab the back of your head and pull you on and off my cock as I intensify fucking your mouth. Your lips press against my pubes with each thrust. You gag as you take all of me but recover. Your hands grab my ass and hold on so you lose your balance as I fuck you. "Are you ready?", I ask, "Get ready cause here I cum...." And I shoot hot stringy cum into your wanting mouth, over and over my muscles force my cum into your mouth as I hold your head and keep my cock in your mouth, I spasm and my cock twitching, as you suck the cum from me and squeeze my balls to entice every drop. I sit on the bed unable to stand after such a strong orgasm. You sit back on your ass and swallow every drop, wiping some drips from your chin and sucking it off your fingers. You smile and say, "Fuck you taste good. Now that I am full and you are empty, let's go to bed and sleep for a few hours. At least until 4am."