Oct. 30, 2016

I've had this wish on my list to do for a very long time now. However now that I am not in the best of health I know it will never come true. You see I have this life long friend who I do not see all that often, mainly because we lived so far apart for a long time. This wish only occurred to me when I had gone to my son's wedding.

Since I had no place to stay when I was there I stayed with my friend. He drove his family and I to the wedding , reception together. While he and his family sat at a table I sat at the head table. Once the music started his wife had asked me to dance. I love to dance so I accepted with pleasure. As we danced and moved around the floor I realized she was holding me tighter than normal, not that I would complain but she was my friends x-wife.

When we got up for another I threw caution to the wind and moved her to a corner of the room where no one could see us. I took her hand in mind and kissed it gently and to say she was nervous is an understatement. Then she looked up at me and smiled so I knew she wanted the same thing.

Though this was something we both need I'm sure however it was not meant to happen. As the evening wore on we would steal glances and smiles but nothing else. On our way home I was in the back seat with her and took hold of her hand, unfortunately her daughter was next to her so nothing has ever happened.

And so it remains on my list to do.