Written by Playmate

Aug. 22, 2016

Wrists and ankles retrained, blindfolded with a slight flicker of candle light creeping around the outside edges. Your hands slowly starting from the bottom caressing my perfectly manicure toes. Strong virile hands travelling up my quivering legs. Feeling your manhood soft and warm against my shins and silently aching to touch it and feel it growing in my hands. The room is quiet except for the sound of my heavy breathing. My legs are spread wide, as your fingers find their way to my inner thighs, avoiding even the slightest touch to my moist pink lips. Your warm breath discreetly tingles against my excited loins. An ache starting to erupt inside wanting, needing, so much more. Wetting my lips with my tongue I writhe under your touch as you caress my belly, my body heaving to nibble on your fingers. My nipples perk up as your wet tongue dances across them and I feel your cock hard and arrogant pressing against my thigh. I am ready to climax as your tongue enters my mouth, roughly darting inside as you bite my lower lip. Untying one arm you whisper in my ear to put your cock in my mouth and like a starving child i take it all in. Slowly swallowing and taking you deeper and deeper, opening my throat to feel the head against the back. Tears running down my cheeks as you grind your massive cock all the way in, choking me. Your firm silky balls resting against my wet chin as you pump harder and harder. Taking my blindfold off, my eyes look straight up at you as I beg for you to fuck me. Releasing my legs, you flip me over and lift my buttocks in the air, my pussy is eager and hungry for your raging cock. You slide the head in teasingly to feel and see my pussy and anus flex and quiver for more. "Please" i beg, "yes, now!" Your hand grabs my head back to drool down my throat as you drive you cock in all the way. Fucking me hard and fast, cream pouring down my legs and coating your shaft. An animal arousal burning inside me. Grinding myself against you, bodies flushed with sweat, you hold off to cum simultaneously with me. Juices pouring out of me as i feel our sexes pulsing in unison, my cunt tightening as it squeezes every drop from your cock. Your body heavy on mine, as i feel and smell your sweet breath on my neck. And all I can think of, I want more!