Oct. 30, 2016

When Alice told her husband of what had happened, he was not surprised because he expected a repercussion of what he had done. They finally started talking about what was wrong in their marriage. How they were both walking down the same path but on separate roads. Alice told him to talk to me and I got extremely nervous, I hate violence amongst friends, but I also won’t back down because of my back ground and where I came from. We talked. I told him that they were both missing the attention they desired and that the trust between them had to be mended somehow. He asked me if I had any ideas which surprised me. I thought I was going to get a punch in the face. I suggested that he take his wife out on a date night, and explore their swinger side. He was taken back at first. He did not know if he could watch his wife with another man. But I told him the same could be said of Alice. He thought about it for a bit and said I will have to think about that. I told him ‘No’, you have to talk to your wife about it and see where it leads. He left my place and went back to Alice for what I guessed was a very long and intense discussion because he called me back about 6 hours later and told me that he would need a guide in this and that since I was the one who took Alice to the strip club, that I had been volunteered. I said ok, give me some time and let me check out the swinging scene in the area.

A week or so went by and I had a sit down with them both. I explained to them that I was a member in a swing club and that there was an event coming up. I explained to them the rules. No means No. That jealousy has to be left at the door. That they may see people there that they know and that privacy and discretion at these places is a must. They spoke to each other in front of me very solemn and nervous. I told them that they have to be sure of this, if they are going to cross this bridge with me. They both agreed and said ok, let’s do this. I gave them the date and told them that I would pick them and that they should dress casual but yet sexy.

The day came and I picked them up. Alice was dressed in a very nice mini dress that buttoned from the front and her husband dressed in loose slacks, with a short sleeve shirt. I, myself am dressed in an all black suit and tie. I prefer a more business look for these occasions. We arrive at the club and I escort them in. When we get inside all eyes are on them, newbie’s. It makes them a bit nervous but I tell them to relax. Enjoy the place for what it is and let things flow. I introduce them to what I call the king and queen of the event and try to get them relaxed. The king (Martin) and Queen (May) take them in hand. I explained their situation privately to May and she says she has an idea. They guide them to a private room upstairs. But before entering, she asks do you trust me. Alice and her husband look at each other and then May. They both nod. May then produces two blindfolds. They put them on and are taken into the room. In the room I see what is going on but not them. They hear moaning, grunts and the odd slap. Alice is stripped of her clothes. It is nicely folded and put to the side. Her husband is taken to a chair and lightly tied to it. Alice is then taken to a massage table, placed face down, where her head fits through a hole and then tied to it with silk rope.

A calm, deep voice asks her, ‘Relax and enjoy”. Warm oil is then applied to her shoulders and back. A sensual massage is begun, then two more hands from another man join in, rubbing down her lower back. Two women come over then and start massaging Alice’s legs and butt. I look over at her husband and someone pull down his pants and they are gently stroking his dick. Alice is in heaven with the attention she is getting, but I can see she is also getting horny. One of the women then takes more oil and dribbles it down her butt crack, rubs it in and then inserts a butt plug. I watched the surprise on Alice’s face, but she was enjoying it. The man who was near her face, told her to open her mouth. He then puts the tip of his dick to her lips. At the same time the other woman takes a large vibrator and puts it between Alice’s legs, all the while the other people are massaging her. I can see that she is having difficulty with all of this stimulation. She does not know what to expect next. I look over at her husband and there is a blond stroking his dick and getting ready to give him head.

One of the women says to the group, “I think she is ready.” They untie the ropes, pick Alice up and carry her over to a bed. She is placed down gently over the top over another woman with huge tits, in a 69 position. Alice’s pussy is devoured. The blindfold is removed. She looks down to see the other woman’s pussy, nicely shaved and glistening. The same calm voice says to her, “That is not for you yet.” He places his dick on the other woman’s lips and starts to glide it up and down over her clit. He then takes Alice’s head and gently pushes it down to match the glide, where his dick is between both sets of lips. The butt plug is then removed and another man steps in behind her. He inserts his condom covered dick slowly into Alice’s ass. All the while the massage is still going on. From both end and underneath, Alice is slowly being penetrated. I can see her first orgasm beginning. Then someone takes a cube of ice and places it on the small of her back. Alice clenches up and it sends her over the edge. The orgasm is intense. She is bucking and wreathing. At this time I notice that the blindfold has been taken off her husband. Here he was, jaw dropped, raging hard on and an unknown woman sucking his balls. The woman looked up at him, smiled, stood up and then sat right down on that dick. His expression changed immediately. I could see that he enjoyed the feel of another woman’s pussy, but also seeing his wife enjoy herself.

This event went on for a while. Alice had cum quite a few times. Her husband was brought to a peek then brought back down to ensure that he lasted a while longer. The blind folds were put back on them both. Alice was picked up and suspended for a bit. Her husband was guided to the bed without knowing. Alice was then lowered on to her husband’s raging cock. A woman sat on her husband’s face and another man took up position in Alice’s ass. They all got into a rhythm, slow at first. But the intensity progressed. A third man with a cock of immense girth fed it to both women. The blindfolds were removed. Then one after the other people started Cumming. First Alice, then the man in her ass, then the woman riding her husband’s face, along with the man receiving the blowjob. Then Alice feels the third man Cumming and knows that there is no condom because she is feeling an extremely large load dribble down the inside of her legs. The other woman gets up. Alice looks down to see her husband. Her look of shock turns, as she gives him the biggest passionate sloppy kiss she can. Licking off all the juices of the other woman and start riding him to her final orgasm.

When all was done, they laid there for a bit in each other’s arms. They look over at me, smile and say, “Why are you still dressed?” My reply is tonight I am the voyeur and escort. I also do not screw around with my close friends; it can sometimes make things a bit awkward. When you are done in this play room, come find me. Because I think you have more to explore tonight if you like. I then leave the room to go part take of other events and I am met by May and Martin. I said thank you to them both and they should be their guides for the rest of the night. A cute little red head then came up to me, gave a kiss and guide me away for my adventure to begin.