Written by Eilsel Tellig

May 28, 2017

It had been one of those hellish weeks….kids to school, housework and overtime. Thank God this was the end of this rotation. “One more day” was all she could think of as she pulled up to the gate to the parking lot. As soon as the gate opened, a car started backing out of a prime front row spot, “Wow, this day is starting to look up” she thought as she filled the recent vacancy…

Walking across the parking lot, a cool breeze caressed her cheeks and cut its way through the thin fabric of her pants. It was a refreshing sensation after the warmth of the seat heater. She was a little surprised at the immediate wetness that followed, but after all it had been almost 2 weeks of work, sick kids, and conflicting schedules, so as she thought further, it wasn’t that surprising. “A good solid fucking is definitely in order” she murmured under her breath as the elevator doors open. Usually empty from the ground floor, there was a lone occupant in the elevator. The usual cursory glance was still being processed as she stepped in and the doors clunked behind her. She took up a safe spot on the wall and focused on the phone for the ride. Meanwhile the microsecond glance was still being reviewed and she liked what she saw. 6 foot, shaved bald, neatly trimmed goatee, “just right for the best work….face fucking my puss… “The blush seared her face as that thought produced the visual image in her mind of the gleaming bald head anchored between her thighs. As the elevator passed the 3rd floor it lurched a little, jarring her back to the present. “My God, that was rough…” she commented, half to herself. “It was a little jerky when I got on too” stated the stranger from the other side of the elevator, in a rich deep voice. “I wouldn’t worry too much, look on the bright side, if you get stuck, at least you are already at work, Marin.” A twinge of panic streaked down her spine until she realized her name tag was showing. “Clairvoyant this morning, are we?” she chuckled.

“Nothing so magic, just reading your name badge.” Which seemed innocent enough until she realized it was nestled between her breasts and the outline of her nipples were clearly visible, betraying her growing arousal. “Poor choice this morning on the silky bra” she thought, but hey it was the only one clean, as the laundry had piled up.

As the door slid open and she stepped out, the gentleman stepped out as well. “Good thing we made it!” he joked. “Good thing indeed” she thought, as she smiled and nodded in agreement, “Good thing, because I was barely able to not touch my wetness” she thought. Settling into her chair, everyone at the conference table regarded her with questioning expressions. “What’s got you all flushed?” asked Angelique, from the other end of the table. The other 3 women all nodded and waited expectantly. “Nothing, the elevator ride was just a little wacky, has someone called maintenance?”

“Yeah, right, Marin, whatever! I saw him too…” Gretchen smirked. “Oh, go fuck yourself!” she retorted. “Let’s get the day started.” All the girls giggled again, as Marin’s nipples strained against the fabric of her shirt. They all could see her arousal and shared the inside joke. Marin was somewhat puzzled, but caught on very quickly when the tall stranger strode in as the door opened. “Sorry to keep you all waiting, but the elevator held me hostage” he joked, as he unfolded the laptop he had forgotten which caused the chance meeting in the elevator with Marin. “So, let’s get started!” as he proceeded to lay out the plan to automate the charting and shift change reporting. It was actually pretty interesting as far as business proposals go, but the nuts and bolts of the idea basically put a tablet in each team lead’s hands. Reporting and updates were uploaded periodically during the day, depending on the acuity of each case. New orders, change in treatment, notable improvements or decline were all in a data blast every 4 hours, and automatic changes in unit assignment were then triggered, as well as discharge plans. “Damn, his eyes are so brown” Marin daydreamed as the presentation droned on. From her vantage point at the end of the table, she could see each of the other 4 women and started to notice the little things, a giggle too loud, a hand brushing away that imaginary strand of hair, the gentle rubbing of the thighs together as Angelique shifted in her chair. “Yup all five of us are eye-fucking him and it isn’t even 9:00 o’clock yet!” It was shaping up to be a long-ass day.

The rest of the meeting passed in a blur of sexually charged daydreams. Marin imagined a scenario where all 5 of the women had used the extension cords from the Audio / Video cart to tie him to the conference room table, Angelique squatting with her twat grinding on his chin as she tweaked Gretchen and Samantha’s puffy nipples as they traded a deep sloppy French kiss over the gleaming head of his cock. Watching and eagerly waiting their turn, Julia and Marin stood breathless at the foot of the table, watching in growing impatient need and their hands began to roam over each other’s ass. Marin was surprised to find a nipple ring in Julia’s beautiful left breast and calmly leaned in to see what the sensation would be to feel the delicate flesh and hard metal in her mouth at once. “You need to find what else is pierced” she breathed into Marin’s ear and grabbed a surprised Marin’s wrist and slid her hand into her panties, already soaked from watching the show on the table….

“Marin?!?” Katherine said a little more urgently, jarring her from the heat of the daydream. “Marin, do you see any problem with the technology we are implementing?” The business at hand tore her mind from the full-blown orgy flowing from her parietal lobe. A bit flustered, she recovered quick and answered her boss, who had stepped in to the meeting. “Not from the end. Everything should be a smooth transition.”

“Excellent, I will leave you all to it, then”

“Fuckin Focus” Marin scolded herself, this wanton desire was getting out of hand. She needed to get a hold of herself if she was to manage this project. Here she was planning the roll out of a paradigm shift and she was daydreaming about locker room porn scenes… “WTF” she though as she became aware of the musky essence of the room. Evidently, she was not the only woman in the room who was feeling the same way. She could see the rise and fall of the quicken breathing and slight flush on everyone else. They were all staring at him, like hungry vixens, who given the tiniest of openings would pounce to consume him. All except for Angelique, who was blatantly staring at Marin’s nipples. Word in the office was that she enjoyed the company of women as much as men, and it was showing now. Almost unconsciously, Marin slowly swallowed and tried to slow her arousal. Housework, finances, kids, work, renovations, holiday plans, and shopping were all things she crowded into her mind to try and chill the heat building in her moist, tight pussy. It almost worked. Finally, the session was over and they all scattered to the business of the day.

Within a couple hours, things had almost returned to normal. The wetness in her thong had dried and the tingle in her nipples had almost entirely subsided. It was business as usual until she had to step into the stockroom and Angelique was standing in the doorway. She didn’t seem to want to move, forcing Marin to squeeze past her in the narrow doorway. The casual brush of a hand as they passed was enough to push her back into overdrive. Marin had experimented a couple times, just goofing around with another woman. Nothing too involved, just massage and body shots and the such. The biggest turn on for her had been her husband watching. She loved the thought of her display driving his cock to a harder state, if such a thing was possible. Not the biggest she had had, but certainly the hardest and a delicious curve to the left. And he was hard at the drop of a hat. All she had to do was look at him anytime and she could she the bulge start to rise. She loved the power of her sexuality. He readily admitted that he was completely at her mercy when it came to her ability to arouse him. And that was one of things that made them so perfect together. Angelique’s shallow cough interrupted her train of thought. “Marin” she breathed, “Sorry for plugging up the doorway. But my god, you look great today and I wasn’t thinking about moving.”

“No problem, we fit.”

“That was an interesting meeting this morning, huh?” said Angelique. “ I thought you seemed a bit distracted thought.” She smirked.

Marin felt the heat rising in her cheeks again and the flush was visible. “I don’t know what you mean.”

Angelique was eye fucking her like a prison matron, and laughed gently. “Sure, Whatever!” she continued “I saw you catch me looking at your tits, frankly you didn’t seem too shocked.”

Marin paused for a brief moment and then plunged in. “Well I am not a prude and I enjoy being a turn-on.” she licked her lips for a moment, “I am glad you liked what you saw.” The best way around this landmine was to take it head on she thought. She projected as much confidence as she could.

“Tell me, Marin, have you ever had a woman go down on you?” Angelique breathed, “It is truly different, I mean I love a man’s mouth on my cunny, but when a woman tastes me it is so delicate and…knowing.” The conversation was taking a dangerous turn that Marin was not prepared for. She couldn’t deny the not too subtle curiosity, but wondered if she would be able to tell the difference. I mean after all her husband was a champion pussy eater. She shook her head slightly as if to clear it and bolster her resolve. “Angelique, I admire you being so straightforward with me. But at this point, I think this is not the place to have this talk.”

Angelique smiled a sly grin, “That’s not an answer to my question, but fair enough. Why don’t you and your husband drop over sometime for a drink and a chat?” As she spun on her heel and started out of the room, she fired a parting shot over her shoulder “No pressure and no expectations.”

“What the fuck is going on with people today?!?” Marin thought. “Well, at least I have a good story to tell when I get home tonight…” It no doubt was going to be a good night. She wanted a good fucking and her husband, well after her story, he would be dripping precum in his jeans wanting her so bad. Maybe she would be a little naughtier than usual and send him a few choice texts while he was getting the kids to bed before she got home. That always makes him extra hungry for her. “Making him think about competing against a woman for a pussy eating contest…winner gets my juices…” And there goes my panties again, she thought.