Written by Mr. Canuckfucker

Feb. 13, 2018

Mrs C has always liked the idea of having sex in a public place so this is my fantasy story for her... enjoy!

It was a steamy evening in July and we were relaxing dockside after a busy day of tending to our gardens. I love when Mrs C helps me with the gardens. I get to watch her bent over and see her luxurious ass in her tight shorts. I might be over 50 but I still like trying to get a peek down her top at her beautiful tits while she is bent over battling the weeds. She keeps me feeling like a horny teenager.

"Thanks for all your help today lover" I said, sipping on some iced lemonade. "I saw you looking down my top you horny bugger" she replied while running her fingernails up my leg. "I'm kind of pooped but maybe we should get in the kayaks and go for a little paddle... it'll be cooler on the water. Maybe a little swim over in that quiet cove past the gold course?" She suggested.

Now I'm not a huge fan of the kayaks but after all her help it was hard to say no to something she loves almost as much as sucking my cock. So I got the kayaks ready while she changed out of her gardening clothes and into shorts, a bikini top and a muscle shirt. When she came down to the dock I paused and drank her all in. Fuck she looks good I thought, feeling that stirring in my crotch. After she was in her kayak - and defenseless, I knelt down and rubbed her titty and said "maybe we can do dome skinny dipping" with a chuckto itle. "Maybe" she replied "if you are feeling UP for it" giving my balls a gently squeeze before she paddled off.

It took a few minutes to catch up after geting into the kayak and getting sorted out. I love paddling behind her. She has broad muscular shoulders and I love watching her work the paddle through the water. She stopped to get her camera out and take a picture of the two swans that always seems to be swimming near out place and I slid my kayak up beside hers. "Well, we have about two and a hlf hours until sunset and the mosquitoes...paddle or swim?" She leaned over to me and kissed me sucking my bottom lip in to give it a nibble and murmured "swim... I can't fuck you if you are in that kayak."

Whooo! The rest of the paddle over to our secluded little skinny dipping spot was tricky with my dick constantly getting in the way. We exited the kayaks and got them up on the beach. "Was there water in your kayak or are you just excited?" I asked noting the spreading wet spot in her crotch. "That's all you baby" she responded "I have been waiting to fuck you all day. Get those shorts off and get in the water."

I'm pretty goood at following orders and deep down I think Mrs C has a bit of a domination desire somewhere inside, so the shorts landed somewhere near my kayak and in I went, seeing that she was already nude, my eyes fixing on her sweet shaved pussy as my head went under water. I surfaced in front of her and pulled her close to me our lips meeting. Even thought it was still hot, the water cooled us off and the cool kisses and warm tongues felt amazing. I felt her nipples pressing against me. Love it when they are stiff like that! So fun to play with and I know that each flick runs straight down to her pussy.

We swirled around in the water caressing each other while our tongues swirl around each others mouths. We have our "Hi I'm home from work" kiss and then the "kiss me like you wanna fuck me" kiss. She definitely wanted to fuck me and my cock was responding, pressing in against her belly. I lifted her slightly and she wrapped her legs around me as I lowered her onto my cock. Our lips mashed together and she moaned "fuck I love your cock."

I held her ass as she slid up and down on my rod. it felt so good but this position couldn't last forever. I needed traction! As she rode me, I slowly moved us towards the big flat rock on the beach that we MAY have had sex on before. As soon as she felt the edge of the rock pressing on her ass she knew what I was doing and opened her legs wide as I laid her gently down on the rock by bending forward.

Now! Finally I could get my lips on her sexy hot pussy (if you don't believe me - go look at our pics - she has the MOST amazing pussy).

I started tonguing her clit and her fingers shot up to her nipples. Her pelvis started lifting and she whimpered as I increased the pressure and speed of my tongue strokes. She grabbed my hair and pressed my face into her pussy and I drove my tongue as deep inside her as I could, feeling her muscles pressing like they were trying to grab my tongue. I lapped at her creamy cum deep inside her, giving my own little moan. That was enough and I felt her muscles stiffen as she started to orgasm. Her hips rose up and I press my face in hard, sucking her meaty lips and clit into my mouth, twirling them with my tongue, she continued to buck and groan as I grabbed her hips.

When she was done, I crawled up beside her watching her chest rise and fall as she tried to catch her breath. I grinned at her and tickled her nipple. She swatted at my hand and whispered "that was awesome you fucker." I love making her cum more than anything. When her breathing settled, she rolled over on top of me straddling my hips and pressing her pussy down on my cock sliding up and down slowly. She leaned down, I though to kiss me, but she whispered "I think we have an audience."

"What? Really!?" I hissed, worried that we would be caught. She pressed her cunt down harder onto my cock and whispered "yesss." Holy fuck - it was making her hotter - which of course made me hotter. There was a flood of pussy juice spreading over my cock as she looked up at whoever was watching us. She reached back and guided my cock into her steamy hole. Jesus she felt so good. Her back arched as she pushed back raising her ass and looking up so she could get a better look at our audience.

She slid up again and lowered her lips to my ear. "It's another couple... and it looks like she is sucking him off. I think they are enjoying our show" she whispered as she continued to ride my cock. She sat straight up on my cock arching her back so her beautiful tits were on full display as she fucked me. She crossed her arms behind her head, enjoying the sun on her bare skin. I just lay there watching her enjoying my cock, drinking in the view of her tits which I will never see enough of.

Suddenly she was off of me, and on her hands and knees facing the other couple who we still there, in tall grass. I could see the girls head bobbing up and down on her man's knob as he unabashedly stared at us. "C'mon lover" Mrs C implored. "Fuck me hard and come all over my ass while I watch her gobble up his load." I didn't need any more of an invitation... I grabbed her sumptuous hips and slid my cock deep inside her. Man I love fucking her from behind. She has long legs and when she points her ass in the air her pussy grips my cock so well - it is just fucking amazing.

So there was were, I was pounding Mrs C for all I was worth and Buddy up on the hill was mouth fucking his lady, both hands on her head - I was watching her suck his cock and he was watching Mrs C's face which I assumed has a look of pure ecstasy as she just loves a good hard fucking. "Oh baby" she groans "you are going to make me cum again!! come on - fuck my cunt with that cock," She knows that talking like that will send me over the edge.

I have always cum really hard - like it starts right down in my soul and when I get there, it's loud and... not violent, but powerful? And there it went... I felt my load building and Mrs C started pushing back on me grunting "cum on my ass." My first shot went deep inside and then I pulled out feeling my shoulder muscles ripple and shake as I shot my cum all over her ass. I yelled "OHH Fuuuuck" my hips bucking as she pressed in against me spreading my jizz all over my cock with her ass cheeks.

I looked up the hill and the gal was gulping down the guys load. I collapsed on my back panting. "Well, that was amazing." I gasped. Mrs. C ran her fingers over my sloppy wet cock, raising them to her mouth, tasting my salty cum. "Mmmm" she sighed. "Dessert."

I chuckled and tickled her clit with my finger while we looked up at the sky. "After we get our breath back we should probably head back" I suggested. "It's going to be dark soon" I started, but was interrupted by a hot set of tits blocking my view of the sky....

But hey - that's for another time. If you liked this fantasy - let us know. We could probably write more!