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Keep Her Quiet

"Steve wakes up to a pleasant surprise."

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I woke up to a light tug on my cock and then something warm and wet enveloping it.  I grabbed my phone and saw that it was 3am.  I thought to myself, “nice dream”, and then I felt the swirl of a wet tongue on the tip of my cock.  I looked down and looked around.  The only thing better than waking up to a blow job by your hot sexy wife, is waking up to a blow job by her best friend with your hot sexy wife watching.

Amber wrapped her tiny fingers around the shaft of my cock and stroked it while she sucked on the tip.  Almost begging me to explode in her mouth.  Tracey sat there with her legs spread rubbing her wet clit, watching Amber work.  Amber gently massaged my balls as her mouth moved up and down my shaft.  As I laid there watching Tracey, Amber gently glided her finger to my anus and began to massage it while she sucked my cock harder.  This was a new sensation I had never felt before.  She slid the tip of her finger into my ass, while Tracey watched my reaction to this new sensation.

Tracey got up and walked over to me.  She climbed onto the bed and sat down on my face, while facing Amber.  I could feel Amber take my cock out of her mouth and climb on top of me.  As I licked Tracey’s wet pussy, Amber grabbed my cock and slid it inside of her.  She let out a loud moan as she bobbed up and down on my cock.  Tracey threw her head back and came.  Her juices gushing all over my face.  I loved it.  I felt Tracey’s hand slide down my chest to the base of my cock.  I could feel her knuckles.  Tracey was rubbing Amber’s clit while she rode my cock.  Amber screamed as she drowned my cock in her juices.  My thighs were completely wet.

Tracey got off of me and whispered in my ear, “Fuck her like she yours.”

I pulled Amber off me, placed her on back, put her legs on my shoulders, and slid my cock deep inside her pussy.  Tracey sat off to the side, rubbing her clit.  Watching me fuck Amber like I hadn’t fucked a pussy in years.  With every hard thrust, Amber got louder, until she was screaming.  I knew Amber was a screamer, but fuck.  When she came her screams became a higher pitch.  I looked at Tracey and she was smiling at me, shaking as she came.  I decided to try something.

Both Tracey and Amber liked to be told what to do in the bedroom.  I decided to see how far I could take this.  Tracey noticed the gleam in my eye and the wry smile on my face when I looked at her.

“Shut her up.  Sit on her face” I ordered Tracey, as Amber continued to scream with each thrust.

“No”, said Tracey.

“Sit on her fucking face or else”, I told her calmly.

“Or else what?” Tracey asked defiantly.

I pulled out of Amber, who now laid there in a pool of sweat, smelling like sex.  Walked over to the closet and pulled out our restraints.  I showed Tracey and her eyes lit up.  We had dabbled in some light bondage, but honestly, I’m not very good at it.  But I thought that this instance was a good way to start into it again.

I walked over to the bed.  Amber looked confused.  I motioned her to move.  She slid off the bed.  I grabbed Tracey, who fought not so valiantly, and threw her on the bed.  I put the restraints on Tracey.  I looked at my handywork.  Tracey was kneeling, with her head in the bed facing the headboard.  Her wrists were shackled to her ankles.  Her ass up in the air.  I placed a pillow in front of her head, separating her head from the headboard.  I went back to the closet and pulled out our flog.

“You.  Get back on the bed,” I ordered Amber, pointing to the foot of the bed.  She complied.

I walked over to Tracey and whipped the side of the bed.  She shook her ass and raised it a bit higher.  I gently kissed both ass cheeks, before flogging each one once.  I looked at Amber, who was biting her lip and sliding her hand between her legs.

“Will you do as you are told?” I asked.

“Fuck you,” Tracey replied with a smile.

I gently kissed Tracey’s ass cheeks and then flogged both of them twice a little bit harder this time.  I heard Amber moan.  I looked over and she had her legs spread, rubbing her clit.  I asked Tracey again, and the reply was the same.  I motioned for Amber to come over.  She crawled over to Tracey’s ass.

“Kiss her ass,” I ordered Amber.  She shook her head no.  I grabbed Amber and slapped her ass cheek.  I told her again to kiss Tracey’s ass.  Amber crawled over and kissed Tracey’s ass, licking each cheek.  I handed Amber the flog and held up three fingers and then pointed to Tracey’s ass.  Amber flogged each cheek three times.  Tracey was dripping from her pussy.

I grabbed Amber and positioned her head under Tracey’s dripping pussy.  Putting her legs up on my shoulders, I slid my hard cock deep into Amber’s drenched pussy.  This time taking slow methodical thrusts.  With each thrust, Amber’s mouth got a little closer to Tracey’s clit.  With every hot breath from Amber’s mouth, Tracey lowered her clit closer to her.  I began to fuck Amber harder and faster.  She began to scream with every thrust again.  As I pinched Amber’s tit, I ordered her to lick Tracey’s clit.  I watched as Amber tongue flicked Tracey’s clit with every thrust.  Tracey begged to be released from her restraints.  She promised to smother Amber’s face with her dripping wet pussy.  I told Amber to release the clips to the restraints.

Tracey, now released, got up and sat on Amber’s face, looking at me smiling.  She grabbed hold of me and pulled me in closer.  Kissing me.  Holding me tighter as she moaned.  I could here Amber’s muffled screams as I fucked her harder, her tongue working feverishly on my wife’s pussy.  Amber’s pussy tightened around my cock as Tracey’s grip on me grew tighter.  Both were about to cum.  I fucked Amber even harder, faster.  I kissed Tracey more passionately.  I grabbed their breast in each hand and pinched both their nipples.  I was going to cum.

I was going to cum, but I knew I had to hold on until they were done.  Tracey threw her head back, releasing her orgasmic juices into Amber’s mouth as Amber’s screams of orgasmic release were muffled by Tracey’s throbbing pussy.  Tracey slid off Amber and laid down beside her.  Both panting heavily.  I pulled out of Amber and stood over both of them, stroking my hard pulsating cock.  I grabbed the headboard as I blew my load all over Tracey and Amber.  I fell back on the bed and watched both girls licking my cum off of each other, gently rubbing each other’s clits as they did.  Then they both crawled towards my cock, licking up every last drop of my cum.

Both settled in on either side of me.  Nestled in my arms, their legs wrapped around mine.  Both with a hand on my cock.  And we fell asleep satisfied and smiling.

Written by JCSuperstar

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