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Lap Dance Me!



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Lap Dance Me 1+2=3 A hand on my back….pressing, rubbing… the faint scent of lily of the valley and then lips brushing my ear. My husband had asked me playfully if I would like to stop at the strippers, Nickos, for a drink….for a laugh. So here we were… first time… Ever. We had found a table, ordered drinks and started to watch the grinding girls on stage just like we were old pros. The hand on my back became more insistent and the voice in my ear competed with the loud music.”Hi,” she said, “You guys look a little nervous, Is it ok if I sit with you?” I took in the big green eyes lashed to perfection, the full moist lips and shapely nose. Her silvery blonde hair was twisted up in a messy bun and she now stoked my arm, gently with soft fingertips… no three inch nails here. I smiled, my husband smiled nodding eagerly. The tiny white leather strips barely covered her sassy nipples and the loincloth left only a little to the imagination…..”Sure, would you like a drink?” The conversation flowed easily…. She was Asha,had worked there for three years...part of a swinging couple… 13 year old son at home… Hey wait back up… her husband was away and she had permission to play… let that sink in. We excitedly asked for a lap dance...she had had her hands all over knee,stroked my cheek,brushed back my hair. There was a private area… low lights, to which we retired with alacrity. After we had cleared all permissions...our dance began….she was now naked… now down to a waist chain…. Her nipple buds tight… her legs splayed and the folds of her labia tembling. She was stretched over both of us, gyrating and twisting. She slipped her hand down his pants and her eyes popped open……”Yes I know”, I answered… my husband being most generous of cock. She leaned to me,kissed me. Her breath was sweet and her lips open, inviting… our tongues swirled and probed. She grabbed him by the hair and thrust her little pink tongue into his mouth. We had this hot,vibrating little sex kitten, naked and moaning, rolling around our laps...I licked my fingers and after a little twist to wet her honeypot, inserted two… then three. She was slippery and pressed against me hard, rocking and pounding like a piston… she leaned forward and kissed us both… a three way, 3 tongue hot mess of a kiss. My husband found her clit. It was poking out of the little skin hood.He pulsed his finger against her… Her hand stroking his cock… It was partly exposed and I could see drops of moisture squeezing out of the hole . Her other hand pressed against my breast, pinching my nipple… so hard. It sent shocks of pleasure to my pussy. I was throbbing and gripped my inside muscles together and rolled my hips to better feel the sensations. She stiffened… her toes curled and with her legs spread wide we could see her juicy convulsing orgasm.She suddenly closed her legs and twisted her ankles together. She went limp. My lap was wet….his pant leg was wet. She lay across while we certainly caught up in the passion, continued to kiss. My hand was caressing him now and my bra was pushed aside...his hand exploring me… I could feel the pent up desire. It was time to go. We settled up with our trembling nymph and headed home. Once in the car I took him into my mouth… silky , meaty, sliding down my throat. My saliva dripped down my chin as he pushed his groin into my face. He growled…”Now,”, I’m cuming now!” I gulped as much as I could… his seed mingling with my drool, down my chin..onto my breasts. I rearranged my clothes… He pulled up his pants and we drove to Tims…. Double cream please!!

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