Written by Michaelmas

Aug. 6, 2016

It is a warm early evening as we stroll along the waters edge. Both bare foot, the soft sand massages our feet as we walk the length of the almost deserted beach. Quiet except for the waves hitting the shore and a few seagulls flying about! Carrying a chilled bottle of white wine we settle down on the sand with a couple of glasses and slowly sip the wine as we watch the evening sky unfold before us! The day's heat is still present and you tell me that you're going for a swim! Not hesitating, you stand up and pull your tight blue jeans down around your hips. As you wiggle out of your pants I notice that you weren't wearing panties and just for a second you let me see your bare bottom before the length of your white t-shirt slides over your ass covering it from my sight! That got my attention! As you saunter down to the waters edge wading into the ocean I can see your lovely tanned legs and arms glowing in the magic hour light! You dive right in leaving your t-shirt on as you splash around for a few minutes while I sip my wine and watch you play in the water! Cooled and refreshed I watch you again as you make your way towards me! Your t-shirt now soaked hangs from your body! Not leaving too much to the imagination your breasts, nipples hard, are very visible through the white fabric! The shirt too is hugging your hips and the front hangs down dripping with sea water clings to your pussy. The outline of your sex is obvious and there is no question I am aroused at the sight of you walking up to me! You stand above me looking down, water dripping off your body and on to me, you bend down as I pass you your glass of wine!

I have taken my shirt off to let my body enjoy the last of the days sun while watching you swim. Laying down in the sand, supported by my elbows, legs stretched before me you kneel over me and sit down on my lap! My state of arousal increases as you prees your wet, cotton clad breasts against my chest! The cool wetness from your body is a bit of a shock yet we warm up quite quickly as I pull you body against mine! Remembering we are on a public beach we both casually look around to see if anyone is close by! We can see a few people off in the distance as you take charge and start unbuttoning my shorts! Somehow you manage to get my shorts down to my ankles and I sit up as you grab hold of my hardening cock and deftly guide it into your pussy! One swift move and the length of my cock is deep inside you! Trying to be somewhat discreet you wrap your legs around my waist and pull yourself into me! You don't need to much encouragement, but to help you out I wrap my hands around the cheeks of your ass and hold you tight against me! Neither of us move! We are just locked there in place! I can feel you clamped around my cock! I can feel your heat. I can feel your wetness oozing around my erection! You have a tight hold on me and I release my hold on you, removing my hands from the cheeks of your ass, reach up to your breasts! Your nipples hard and erect are easy to pinch and I squeeze each one between my thumb and forefinger of each hand! Your breasts still wrapped in wet, white cotton! Each nipple is getting pinched very hard and you react with a little squeal as your legs wrapped around my waist even tighter than before! I am still not thrusting into you! I am looking deeply into your warm soft eyes, now lustful as you reach down between your thighs and start to rub your clit! I on the other hand have a firm hold on the tips of your breasts and I urge you on towards a climax just with the stare of our eyes! Neither of us our moving our hips! Trying to stay as still as we can, we both just want to feel one another's sex pulsing, twitching and throbbing while I am stationary, yet buried deep inside you!

The attention you are giving your clit has you nearing a climax and I myself am trying to hang on, not wanting to cum before you do! It is an effort, as you announce that you are nearing orgasm I can feel the muscles of your sex clench around me as you start to cum! Now it is my turn as I allow myself to release the tension that has built up inside me, I cum! You can feel my throbbing cock and that drives you further over the top as you aggresively rub your clit to a very intense orgasm...