Jun. 14, 2018

We have a group of us that enjoy finding couples and once we get comfortable hope to have a meeting with them.

We find an amazing couple and have been chatting on here for awhile flirting and hoping to set something up.

Finally we set a day and the anticipation is killing everyone after it is marked on the calendar.

The day is here and she is excited to receive some group attention. Her husband is just as excited to see his beautiful hot wife being pleased by them

We book a room and are awaiting for them to show up.

When they do we can see this hot sexy woman get out of the car with a huge smile on her face and she gives us a little peek of her pretty pussy as she is getting out of the car . The pussy we have been wanting to get our hands on

She has a skimpy little dress on and no bra or panties

Can see every curve and hard nipples through her dress

Her pussy looks swollen and wet

Must have been playing with it on the way anticipating the fun

We get into the room and all introduce ourselves and have a drink and chat for awhile.

She is sitting on the bed with her hard nipples showing through her dress and cant sit still because her pussy is tingling with anticipation

I come over and sit on the bed beside her and gently caress her back and lightly kiss her neck

Her body is wiggling with excitement and wants to be touched

Her pussy is soaked now and wanting to be touched and kissed

I reach down and caress her nipples as they are hard as rocks

She moans slightly and I lean in for a kiss

Slowly exchanging tongues and feeling every touch

She looks at her husband and he has a huge hardon which shows her his approval

I lay her back on the bed and release her beautiful nipples and gently bite on them making them even harder.

I can almost see her pussy dripping and wanting to be touched so bad

I finally reach down and feel the nice warm soaking wet pussy

Finger slides right in and she lets out a little whimper

Pussy is sooo wet and tight

I can see her husband pull his cock out and start stroking it

Watching his beautiful wife getting the attention

Other guys are standing around with hard cocks waiting to have a turn.

She has the most amazing pussy I have ever seen, beautiful swollen lips

I need to taste her pussy and crawl to the floor to bury my tongue in her pretty lips and deep into her swollen hole and tasting her sweet juice

I then suck on those swollen lips and can hear her moan slightly

I can see other cocks getting closer and see her hand stroking cocks

I can feel her pussy starting to tense up and I am waiting for that hot wet gush to come into my awaiting mouth

Then finally I hear her moan loud and her juices flood my mouth

So much it is running down my chin

Everyone is sooo turned on by it now

Everyone starts touching and pinching her nipples

I come up and give her a kiss and share some of that amazing pussy juice

She swallows it and is begging for more

I take my pants off and my huge hardon wants to be buried deep her her soaking wet pussy

She grabs 2 guys and pulls them close to her and takes turns sucking their cocks

I spread her legs wide so hubby can see and bang my cock on her swollen clit

She starts to squirt some more

Then I slowly enter my cock into heaven and feel how wet and tight and warm her pussy is

I can see her husband stroking his cock and has a huge hard on and is so turned on by seeing another cock in his wife.

I am sooo turned on that I need to have that pussy and start to pump faster and faster

Finally I cant take it anymore and cum deep into her pussy as she squirts again

Sooo fucking amazing cumming together.

I reach down and put my fingers in and get as much cum as I can and let her lick off my fingers

Another guy slowly enters her amazing pussy as she smiles and shows me my cum on her tongue

I watch his big cock disappear into her wet swollen pussy

She slides her lips down another shaft of a cock and she lets out a muffled moan as he starts to pound her pussy deeper and harder.

Finally he cant take it anymore and pulls his cock out and shoots his load on her eagerly awaiting tongue with a huge smile and a little giggle as she feels the warm thick load hit her tongue.

She smiles at her hubby with cum running down her cheek.

He is stroking his cock and taking pics of this amazing encounter.

2 of us grab her legs and spreads them wide open while the 3rd cock is slowly entering her swollen soaked pussy.

We have a front row seat to see his cock guide in and out of her beautiful hole.

We pinch her nipples as she is wiggling with ecstasy and waiting for her pussy to release.

She loves being a little hot cumslut and tells us how much she loves our cocks

The dirtier she talked the wetter she got

And finally she let out a scream and her pussy exploded and soaked the bed with her pussy juice just as he came deep in her pussy.

She lays back and we can see the cum running out of her swollen pussy along with her juices on her legs.

Her hubby comes over and lets her suck his cock until he explodes into her pretty mouth and lays down beside his beautiful wife.

We leave them in private to enjoy the encounter they experienced

Until next time......