Written by MikeBray41

Nov. 28, 2016

You and I had been talking both online and through texts and phone calls, which almost always lead us to having phone sex, either just us or you and hubby letting me listen as the two of you had sex, making each other cum. You worked for a large corporation which allowed you to travel across North America doing conventions. Finally one had lined up for north of the border in Canada, and you had jumped at the opportunity to get to it. Also the convention happened to be in my hometown of London, Ontario. The first day you arrived, I greeted you at the airport and helped you find the closest hotel to the convention centre. We grabbed the room together and before we headed down to check the convention floor, we were all over each other. You had worn casual clothes for the trip and decided to change before you headed down.

You stripped down to just your bra and panties and I couldn’t resist my urges or the temptation any longer. I grabbed you and threw you to the bed, practically ripping your panties down, I buried my face between your legs. You were kind of adamant about me stopping so you could get ready at first, but the moment you felt my tongue on your pussy, you caved in and just let go with your hunger and lust for myself as well. You grabbed my t shirt pulling it off over my head and then pushing my head into your wetness. I opened the folds of your velvet pussy, sliding my tongue in and out as I hungrily lapped up your sweet juices. You ground your pussy on my face, moaning, telling me to eat your wet cunt.

I hungrily moved my tongue in and out, then to your clit, as I sucked on it with my lips hard. I slid two fingers in you and began to pump them in out fast, deep and hard. It had been a few days since you and the husband had last had sex, plus you were so horny and wanting me, you orgasmed quickly. Moaning telling me to make you cum, you gushed all over my face. You then pushed me back on the bed and practically tore off the black dress jeans I had on to gain access to my hard cock.

I had gone commando and my cock sprung hard and erect from my jeans as you pulled them down. You immediately went to work without even getting them fully off. You grabbed my throbbing cock and began to lick all over the shaft and tip, licking up the drop of precum from myself being so aroused by you. You immediately took me in your mouth, deep throating my entire 8 inches. You bobbed your head up and down rapidly, swirling your tongue all over my cock as you looked up at me, with a lustful hunger I had never saw before in any woman’s eyes.

I knew you wanted to bring me off in your mouth and for me to spurt down your throat, but I had other plans. I pulled my cock out and grabbing you, I bend you over the bed. Getting behind you, I don’t waste time. I don’t even tease like I normally would. I slid my hard cock deep into your wet opening and started fucking you roughly, hard and deep. I knew you enjoyed rough sex as well, so I began to pull your hair, spanking your ass and telling you to tell me what a naughty, dirty slut you are and to tell me whose slut you are. You moaned back, telling me that you’re a dirty, naughty, sex starved slut and you are my slut. You moan as your first orgasm approaches. I feel my cock about to erupt. I moan “Oh god Kelly I’m going to cum deep in your pussy!!” Reaching back you grab and massage my balls to make me cum. “Do it Mike, cum deep in my pussy….oh god I’m cumming!!” As I feel your vaginal walls of your pussy tighten, with the combined sensation of that and you massaging my balls, I let go and erupt inside you.

You hear me moan “Oh Fuck Kelly, that’s it baby, I’m cumming!!” You feel my hot seed spurting deep inside you, but know with your recent surgery the odds of me impregnating you are none. Though in a way you wished it could happen and you could carry my love child back to your husband inside you. I stay in you as rope after rope of creamy cum splatters your insides. I stay buried deep in your tight wet velvet pussy as it has clamped around me until every last drop has entered you. We kiss and then proceed to get dressed without even a shower so everyone can smell the sex we just enjoyed on us. I also force you to wear a skirt and no panties as we go down, so my cum will drip from your pussy the whole time.

Later in the evening after enjoying the afternoon on the convention floor together, and then an amazing dinner at the hotel restaurant together, we head back to the room. But instead of immediately going for round two, we decide to take a dip in the hotel pool. You put on a very revealing, skimpy bikini, which shows of your large DD breasts and barely covers your pussy, which is still dripping my cum from earlier. I wear a tight pair of spandex style swim shorts. We arrive at the pool to find it empty and we climb in.

Pulling you into me I kiss you deeply and passionately, allowing my right hand to wander to your breasts as I squeeze them. You giggle as I do, then you turn, as we are in the shallow end as I am not much of a swimmer and you tease me by rubbing your ass against my cock, grinding against it. In our play and fun, we neglect to notice a young couple come down and join us in the pool. It isn’t until we hear the girl’s giggle that we realize we are not alone.

We look over and smile as we notice a young 20 something couple imitating us to a degree but also obviously very much into each other as they kiss deeply and passionately. They look over and apologize for interrupting us. We say it isn’t an issue as we introduce ourselves. The couple introduces themselves as Katie and John. I watch and notice your eyes have focused on John’s crotch where a very large and noticeable bulge has “popped up”. You notice my eyes have focused on Katie’s young, firm C cup breasts and barely covered pussy lips through her bikini bottom.

We sit and exchange small talk for a while, then Katie and John suggest we join them in the sauna. We smile and accept. At the sauna, we strip down to just towels. We sit on one side as Katie and John sit beside us, as we continue chatting. Without warning, Katie and John remove their towels, so to follow suit, we do as well. By now John from staring at you as well as at his girlfriend Katie, has got quite hard and erect. But I have as well from staring at your beautiful naked body.

Katie then informs us that though they are quite young, are into swinging. We smile and we admit, we are not actually husband & wife or boyfriend & girlfriend, but lovers. This puts Katie and John at ease. I notice your pussy is beginning to juice up and I reach down and begin to rub it as John does to Katie. We also watch them, as Katie whispers something in John’s ear and then comes and sits between him and I. Reaching over, Katie grabs both mine and John’s cocks and begins to stroke and pump us both.

Not to miss a cue, you move from beside me and reach over and begin to stroke John’s rather large 9 inch cock. I look over and I tell you to suck it. As John tells Katie, he wants to watch her do the same to me. Katie, wasting no time, wraps her lips around my cock and begins to suck, as you start to suck John. Between sucks both of you ladies wrap our cocks between your breasts and tit fuck our hard cocks. I have reached down and began to finger Katie’s pussy. She has got very tight and wet from sucking my cock as have you as John fingers you.

The heat of the sauna though has begun to make us all quite light headed. I suggest we grab our towels and head back to our room. We wrap all of us in each of towels, collecting our belongings from the lockers and we head quickly back to the hotel room you and I share. As we enter and make sure a do not disturb sign is on it. We race to the bed. First you and Katie, then John and I join you ladies. I immediately have Katie straddle my face so we can 69. You follow suit with John. I watch as you attempt to take his 9 inch cock down your throat as you suck it, as Katie gags as she also tries to deep throat my 8 inches as us guys hungrily lap at your pussies.

Within moments John and I between licking you ladies, fingering each of you have made you both cum, now you ladies want cock!! Assuming they would want me to use one I go to grab a condom from the nightstand as we brought some just in case. But John tells me not to worry about it, and as long as he gets to fuck you without one, I can fuck Katie without one. I look to you for reassurance but I don’t get one as you have already straddled and started to feed John’s long, hard, thick, shaft into your deep wet, tight pussy.

Katie then pushes me back and straddles mine and places my hard cock at her entrance but I tease her first and rub it over her clit and pussy, placing just the head in her and pulling out. She nearly screams at me not to tease. She grabs my cock and aims it right at her entrance, as she sinks down and impales herself on my hard cock. As Katie begins to ride me hard and fast I lean up and suck on her young C cup breasts as John has latched his mouth on to yours. You look over at me and moan “Yes baby, fuck her, fuck her good with that big cock!! Make her cum like you do me!!” I start to pound her pussy from underneath as I look at you and tell you to ride John’s big cock like you do mine and make him shoot his hot load deep inside you.

Katie and John love how hot we have got with how we are talking to each other and do the same egging each other on. Katie, then looks down at me, and moans for me to cum in her fertile pussy. This is all I need to hear. My cock begins to throb as does John’s in you. We each roll both you ladies over and place a pillow under each of your asses. We begin to pump both of you ladies, hard and deep. Without warning, John cums first. You feel him thrust really deep and you feel his seed enter your pussy. I then hearing you and John orgasming together, tell Katie I am about to cum. “Yes do it!! Cum deep in my fertile, ovulating cunt!!” Katie moans as she orgasms. I hear you moan and tell me to shoot my hot, thick baby seed in her and to give her the baby she wants inside her, and knock her up. I can’t hold back any longer and I empty a large thick load of cum deep inside Katie.

John and I stay buried inside both you ladies. I feel kinda bad though and explain to John and Katie that I am not fixed. John tells me to relax and that they had this semi planned as John is unable to give Katie a baby. So they decided to find a guy over the weekend to give her one. It was just coincidence that we ended up together in a foursome instead of a threesome. I ask if you are cool with things. You lean over and kiss me deeply, which puts my worries at rest. Throughout the night though, we do end up spending the night all four of us in the same room, swapping partners, with even a small amount of bi play between you and Katie as you lick our cum from each other. We end the night by making a video of us having intense sex and swapping back and forth and each of us guys cumming inside both you ladies and on each of you, as a souvenir and memento of the trip. You and I awake the next morning to find Katie and John had slipped out. But we smile and relax, knowing we are going to have another adventure at the nude beach later in the week.