Written by MikeBray41

Nov. 28, 2016

It had started out with us as what was supposed to be strictly business, but quickly became very personal and sexually intimate. I had posted an ad seeking female models 18+ for some adult bikini, lingerie and nude modelling on a Facebook group. You had inboxed/emailed me expressing an interest in doing some bikini, lingerie AND nude modelling.

We emailed and texted for a couple months and we arranged to meet. Our first meeting you were a no show as you had no way to London, but you texted me a short while later and we arranged for you to come to my place as I was home alone and able to use my apartment that I shared with my 3 year old daughter on weekends that you knew about. She was at her mother’s for the weekend and you caught the bus down to London. I met you at the terminal and we formally introduced ourselves and gave each other a hug, though we had already known each other’s names through our e-mail’s and texts.

We caught the local bus over to my house and walked in, sitting on the couch we exchanged some small talk, then I showed you various shots I had done of my best friend Amanda at Port Stanley beach in her bikini and in a nice sundress she wore that day for a modelling shoot she had done for me, as well as some past photos from previous boudoir, lingerie shoots I had done. You were very impressed. You then told me that you definitely for sure wanted to have me shoot your photos for your modelling portfolio and some sexier nude adult ones for your own personal use.

I set up my camera and tripod, after having you sign my photography and modelling agreement and release form for your photos allowing me to use some or all the photos I take for my portfolio. We started with some basic modelling glamour shots on my couch and around my living room. I had you pose sitting, standing, kneeling. You then told me you were ready to pose for some sexier lingerie photos. We headed to my bedroom and you slowly undressed right in front of me.

To say I was getting aroused and turned on watching you get naked and seeing your nude 21 year old body in front of me was an understatement and I quickly got hard watching you. The bulge in my jeans was blatantly showing as I adjusted myself. You slipped into your lace panties and bra that you had brought with you along with a slinky lace teddy. All the while I shot photos of you both naked and putting it on. I then had you pose on my bed, laying down, kneeling, on all fours. Shooting from different angles. I was so hard in my jeans and you knew it. Without me asking you slowly began to undress again.

First you removed the lace teddy, bending over to show me your cleavage and large, firm breasts in your bra, then you would turn and show me your very sexy ass, as I shot photo after photo. You slyly smiled at me as you first removed your bra with your back to me, then turning around with your hands covering your breasts.

You suggest we should get semi dressed and walk over to the trail by my place and shoot some outdoors photos. You slip into your bikini and we walk over. I hold your hand and lead you to a beautiful secluded spot I know. You start posing in your bikini and then you start to remove your top and slide it off teasingly, flashing me glimpses of your beautiful, large, firm, young breasts and perky nipples as I shoot shots of you.

You then teasingly slide off your bikini bottom, giving me glimpses of what I can see and tell is a very freshly shaved pussy. I notice drops of juices forming on it, telling me you are getting quite sexually aroused. I lay a blanket on the ground and you lay back and pose on it.

I continue shooting. “Mike, you should get more comfortable” was all you said. Not being stupid I knew what you meant. I unbuttoned and removed my dress shirt, I slid off my t shirt next, followed by my jeans. I left on just my boxers of which my now very hard and erect cock was bulging out of.

You pose for me in a variation of different positions and poses, offering my lens and myself an amazing view of every curve of your body. “I am so turned on and wet doing this for you Mike” You softly moan. You then spread your legs, offering me a view of your cleanly shaved and very damp pussy. I walk in close and take a very hot close up photo of it. I can then no longer control myself. I turn off my camera and set it down on the ground and I slide off my boxers getting fully nude as I lay between your legs, spreading your thighs as I dive in to help myself to your pussy.

I slowly lick up and down your sweet young and from what I can tell, very tight pussy. I open your labia lips with my fingers and I slide my tongue deep inside you. I moan as I enjoy the scent and flavour of your pussy as your juice start to flow from it as you get wet. I slide one then two fingers deep inside your tight, wet young pussy feeling the heat as I curl my fingers deep inside you to rub your g spot. You moan loudly “Oh My God Mike…Finger me hard and deep!” I start to ram my fingers in and out of your hot slit as I suck hard on your clit, and reach up pulling your nipples and tugging on them, twisting and pinching them.

Between what I am doing to both your pussy and your tits, send you over the edge and you grab my head, forcing me into your crotch as you moan loudly in orgasm “Oh God Mike I’m Cumming!!” I keep licking and sucking on your clit sliding my tongue back in you as I taste your sweet juices. I slip my fingers from your pussy and offer them to your mouth.

You take my fingers and lick and suck your own sweet juices off them. I then order you to get on your knees between my legs as I lay back on the bed. You crawl down to between my thighs, “I want to return the favor and suck your big, beautiful hard cock” You moan. You smile and you take my semi hard cock in your hand and begin to stroke it.

As you stroke my cock, you lick from my ball sack along and around it, sucking gently on my balls. You then lick up the length of the shaft of my hard cock, then around the tip and head before you finally envelope it with your lips and mouth. You slowly take my full length in as I harden even more to my full 8 inches. “Yes that’s it baby, suck my cock…that feels amazing” I moan. You begin to bob your mouth and head enthusiastically up and down on my hard cock.

I grab your hair and I shove your head down on my cock, forcing you to deep throat my full 8 inches as you suck it. You gag as I fuck your throat but you to come up and off my cock, smiling up at me, then going back to sucking it fast, looking up at me with your beautiful blue/green eyes as you do, until I am near my brink. You slow the pace and you slowly just stroke me, then you take my cock between your beautiful, full, firm, young, D Cup breasts and you squeeze them around my cock, you slowly stroke my cock between your breasts, sticking your tongue out to lick the tip of the head, then sucking on just the head, trying to tease the cum from me. Then you take me back in your mouth, sucking me deep.

As I get close I pull your head off and ask “you like sucking my cock?” You reply, “Yes I love it, I want to please you” I then make you stand and bend over the large rock by where we are. I get behind you and I slap your firm sexy young ass as I take the head of my cock and tease your cunt with it. “Is this what you want ?” I ask. You moan “yes, put it in me please” I slap your ass playfully.” You moan loudly as I slap your ass and tease you by putting the head of my cock in you and pulling back out. “God Mike…please put your big cock in me and fuck me, I’m begging, my young tight wet pussy needs your cock” You moan and beg.

Finally I slide my full length deep inside your dripping wet, tight, hot, teen pussy. I grab your hair and pull your head back hard as I slam my cock in you. I start to fuck you hard and deep from behind. I pound you relentlessly for a good 10 to 15 minutes as I slap your ass and pull your hair. I push you back on the blanket and I get between your legs and I slam my cock back in you, missionary position.

I start to fuck you hard and deep as you moan and cum all over my cock and I lean down and lick and suck your nipples, plus biting and nibbling on them as I lean down and kiss you gently, then more passionately as our rhythm and pace quickens. Your body shakes in orgasm as we passionately kiss and your feel grasping your breasts and then leaning back down and sucking on each hard.

I then roll us over so you are on top riding me. I feel my cock start to throb inside you and my balls tightening up. You can feel my cock throbbing deep inside you and you can tell I am getting close to my orgasm as your pussy responds in kind and tightens and contracts around my cock “Oh god Mike, cum in my mouth, I want to taste your cum” You moan and I tell you that you will but I am going to cum deep in you instead. “No, I really want to taste your cum!!” you beg and whimper but I can no longer deny myself my own orgasm.

I slam my cock up hard and deep inside you as I begin to unload. I slap your ass as I do so. I grunt and moan “Oh god yes Tymika, I’m cumming…I’m cumming deep in your pussy babe” You feel me throbbing as I pump rope after rope of my hot seed deep in your womb as you feel the head of my cock hitting your cervix.

You moan loudly as well as you orgasm once again as you feel my sperm filled cum splashing deep inside you. As I finish cumming I pull you off me and you go to your knees and hungrily suck both my cum and your juices from my cock. I make you swallow the last few drops of my cum from my cock. You collapse on top of me as we lay in a sweaty heap on my blanket outdoors. I have you spread your legs and squeeze some of the huge load of my cum from your pussy as I take a photo of your very cum filled and very well fucked pussy. We kiss as we both catch our breath. I think we should shower before you go home.

You agree and we go back to my place and jump in the shower together, what you haven’t noticed is I brought my camera in and sat it by the sink, as I video us showering then fucking in the shower once more, this time as I fuck you from behind, I pull out as you go on your knees and I finish in your mouth filling it with a load of my cum.

We dry off and you get dressed in my bathrobe as we go to relax in my bedroom. We watch the video of us having sex in the shower. “Save it for when I come over for our next modeling session next time, we can watch it together while we fuck babe” you say as you kiss me deeply. We cuddle and fall restfully to sleep until we wake knowing there is the possibility of us being more than model and photographer, and possibly lovers and more. Though the thoughts of how your family will react, when they find out about you being with someone almost the same age as your dad.

Those thoughts and fears subside as you feel my cum slowly dripping from inside you as your pussy throbs from being fucked so good today. You smile and rest your head on my chest as you fall soundly to sleep in my arms.