Written by MikeBray41

Nov. 28, 2016

Every morning for the whole summer, you had decided to get in shape and jog around the subdivision you lived in and every morning without fail half way through your jog, you noticed you had an admirer. For a while the thought of this guy watching from the end of his driveway bothered you and as you jogged by, you would pull down the legs of your shorts (which barely covered your ass) and fix your top so he wouldn’t get much of a view. But as the summer wore on, and with your husband always working all day and the kids being home and then at night him being too tired from work to please you sexually, the thought of it might be appealing to find another man to please you and you knew just who to tease and eventually to ask.

So for the next few mornings during your jog, you purposely wore a top that showed off your c cup breasts and made sure your shorts rode up to show off your ass as you jogged by. Occasionally even stopping and bending over as you had worn no panties underneath, to give your voyeur admirer a glimpse of your pussy. By this time as you thought about it, between the tiny bit of perspiration and your own juices from being aroused, gave your pussy a nice wet glisten. You knew your voyeur was getting turned on from your morning shows as well as you would peek back and smile and saw the considerable bulge in his jeans.

Finally it was September and the kids had returned to school, and with the husband on days, with the house to yourself, this was your chance to make your move. You even timed it to when you were ovulating and most fertile. That morning you set out for your run, making sure not to wear a bra and the shorts that rode up and showed your pussy. As you got halfway through your jog, you saw your admirer/voyeur.

Jogging up, you go up to him and jog on the spot and tell him, that if he can keep up with and catch you, by the time you get back to your place he can have you. You also introduce yourself as Hannah and your admirer/voyeur friend, introduces himself as Mike. He tells you to give him two minutes to change into some sweats. Mike comes back out and you have noticed he has changed from jeans into a pair of dark black Nike tear aways. All the better for when you get back to your place you think as you smile.

Mike starts jogging next to you, keeping pace the whole way and in the last 100 metres Mike challenges you to a sprint. Needless to say, having been a sprinter in high school Mike keeps right up and even catches you as you reach your driveway as you enter the garage. As Mike catches you, you feel him grab your ass. “I have admired this beautiful, sexy ass of yours all summer, now it is mine!” he says. You smile, “Yes it is, once we get in the house so the neighbors don’t see us” you reply.

As you go in the house and make sure no one has saw, you turn and grab Mike as you pull him into a passionate kiss. As he kisses you back you feel his hands wander to your breasts. Mike gropes and massages them through your top as you kiss. “Let’s grab a shower and start there” you moan breathlessly from the kiss you had just shared. Immediately clothes start coming off as you both quickly race to the shower. Starting with your shoes, then socks, followed by shirts as you are both just so aroused, neither of you can barely wait to get the other naked.

Finally as you reach the bathroom, your shorts are off and Mike has removed his tear aways in a single pull, to reveal what you had thought, a very nice large cock. You start a nice hot shower as you both step in. As you begin to soap each other up, allowing hands to wander, you again kiss passionately. Mikes hands again find your breasts as you reach down and begin to stroke his cock as you soap each other up. Then Mikes right hand finds your pussy as he rinses your breasts and begins to lick and suck on your nipples.

You throw your head back in a moan and pure ecstasy as it has been months since you have been touched this way by any man, thanks to your neglectful husband. Mike by now has also seen the family pictures but could care less as he is in a shower naked and now hard thanks to you stroking his cock. You feel Mike rubbing your clit faster as your pussy gets wet from more than just the shower. By now you want it bad but decide to move things to the bedroom. You whisper this in Mike’s ear and he smiles. The two of you finish your shower, dry off and race to your bedroom.

Upon entering the bedroom, Mike wastes no time. He pushes you back on the bed and spreads your legs. You watch as he immediately dives between your thighs and begins to lick your pussy. “Oh my God!! Yes!! Lick My pussy!!” Is all that escapes your lips as Mikes fingers and tongues find your hot, tight wet hole. You feel Mike slide one then two fingers deep inside you, and feel as he curls them to rub your g spot. You then feel as his lips latch on to your clit as he sucks it. This is so intense you feel your first orgasm about to release. “Oh fuck! I’m going to cum!” is all you scream as Mike sucks hard on your clit and his tongue is all over your pussy, as he also finger fucks your tight wet pussy, fast, hard and deep.

Your orgasm finally comes crashing down on you like a ton of bricks within minutes and you grab Mikes head, though you can tell he isn’t going to let up until he makes you cum like crazy with hearing him moan as he eats your pussy. As your orgasm subsides, your only thought now is you need to see how big and hard you can get that cock of his. Rolling Mike over on his back, you look up and smile and say “My turn now!!” You take Mikes hardening cock in your hand as you begin to stroke him again.

You slowly kiss down Mike’s body until you reach his cock which by now is nearly rock hard. You run the tip of your tongue from his balls, which you suck on as well, all the way up his shaft to the head. You swirl your tongue over the head of his cock, even stopping to lick a drop of precum off the tip. Slowly you take Mikes cock in your mouth as you admire it and how much larger that your husband’s is. Your one thought is, it is the perfect length to get deep inside you and impregnate you. Slowly you lower your mouth down this hard cock and attempt to take him down your throat but you gag as you do, as you are not used to a cock this big.

You slowly suck Mikes cock as he lays back and enjoys the pleasure he is receiving from you, even grabbing your hair and fucking your mouth which is a huge turn on for you. You continue until you know Mike is ready to fuck you. You slide up Mike’s body and you straddle his cock. “I want you to fuck me and cum inside me bare!” You moan lustfully as you rub the tip of Mike’s cock and his shaft over your dripping pussy. “Then put it in you already” Mike says as he grabs your hips to pull you down on him.

You nearly scream out in pleasure as Mikes cock enters you and pile drives your pussy from below. You feel the tip of the head hit your cervix as you bottom out on him. You begin to ride Mike hard and fast as he leans up to suck on your hard nipples, which are also as rock hard as Mike’s cock. Mike pounds you hard, fast and deep from below for several minutes. You feel his cock throbbing in you and know it needs release but not yet. After riding him and feeling Mike also slapping your ass and telling you what a naughty yet sexy cheating slut you are and nearly making you cum, you decide you want him really deep in you to optimize the chances of getting pregnant.

Even though you are already a mother to two beautiful children, you biologically and mentally want another and know the best position to do so. You pull Mikes cock out and lay back as you place a pillow under your ass. “I want you to mount me and breed me, I’m ovulating, I want your baby seed” you demand. Mike smiles and slides his rigid, throbbing cock deep in your tight throbbing pussy and begins to pound you hard and fast and deep as he leans down to suck on your breasts. You feel Mike’s breathing begin to quicken as your heart races and you feel your pussy on the verge of orgasm.

“Oh god Mike, you’re going to make me cum….cum with me!!” You scream. As your orgasm begins to hit you, you rake your nails down Mike’s chest. Then suddenly your orgasm hits!

You scream out that you are cumming and you suddenly feel Mike tense and thrust as deep into you as he can. Mike’s cock begins to erupt and explode deep in your tight, wet fertile pussy. “Oh God Hannah!! Fuck yes!! Take My seed!! I’m Cumming!!” is all you hear Mike moan as he shoots rope after rope of hit sperm filled cum deep inside you. You feel your cervix open inside you to accept his seed in your body and into your fertile womb. Mike stays buried deep inside you until every last drop has practically filled you up.

What you hadn’t known is Mike had been fantasizing for this day to happen soon and knew the kids were returning to school so hadn’t got himself off for several days before getting together on this day with you. Mike slowly withdraws from you and lays next to you to catch his breath as do you. The sex with Mike was so much more intense and enjoyable; you know the rest of the day is going to be amazing. You slide down and you slowly suck your juices and Mikes cum off his cock and then you slide up his body. You rest your head on his chest.

You smile as Mike kisses your forehead. “You were fucking amazing” Mike says as he smiles and looks deep in your eyes. You kiss Mike and tell him the kids won’t be home until 4:00 pm and Hubby won’t be home until 5:00 pm so the two of you have all day to enjoy each other. You feel the first of what will be many loads of cum that day slowly leak from your pussy as Mike smiles and says he has no place to go.