Written by Lana

Nov. 3, 2017

She didn’t know if she should be here, this could end really badly. Then she saw him and all doubt left her mind there had been too much tension, too much build up to this; it was now or never. She walked up to him and kissed him with everything she had, she put every lonely night every missed touch into the kiss. He had been gone too long not to remember what he left behind. When they broke apart there was a small audience watching them and there in his eyes was that look again, the one that made her cream her jeans every time. She turned to walk away like she had planned when he spun her back to the wall hoisted her leg and kissed her back with all he had to offer. He moved closer she felt every inch of how he missed her. How her kissing him first meant to him. Pressed tightly against her core while he jammed his tongue down her throat. Not caring about the audience, not caring about the issues between them prior. Just this moment not caring about anything but making sure she knew he felt all those nights without her and how much he needed her again. Applause from the audience broke the spell and left them breathless, flustered and turned on.

She smiled at him and said “Welcome home” he smirked and said “Couldn’t have had a better reception”

As she walked away he grabbed his bags and slowly walked behind her enjoying the way her hips swayed. She had changed some filled out a bit, those tighter jeans had his own getting tighter. Hailing a cab and giving the driver orders to follow her was risky but he needed to know. She was the one he never lost the fire for. He noted her address of her cute bungalow, once settled in the hotel he made a call. She answered the door to find a flower delivery person she didn’t order flowers. Curiosity got the better of her and she opened them to find 24 white roses and one huge red one in the center. She knew who they were from, he might be back but this was her town. Her keys, flowers in hand out the door she stormed. Knocking on his suite door got her no answer. She tried the handle it was open. She peeked in, lights were out candles lit just enough light; she saw champagne and glasses. Mortified she was about to interrupt his date, she stepped backwards toward the door. She felt solid warmth and she was busted. Gathering her inner rage she turned to face him “You sure didn’t waste time! Take your stupid roses and shove them” “Wouldn’t say that” he said “What the hell are you talking about?”

He knew he shouldn’t smile her complexion took on a shade of rouge no makeup could create, her bright blue eyes blazed with anger and her hair fell around her like a golden brown halo of curls. She tried to pass but he caught her wrist. Pulling her close he kissed her with more fire than before. Moving his lips slowly over her too warm moist lips he pulled her closer loving how she felt up against him. Wrapping his arms around her he pushed his hands upwards into her silky soft hair. She opened to him and he wasted no time in kissing her like she was all that mattered. Lighting her switches one by one, he still knew just what she liked. She pulled back he moved to her ear and nipped at it lightly whispering “So good, missed you baby” sliding his lips down to the base of her neck just before her collar bone he kissed and licked that spot that made her weak in the knees. Slowly running his hands lower he cupped her ass and pulled her into him so she felt every inch of him. She moaned lightly unbuttoning her jeans, slowly sliding his hands in, just one movement and he had removed her jeans and panties. He slowly dipped his finger inside her wet lips, moaning they met each other’s eyes. Reaching out she unbuttoned his jeans allowing his large erection freedom to slide the zipper down, he pulsed then moaned as she wrapped her hand around him. She pushed him slowly backward toward the bed landing on his back she mounted his hips. She leaned forward running her wet folds along his engorged length, teasing them both making her shudder as she returned to sitting on her heels. Reaching up he tore her thin tank top straight up the middle exposing her lovely breasts. He whispered “do it again” she did and while on her decent she felt his wet mouth on her nipple crying out in pleasure, as she came back to sit on her heels. He had angled his erection to line up with her wet opening slowly he entered her until he was fully seated inside her hot wet confines. Pulsing his cock sent shock-waves through her, a pleasure she had only ever had with him. Slowly she began to move her hips rocking back and forth ever so slowly coating his length in her juices. Sensation took over before long they found their rhythm again, deep inside her when he felt her walls start to tighten he knew she was close. She cried out, she climaxed ridding out her orgasm she rocked her hips. Tighter but wetter he fought for each stroke soon he was calling her name and spilling hot seed into her. She collapsed on his chest and he held her close while they were relearning to breathe. Still locked inside her he felt her tense knowing what she was thinking he ran his hand down her back “it was all about you baby, you have my heart and you always will” She blinked at him then kissed him and enjoyed the afterglow.