Mar. 24, 2015

We go to the nude beach

You lay there on your back naked in the sun some other couples and a few single guys are laying out on the beach not too far away from us

I ask you to roil over and I blindfold you

I start to gently tickle and caress you slowly barely touching you on your thighs, your stomach, your breasts and nipples, your neck working up and down your body slowly as I do there are some people walking by us smiling and staring wishing they were you or me I continue gently stroking all over slowly

you moan softly I know where you want my hand to go next I see you open your legs jest a little more inviting me to finger your worm wet pussy

But instead

I ask you to role over get on all fours... you're scared this will make everyone on the beach look but the blindfold makes you brave So you do it. You start to imagine everyone's eyes glued to your ass you feel scared and embarrassed but also horny so hart pounding you spread your knees lower your head and stick your ass up popping your pussy out in the hot sun and cool breeze as much as you can and the feeling of being bad and being watched intensifies you are so exposed I whisper to you don't move

I start to gently tickle you first on the spine then reaching around to your breasts and tummy giving each nipple a pinch. Then you can't see them but 3 hot guys and a 2 girls stand up and start coming over to watch i signal to them not to make a sound and they stop to stair just feet away from us my attention back on you I now focus all my teasing and touching on your inner thighs and your ass slowly barely touching up and down. As I'm caressing and tickling your ass my fingertips slowly drift closer to crack with each pass then with barely any pressure one finger suddenly glides right down your crack and quickly over your asshole and just to one side of your slit and gently back down your thigh you tremble all over with pleasure then my hand slides back up your leg right to your wet pussy and one finger slips between your lips and gently glides up and down your pussy over and all around your clit slowly over and over it feels so good and you wonder how many people are looking

Suddenly you feel both my hands gently slowly spreading your checks my thumbs pulling your pussy lips apart and you hear a woman's voice right behind you say "oh my god look how wet she is" and in a man's voice laughing saying "oh shit" as he sees the silky wetness oozing from you

The strangers voices so close they scar you bad but before you can do anything my mouth pressies into your pussy and I start sucking licking at your clit you scream and moan and begin to orgasm almost instantly the watching people starts to laugh and cheer us as I slip my tongue in and out of you around your clit. and into you again over and over faster and faster my face buried in your ass........

sound like Fun ?