Nov. 19, 2017

Off the Beaten Path…

The Friday night rain of an August night pelted on the window of his car, as it chugged along the back road in the middle of nowhere. The car had not been running properly lately, and he new what he problem was. All the moisture was wreaking havoc the old plug wires, after all they should have been changed 30 thousand KMs ago. He came to an intersection, and the engine stalled as he came to a stop. He knew it wouldn’t start, but he tried anyway, nothing. Luckily the intersection was on a bit of a grade, he put the car in neutral and let it coast as far away from the corner. In the distance, he could see a light up off the road, it must have been a house. With no signal on his phone, he grabbed his golf rain coat, and started toward the light.

As he neared he could faintly hear music, something with a Latin flare, as he got closer the house came into focus. It was a very large home at 4500 sq ft. The music was clearer now, Shakira’s soothing voice kissed his ears. He rang the doorbell, no one came, he hit the knocker hard, no one came. Just then he heard a noise over on to the left of the house. “Can I help you?” came a velvet voice. As she turned past the garage the motion sensor turned on the light, she looked to be early thirties, her dark hair was curly but short and wet. Her barely there bikini was visible under her beach towel. “I am sorry to disturb you” Mike stammered, my car broke down, and I have no signal on my phone, could I borrow a phone please?” The girl smiled and said “Sure, we are all out back, one of our phones must work”.

He followed her around the house, to his pleasure he noticed that her barely there bikini was even more barely there in the back. Her magnificent ass was on full display but for the string running up the crack of her tight butt. When they got out back, there was two guys and three more women in various stages of undress. They were all in a huge hot tub that was connected to a huge pool. The shallow end went to ankle deep, and went right into a bar and change room area. Off that area was a pool house with floor to ceiling windows. At next glance Mike noticed that there were three people on a bed all naked, and all satisfying each other in one way or another.

“Hey everybody!” she turned to Mike, “What’s your name?” Mike told her, “this is Mike, his car broke down. Does anyone have a signal on their phone?” No one answered, she turned to Mike, “I guess you are staying Mike, I am Candy.” Just then someone grabbed Mike’s ass, “And I am Jessica, nice ass Mike.” He jumped ‘Th-thanks” he replied. “Do you stutter Mike” Jessica smiled. “No, you just startled me”. Jessica was maybe 40 and completely naked, Mike wasn’t sure if she was wet from the pool, hottub, or the now light rain that continued to fall. He watched as water beaded off her body, and couldn’t help but notice a drop of water clinging to her nipple. “Did you want to lick that off for me Mike?” emphasizing the Mike harder each time she said his name. Jessica was about 5’7” and maybe 125 lbs.

“Pardon” was all he could manage. “Well, it’s too late now Mike! Now you need to lick the rest of my body. Jessica giggled. At 46, 5’11 and 180, Mike was no slouch, he worked out regularly and wasn’t hard on the eyes, but women didn’t throw themselves at him routinely. Especially ones that look like Jessica. “I think she likes you Mike” Candy laughed. “I kind of like you too, let’s get your clothes off and we will see what the three of us can get up to.” Dumbfounded now, Mike instinctively started taking his clothes off.

Jessica walk back over to him and dropped to her knees just as his shorts fell to the interlock surrounding the pool, she had grabbed a cushion for the lounger beside the hot tub, and placed it under her knees, and immediately began sucking Mike’s semi hard cock. In seconds, he was rock hard and looking around at everyone watching him.

One of the guys in the hot tub looked up at Mike. “Hey, I am Richard, my wife sucks good cock doesn’t she?” Mike almost fell on his face as he pulled out of Jessica’s mouth, “What the fuck is with you people?” Mike yelled. “We like sex, see Anita here” Richard pointed to the big titted blonde beside him “she is Jackson’s wife. As you seen earlier in the pool house Jackson has his hands and mouth full. So, Anita here, she is going to ride my cock in a minute, It is the least I can do, she has stroked me hard for the past 10 minutes” Mike stared at Richard in shock. “Do you like blow jobs Mike?” Richard asked. Mike nodded, “Then stick your cock back in Jessica’s mouth and enjoy yourself.” Mike did as he was told and Jessica went right back to sucking him off. Candy now naked, walked over and started to kiss mike and play with his pecs, “Very nice” she purred. Mike reached down and began playing with her pussy."

"Why don't we go inside" Candy gasping as Mike’s fingers slipped from Candy’s pussy. "Great idea, I want to ride this" Jessica mumbled. She stood up and led the three of them to the French doors entering the basement. Inside the only light came from a 60 inch tv screen, two guys were fucking a brunette at both ends, the girl oblivious to her masquerade mask twisted to the side of her face as she sucked the one guys thick cock. "That looks like fun, I will have to try that later" Candy giggled, as she watched the action on the screen. Mike looked around as they headed for a large sectional couch. The room was setup as a games and lounge area, 5x10 pool table was set for a game of Boston. The long wall at the back of the room had a shuffleboard game running along it, and in the far corner was a pinball machine.

When they reached the sectional Jessica pushed Mike onto is back and pounced on top of him. She quickly straddled his manhood and slid him inside her right to balls deep in the first stroke. "Fuck yes!" Jessica moaned as Candy positioned herself over Mike's face. Mike immediately started to lick her pussy and clit. Facing each other, the two girls were kissing and playing with each others breasts as the bopped and gyrated over Mike's anatomy. Once they were in a rhythm, Mike felt Jessica reached back and started playing with his ass. Before he could protest, she had lubed her finger and slid it inside his ass. "Oh My God" Mike wailed, once the initial shock was over, Mike realized he liked the feeling and continued thrusting up into Jessica's dripping wet pussy.

"Candy can you go get Richard for me please" asked Jessica. Smiling up at her, Candy moved herself off of Mike's magical tongue. Jessica, pulled Mike out of her pussy and immediately moved into a 69 with him. "Suck my clit!" she commanded, Mike did as he was told. Oblivious to what was going on around him, Mike came too as Richard's cock moved in above his face and slid inside of Jessica. After a few strokes, he pulled out and said with a gravelly voice, "Mike, suck my cock". Mike's eyes widened, "I have never done that before" Richard positioned himself over Mike's mouth "No time like this time" Candy cooed. Involuntarily Mike found himself opening his mouth. Richard slid the head of his thick 7 inch cock into Mike's mouth. Without thinking Mike began giving Richard's cock a going over like he had been sucking cock for years. Richard began alternating with Jessica's wetness and the warm confines of Mike's mouth.

Candy had gone down to help Jessica suck on Mike, and Mike heard her whimper and say, "Oh hi Jackson, slide that big black cock inside me please." Apparently Jackson obliged because the next thing Mike heard was Candy screaming with pleasure "Yes, Yes ,Yes, fuck me hard Jackson!" Just then Richard and Jessica tensed up and orgasmed together, Richard had pulled out. He shot a stream of cum all over Jessica's pussy as she squirted all over. Mike taking his cue, eagerly began lapping at Jessica's pussy licking it clean of Richard's release and her won juices.

Candy and Jackson had broke away, and Richard now joined Jessica sucking Mike's cock as he finished cleaning up the mess Richard had left behind. Mike arched his back and shot deep into Jessica's throat. She didn't miss a drop. The three of them sat on the sectional, Jessica in the centre. The guys playing with her body as she watched Jackson fucking Candy. "So this is where everyone went." Anita giggled, standing in the door way with the other guy from the hot tub close in tow. The guy walked over to Jackson and Candy, "Mind if I join in?" He asked politely. "Perfect, just like the tv" Candy said.

Jackson pulled out of her pussy, and for the first time Mike saw his cock, it was enormous, easily 8.5 inches and thick. The head looked like a kiwi and he couldn't imagine how someone could take that so easily. The next thing Mike knew, Jackson was lubricating Candy's ass with liquid glide, and sliding inside her ass, she squealed. Mike was unsure if she was in pain or in pleasure. The other guy dropped in front of her and licked her pussy as Candy got used to the invasion of her ass. Once she was comfortable and matching Jackson's thrusts, the other guy positioned himself so his cock was in line with her pussy. Jackson stopped and laid back on the couch and the other guy slid into her pussy. the pressure was intense and Candy began squirting all over, "Fuck, fuck, fuck!" At that point it was very difficult to believe her fantastic frame could talk all of this cock. The three of them worked together and before too long all three had powerful orgasms.

On the other side of the sectional Anita had joined the other three and Mike was about to have sex with a fourth person he didn't know that night. Anita walked over to the pool table pulling Mike by his now hard cock. She leaned over the table, looked over her shoulder, "Hard and fast Mike, then cum all over me." Mike grabbed a handful of blonde hair and slammed his cock into her. As requested, he went hard and fast, given everything that went on, he didn't expect to last too long. Mike fucked her for about 5 minutes but couldn't go any longer smacking her ass, she quickly turned to him as he shot all over her face and tits. He no sooner had finished his orgasm when Jessica and Candy were cleaning it off Anita.

The three girls continued to play with each other as the guys watched. Shortly after they all walked out to the pool, as the sun came up. They all swam and played in the pool, everyone kissing and teasing each other. After the swim, the girls went upstairs and started preparing breakfast. Cover ups and towels were the only material anyone had on.

For the rest of the weekend Mike stayed at the house and people came and went all weekend. By the end of the weekend, Mike had had sex with at least ten different people. At least three of these people were men, one half his age at best. The young guy was full of energy Mike figured he had sex with every person there...twice. He thanked everyone for their hospitality, although he still didn't know who owned the house. As he walked out to check on his car, there were two tickets on it. One for each night parked on the road, he smiled and thought to himself. "Money well spent" Things had dried out, and his car started right up, he put the car in drive, took one last look at the house and noted the fire number at the road. He would be back for sure!