Written by PixieAngel

Jun. 13, 2015

I know it’s a fantasy but oh does she want to make it a reality.

I am parked in my car out the front of your work; I can’t help myself but send you a message and ask you which office you’re currently standing in the one upstairs or downstairs? You answer me downstairs but then ask me why. Mmmmm I tell you I am parked out the front and ask you to let me know when you are standing in the upstairs office so you can get a better view.

I am currently sitting in the back seat of my car, legs spread wide open, fingers playing with my clit, when I know you can see me I put a couple of fingers inside my juicy hole, take my fingers out and lick them clean. I send you a message ask you whether you’d like a taste and you have two options:

Option 1

You can come down to my car, I will be leaning up against it, I will ask you to put your fingers inside of me, slide them in nice and deep, I’ll squeeze your hard cock through your pants, although I prefer to be do something else. You lick your fingers clean and then go back to your office; I will then leave with a smile on my face.

Option 2

I ask you to take me inside to see your office; I want to sit in that empty spot on your desk where my arse will fit quite nicely.

Aha you've chosen Option 2 much to my delight.

You expertly sneak me inside; we make it all the way to your office without a hint of anything up (except for your cock which I can feel pressing up against my arse from behind as we are walking up the hallway).

I perch myself on your desk, in said space just right for my arse. You make yourself comfortable in your chair. I slowly open my legs and reveal my pussy to you, I go to stroke my clit but you grab my hands and pin them to the desk on either side of my legs. You bring your chair forward and bury your head between my thighs and start to swirl your tongue around and around my clit, just the way I like it. I am biting my bottom lip hoping that will prevent me from groaning out loud with the pleasure of the touch of your tongue, I don’t want to be discovered, and we have only just started our naughty time in your office.

I throw my head back as wave after wave of pleasure runs through my body, yep your going to make ME CUM and I have no option but to try and keep quiet, a hard task. I beg you to free up my hands, I grab your head and grind my pussy into your face lost in the sensation that you are about to make me CUM all over your tongue. I fall back onto your desk with hands clutched over my mouth as I CUM so I don’t scream out.

You ask me to stand, turn around and you bend me over your desk, I beg you to plough your hard cock inside my nice juicy wet pussy.

I gasp in pleasure as you enter me nice and deeply, you slowly slide your cock in and out, I want too feel your full length enter me. I ask you to fuck me nice and slowly until I tell you that you can thrust nice and hard. Grab my pig tail and hold me back against you, pull it harder. Oh god that feels so good, I am getting even more aroused and wet, your cock inside me feels so divine. You wrap your hand around my pig tail and fuck me as hard. Your taking your time enjoying each thrust of your cock inside my juicy wet pussy, I clutch the edge of your desk because I am starting to shake with desire and trying to not make a sound as each thrust feels so fucking good. Your cock is nice and hard and I can tell you’re close to Cumming inside of me. With a few last rough thrusts I can feel you CUMMING, it feels so good, and I can feel your cock jerking inside me as you CUM.

Now that you've exploded your creamy goodness inside me I want to feel your tongue tasting me, teasing my clit again (yep greedy bitch) you put 2 fingers inside of me and slowly move them in and out, mmmm just like that, yes keep going, harder with your tongue, faster oh fuck. Put in a 3rd finger, oh yes like that. Your tongue is flicking over my clit it’s driving me wild, aha keep going. I have lost it now, grinding my hips and my clit against your tongue, I am using you until I CUM, yes it feels to fucking good, aha yep that’s it, don’t you dare move your tongue it’s in the perfect position rubbing on my swollen clit, I am trying to be quiet but I can’t, it’s so erotic knowing your head is between my thighs, your tongue licking my clit and anyone can walk up and knock on the office door, and like hell will you stop and answer it, no you FUCKING WON’T. Go a little faster, mmmm that it’s, now harder, oh god I can feel my climax building, aha I am going to CUM, don’t you dare fucking stop, mmmm that’s it oh fuck I’m cumming, I’m cumming.

I grab you and kiss you I want to taste my juice all over your lips.

I will enjoy walking around with your creamy goodness leaking out of me, and I’ll be reminded all day where you've been every time I move, that’s so arousing.

We finish I make myself tidy again, we calmly walk back out again as if nothing ever happened, no one has a clue that you just fucked me bent over your desk.