Written by Lonelyguyguelph

Oct. 2, 2013

I don’t remember why I called you into to my office that day but I don’t regret it.

The memories of that magical afternoon still linger in my mind along with the scarf you had on but the its perfume sent has faded. Maybe it wasn’t a perfume maybe it was your musky sex.

You came in dressed like you wanted to fuck the first hard cock you saw and when you bent over my keyboard I could clearly make out that there wasn’t any panties under your shapely hose covered legs that led up to your ass which I wanted to bite through that tight fitting skirt and devour it hard like an apple.

What was a guy like me to do? It been months since I had the taste of love juices. I had to have you then and now.

I don’t regret knocking the pencil holder off the table or grabbing your waist and slowly and firmly grabbing a hold of your breasts while I kissed and caressed your neck. You didn’t put up much of a fight as I undid your shirt and slid of your bra to expose your rock hard nipples. You invited me to lick and nibble on them as you made yourself more comfortable on the edge of my desk. I took them one at a time into my mouth and sucked them so hard and left teeth marks.

Your moans increased and your legs parted revealing a small tear in the crotch of the black hose which I immediately made larger with my teeth and few fingers. Your mound glistened and was getting wetter with every moment. I slowly circled my finger up and down your thighs teasing your moist opening, exposing your clit hood before I took it between two of my fingers and just pinched and ground it between the fingers letting your body do most of the work. You begged me to use my tongue or insert a finger to help achieve a release but I refused.

I took your scarf from the pile of your discarded clothes and bound your breasts tightly with it before I finally gave into to your whims and lapped your pussy juices with my tongue. While inserting a finger into your soaked hole locating the g-spot, your legs bucked wildly against my shoulders forcing my digits deeper and deeper into your sex.

I added another finger then before I knew it I had stretched you enough to get 4 almost all the way in. I swear you were going to pass out from the wave of orgasmic pleasure. But you pleaded to take me in your mouth, so I undid your scarf restraints and away you went at my cock. I nearly erupted shortly thereafter and I think you knew as you tightly wrapped the scarf around my swollen member before pushing me back into my chair and mounting it with your dripping pussy.

Your hips met mine full thrust and soon we established a rhythm. I felt another orgasm take you on a ride before you got off to lick your own juices off my cock. The pressure in my member was building again but you didn’t remove the scarf . You turned around and presented that ass of your and guided the head on my cock into your pussy just before you released the restraints of the scarf.

Grabbing your rock hard nipples as I thrust in and out before I came deep inside you for what seemed like an eternity.

You got up hung the cum and sweat covered scarf around my neck and left smiling