Feb. 6, 2017

Once when I was in Ontario, I was out with a bunch of people, socializing, and having a good old time. We went out to dinner, then dancing and just having fun. While out dancing I met up with an old flame from my past. Her name was Marie. We had not seen each other in years. She told me she had gotten a divorce and that it was official as of this day. So she was out celebrating with some of her friends. Well Marie was a looker. At 40 she was very well endowed in all the right places and still turned heads where ever she went. She was wearing a corset top and slacks that hugged her body and accentuated her shapely bosom.

We spoke to each other throughout the night, danced with each other, and teased each other while on the dance floor. When it came to the closing time she asked me if I want to go back to her place with her and her friends for a night cap and a soak in the hot tub. I said sure, I have no plans. So off we went.

Back at her place I told her that I had no swim suit, so she found me one. We all then went out to the hot tub. There were six of us. Three couples that didn’t know each other. The ladies of the group each picked up a perspective counterpart and here we all were. Now it seemed a bit strange for me, since I sensed that I was the oldest of the group and also the most forward person to make a comment. The other two men were Larry and Mark. Fifteen years younger than me and a few years younger than the women they were with. I said the cubs were let loose and the cougars were on the prowl. Everyone laughed. Liz, one of the other ladies said and what’s that make you. All I could say was “Well seasoned I guess.” The other young lady Jess just giggled. So as time passed and everyone relaxed in the hot tub, the wine flowed and so did the make out sessions. We were all involved in something. Marie then took my hand and led me into her bed room where we continued our re connection with each other.

In our past we had never hooked up, but we had always flirted, but she was going to correct that right here and now. She pushed me onto the bed, pulled my trunks off and crawled up my body. Kissing and nibbling all the way. Outside you could hear the moans of ecstasy play out as the other couples got into whatever they were doing. This made Marie very horny, listening to other people having sex. It intrigued my interests into what else she liked. So Marie brought out her tickle chest. In it were vibrators, dildos, restraints, blindfolds and an assortment of toys. I laughed, thinking that I truly did not know this woman. So I told her so, and ask do you trust me to give up any of your control. She looked at me and said that that’s when she gets the hottest. To allow someone to take all control from her. We set up a safe word and began our excursion into exploring her limits.

First I put the blindfold on her, placed her on the bed and then put the restraints on her elbows and angles. I proceeded to massage her body with light scented oil and rub my dick up against her ass crack. I then took her butt plug and gently inserted into her ass. My massage continued over her body. Her moans were getting more and more vocal. I took her wand out and started to place it on her clit. At the same time I manoeuvred myself around and fed her my cock. It excited me to a point where I almost exploded. But I held myself off. Then a knock came to the door. The ladies had finished with their little cubs and were getting ready to call a cab. I got up, leaving Marie with the wand on her clit and as I open the door naked, she had her first orgasm. The group just stood there looking. All I said was you can sit a watch or you can give me a hand.

I walked back over to the bed, pulled away the wand and started to lap up all those wonderful juices. When I started this it caused Marie to have her second orgasm of the night. Liz crabbed her young stud Larry and guided his dick to Marie’s mouth. Jess in turn pulled Mark up alongside and got on her knees to suck on his dick. Marie still restrained and blindfolded said nothing and just moaned. So if she called out our safe word I would have stopped it then and there. But she didn’t. I pulled her up to a kneeling position, with Larry feeding her his cock and pulled out the butt plug and stuck my dick in slowly. Liz then crabbed a massive dildo and started to stick it in her very wet pussy. Liz said this is her day for celebration, might as well make it a memorable one. I pause and release the restraints on Marie. She grabs Larry’s hips and pulls him into her mouth. He doesn’t last long and shoots his load down her throat. Jess guides Mark over to Marie to do the same thing. Jess then crawls under Marie and starts licking at her clit. This sends Marie over the edge again, only this time she is gushing, making Jess’s face all wet and soaking the sheets. I haven’t cum yet, so I pull out to take in the view. Liz then puts on a strap-on and starts to fuck Marie in the ass only harder. So I decide to put on another condom and fuck Liz in the ass at the same time. Mark then gets the idea to stand over Marie and feed Liz his dick. Larry goes and takes Marks place in front of Marie only he starts to fuck Jess. At the same time he pulls the blindfold off of Marie and bends down and kisses her. He then pushes her head down to Jess’s clit. The moaning and groaning that went on throughout the night was wonderful. I pull out of Liz when I am ready to cum. I pull off the condom and feed it to Jess. Mark cums on Liz’s face and Larry pulls out of Jess and cums over Marie. Liz takes off the strap-on, bends down to lap up the mess with Jess and since I still have a hard on, I put on another condom and start to fuck Liz. I grab her hair and pull gently, but forcefully. I proceed to increase my tempo to the point where I pull out to the tip of my dick and just slam it home. Liz seems to be enjoying this because she cums almost at the same time as I do.

When all was said and done, we were all a large, cum soaked and sweaty mess. I looked at Marie and she had a wonderful glow about her. We talked a bit, rested and then we looked around us. Everyone involved were passed out except Marie and myself. I guess we wore them out. We laughed, and I asked her if she had ever experienced anything like this before. She told me that she had always fantasized about something like this, but never knew if she could do it. I said we had our safe word; you could have stopped it at anytime. Yeah, but I was enjoying myself too much and you opened up a new avenue for me. I laughed and told her there are more adventures to come if you want them to ever happen. She laughed and then we went back out to the hot tub and relaxed. Over the next few weeks we explored her sexuality to new experiences. We were introduced to multitudes of people to help her on her way to where ever she wanted to be. But that is another story.