Written by Westcoaster

Sep. 4, 2017

I had to spend a week in a hotel and I was dreading the boredom. The meals alone, the sitting in a room alone, strange city; not a person that goes out on my own. With no other options thought I would try sign up for a dating site. Not thinking I would meet anyone-- just thought I would try.

Then she replied to a message from me. I couldn't believe my luck and she seemed so nice. In talking to her she seemed fun and cheeky. A woman that I would be friends with at home. We talked a bit and she found out where I worked. She knew when I was working and came into the store to see what I was like. I never knew who she was, but for some reason I found myself attracted to her. She had such nice eyes and she was so kind. I just wanted to see her again. Being shy I never said anything and she left the store. I got home to find a message from my new friend on the dating site. She asked how work was and if I had a good evening. I told her yes, but didn't want to tell her that I met a woman that I wished I could have asked out after a bit more chatting I started to get flirty with my new dating site friend and she seemed to like it. Having not been with a woman for so long I found myself getting very turned on talking to her. I decided to start to tell her in more graphic detail of what I would like to do when we met.

She said in her profile that she enjoyed shopping at Home Depot. For a joke I picked a Starbucks we could meet that was close to a Home Depot. We got our beverages and I said let’s go for a walk. I led her directly to Home Depot and said you like to shop here so let’s go shopping. She smiled. We went in and for fun walked up and down the aisles. We talked and I grabbed her hand and held it as we walked the store. When we got to the kitchen area I found a room that was a bit secluded and I stopped her turned her towards me and moved in for our first kiss. Closing our eyes our lips met with that butterfly feeling of what it would be like to kiss this beautiful woman.

It felt so amazing so right. The only thing that stopped us was the sales person asking if we needed help. We laughed and said no and we quickly left the store. I wanted to kiss her more and I think she wanted to as well so we went back to her car. We both got in and soon we we're back to having our tongues dancing and wrestling with each other.

My hands feeling her face as we kiss her neck. She had such soft beautiful skin. Her soft warm wet lips to kiss. My hand started to go down her body to feel her. Through her clothes I could feel such amazing breasts. She was running her hand on my chest as well. Soon she could not help herself and she felt down to my pants. Placing her hand on the front of my pants I began to grow with her touch. I slid my hand down to feel her pants as well. Can’t end a sentence with was... I suggested that we should go back to my room to be more comfortable. She agreed and she started the car and we drove. I thought I was a crazy driver but I had nothing on her.

We get to my room and I grabbed her and held her close. We kiss a passionate and amazing kiss. I start to stroke her hair and touch her face her cheek. I move and start kissing her neck her collar bone. She is so full of passion I can feel her energy just radiating from her. I want to just suck up all her energy. It starts to fill me. A clumsy guy I start to fiddle with her shirt and bra. I need help I remove my shirt and she removes hers and her bra. Her breasts are so beautiful. I gently touch and hold them but I do not waste much time before I must taste them. I kiss down her chest to her right nipple and while my other hand is on her left breast my wet hot lips kiss her nipple and gently suck her nipple into my mouth. She moans with pleasure as I continue to enjoy her beautiful breasts. She begins to fumble with my pants and she wants to free me. I pull back and let her undo my pants and I undo hers. Both of our pants drop to the floor. I start to kiss her again. I want to feel her now mostly naked body next to mine. Feeling her hard nipples poking into my chest. The small bit of cloth between out genitals preventing their inevitable meeting. I take her hand and lead her to the bed and lay her down. She is so beautiful mostly naked laying on the bed.

I start by kissing you. You want to remove my underwear but I will not let you yet. I whisper it is your turn first. Again, I start to kiss my way down your neck. I missed your left nipple so I turned my attention to this nipple sliding it gently in my mouth and sucking on it. My hand now has moved down your body to find your panties. I gently rub the outside of your panty-- it is moist. I can't stay away now that I feel you getting moist I need to have a taste of you. I kiss myself slowly down your stomach kissing and licking your belly button. Then running my face and tongue over your moist panty. Gently I pull down your panties and remove them. I spread your legs and just when you think I will be heading for your wet spot I spend time kissing your inner thigh. So soft such an amazing feeling on my lips.

I can feel the moisture coming from you and I cannot deprive myself anymore. Slowly gently I kiss and move myself so that I can get a good taste. Starting low near the bed. I ever so slowly lick my tongue up towards your navel. Stopping only when I can feel you squirm a bit when I found the spot. You know the spot. Not many have found it and today I am going to move my wet hot tongue and circle that spot. Not hard just gently. Making sure I have lots of moisture. Not stopping steady same slow rhythmic pace. Till I can feel you squirm. I can feel you build with pleasure and you start to buck and grab my head and begin to pull away and I will not let you. I want to feel you cum for me. You let out a pleasure sound and I stop and only very gently slowly keep tasting you. You are holding my head so tight.