Written by Anonymous

Oct. 27, 2019

Your laying in bed sleeping still in a dreamy state.....images of a pirate ship and you laying in a big four post bed naked with the captain of the ship on top of you feeling his cock sliding slowly in and out of your sweet pussy, feeling his lips on yours. Then you feel his lips on your neck but it this time it feels real....you open your eyes and my lips are on your neck kissing gently. Curled up behind you with my hard cock rubbing gently over your soaked pussy from your dream. You wake slowly stretching and pushing back against me as my cock slips inside you. I begin sliding in and out of your waking you from the feeling of being filled and the waves of pleasure running through you. You turn your head to me as we kiss gently at first but the deepening the kiss more as i pump my cock in to you faster. I wrap my hands around you and cup your luscious tits as my cock slide deep inside you. Your legs begin to tremble as your orgasm builds, your pussy quivering gripping my cock. The gripping milks my cock as your moan loudly and start to cum, your pussy grips hard on my cock making me erupt filling you with hot cum. Your body responds with goose bumps all over as you shake from cumming. I kiss you on the lips and tell you to get ready, pulling my cock out. Slapping your ass as i walk away, while you ask what we are doing today? i respond by throwing your bathing suit on the bed.....why we're doing a beach day with a smirk.

Jumping in the shower you let the water wash over you cooling you from the heat of your dream and the delicious way you were woken up. Getting in to your white bikini and a wrap, you walk down stairs finding me drinking coffee in the kitchen. Walking up to me as i admire the view you grab a cup yourself and say ready when you are, looking down and noticing the tent in my shorts as you smirk. We walk out to the car hand in hand as i open the door and help you in the car. We drive off, music playing and my hand on your thigh running along your milky soft skin. As we drive my hand slowly slides higher and higher, you notice but fain ignorance as your pussy is dripping in anticipation of being touched. Spreading your legs slowly wider as if your just getting comfortable but in reality to let me get to your pussy. My fingers caress over your wet mound through your bikini bottoms and you close your eyes. Slipping my finger underneath and begin running up and down your slick slit before my finger flicks over your clit, making you bite your lip. I then slip down and inside you with ease, watching the road intently as i finger fuck you. You lean back and let me slip another finger inside you making you moan. I work your soaked pussy till your legs clamp shut as you start cumming hard. You catch your breath then settle back to enjoy the drive.

Once at the beach we find our spot, get set up and I then rub sunscreen over your succulent body as you lay in the sun. Once done i smack your ass and sit back to admire the view. You lay there tingling from the orgasms you've already had and the ones you look forward to. I stand, announcing I'm going for a swim, you admire the view of me walking to the water and watch as i swim around before laying your head down. You feel water dripping on your stomach as you look up at me smiling a wicked grin, you ask what I'm thinking as i take your hand and pulling you to the water. Lifting you up as i carry you in till we're chest deep and then kiss your lips as i my hands roam over your body under the water. You feel my cock pocking your ass as our kiss deepens. Letting you out of my arms so you can wrap your legs around me. Your feet pushing my trunks down as my cock pokes your pussy. I grip your ass moving your bottoms to the side as i slip inside your pussy and let the waves rolling around us make me slip in and out of you. My hands cupping and playing with your ass, as i push my finger inside. I'm fingering your ass and fucking your pussy slowly as you moan biting my lip to keep from screaming. Your orgasm building slowly from the pace the waves are setting for our passion. My cock pulsing as i build to cumming and then slamming deep inside you as i squirt cum filling you with warmth. This is your undoing as your legs tighten around me as you cum, your teeth biting harder on my lip.

Once you've come down from cumming we walk out of the water to the showers to wash off the sweat and cum dripping down your legs. After enjoying the sun for a bit longer we pack up and head back home holding hands as we drive. You look at me telling how amazing a day off this has been. I smile back at you saying day isn't over yet as i wink.