Written by Playtime

Aug. 30, 2016

The moon winks at us knowingly like a voyeur watching our every move. The quiet pulse of Nina Simone, on the car radio, seems to keep the rhythmatic chirping of the crickets in harmony. The lake water lapping at the shores. All this, beckoning us to awaken our bodies to the pleasures they knowingly wait upon. I sit perched proudly on your lap straddling your firm hips. your pants lay puddled around your ankles as your hands slip the straps of my dress off my moon kissed shoulders. Kissing my breasts tasting of sweet honeysuckle, I rake my fingers through your hair and pull your face into my warm cleavage, slowly grinding my pink mound onto your growing cock. Our bodies move as one as your arms entwine around my waste holding me closer and closer. Your mindful hot iron finds haven quickly inside me as we slowly dance together, a union of 2 bodies thirsting for each other. My juices dripping down your cock and trickling to your ass tells you how much your cock knows my pussy's heart. Our breathing breaks the calm becoming more laboured as we pick up speed and I take you in deeper and deeper. Your hand releases your hold on me as it slides between our sweating bodies to search for my parted lips, soaked and tender from rubbing against your groin and from sucking on your cock. Gawd! I inhale in utter pleasure as you expertly take your cock from one hole to the other without missing a beat. My puckered anus is pleasantly surprised with the intrusion. And I kiss your mouth, sucking in your breath as I watch your face, lost in the moment of fucking my asshole. So tight, so silky, so hungry for you to rape. I softly suck your tongue whispering into your open mouth, "fill me with your cum baby, fill me with your cum!" Having no regard for me, you start fucking my gaping hole harder and harder, needing to explode. I'm pumping myself hard on you and unaware, you pump me even harder on your raging cock. I'm not there, I watch your beautiful face so close to mine and your desire is so intense, its only about you. Beads of sweat on your brow as you grunt and moan like a beast and explode inside my asshole. Your grip chokes me as your body shakes and spews your cream inside me so deep. I just hold you close and relish the feeling of pleasuring you. My body reacts, but doesn't respond in orgasm. Yet, I am fully satisfied, as you lay your head back on the headrest calming your breathing. Eyes closed, you softly whisper "wow"