Written by Mitzy

Feb. 7, 2018

She lay among the rumpled bedsheets, her hair a messy halo about her head, glowing ancient copper in the fading light. Her skin glistened a virgin white against the dark bedding, the flush of fresh-made love coloring her breasts and butt. Sleepily, as if in dream, she opened her green eyes and smiled at the man above her. He raised the camera and captured this moment behind the glass lens forever before shifting again to take another. Luxuriously, she stretched, rolling onto her stomach and curving her butt upwards. The whir of another picture processing told her that the shoot wasn't over yet. She peeked over her shoulder with a sly wink for the man standing above her, seeing him in the twilight with his shirt off, his chest stiil shining from the passion of earlier. He smiled. As if shy, she twisted onto her back, drawing a sheet up over her breasts, leaving her legs bare to the cool breeze from the window beside them. More pictures assured her that her makeup still looked fine Slowly, her head cleared, and she sat up in the bed and began looking for her clothes. She found her stockings first, sliding them seductively forever up her legs before clipping them back into her garter belt. He grabbed a new memory card, throwing the used one onto the growing pile beside the computer. "Look at me." He whispered, bending in doser to her. She could see small parts of her reflection in the lens of the camera: as if she saw herself through the eyes of others, she could see some of the allure that made her a nude model. If you were to ask her, though, she would tell you that her photographer made the magic and she did naught but fill the vacant lens. Standing now, in stockings and bra, she ran a hand through her hair in an attempt to smooth it back into place. The glasses were still on the table, a pipe full of hash sitting beside them. She took a sip of dry red wine and lit a cigarette, slipping the end into her holder before bringing it to her mouth and exhaling a blue haze. He sat beside her and lit the pipe now between them, taking a puff before pressing the warm tip to her bruised lips for her to inhale. Music was playing in the background, a lively, rave-style thumping reverberating around the room and through her insides, making her feel as if she had no bones- only liquid. A flicker through the large window announced the onset of night as the streetlights came to life "I should go." She said, pulling her jeans over her butt and fastening the button. "Don't you want to see them?" He asked, referring to the photos they'd spent the day taking. Eager, she stepped beside him, looking over his shoulder at the first three series already downloaded. A flush of pride and embarassment flooded her face, renewing the red from earlier as the scenes flashed accross the screen. The first few, being portraits, captured every emotion that fled through her face. They scanned these quickly before opening the full-body shots. Dressed in a tux coat, short skirt and 3" heels, the scenes rolled slowly from professional, advertisement-style photos to her completely undressed state. He stopped on one frame in particular: she was facing the wall, one hand leaning to hold herself up while she looked in the throes of an orgasm. Her skirt was lifted slightly, emphasizing her stockings as just a peek of her panties showed through between her legs. Her butt was round and looked impeccably soft with the morning sun glowing upon her flesh; her etes closed softly and lips slightly parted completed the picture. "This is the shot of today." His voice, like deep velvet, crooned. He nibbled the tip of her ear softly before turning back to the screen, bathing his face in the cool blue light. Still trembling, she reached past him to take the mouse and navigate through the album. Close-ups of her genitals, her butt and legs whirred past as she scanned for one shot in particular. Then she found it. She heard the breath leave his lungs as the image filled the screen. One of the final shots taken before passion gripped them both tight and they abandoned their jobs for the next few hours in pursuit of more enjoyable activities. Her eyes, glowing with seductive fire flashed intently through the screen, gripping the viewer tighrt in her gaze. Feet together with knees apart framed the sight which took his breath away: her manicured nails on long, delicate fingers played idly with the diamond shining on it's pink, fleshly base of her clitoris. The purple of her swollen lips, slightly parted to each side, opened tantalizingly towards deeper treasures. Her coat opened slightly over her small breasts, her left hand cupping the right and playing with her nipple, making it erect beneath her expert touch. All bathed in early evening light, the effect of golden rays outlining her body made a dreamlike, surreal photograph. Just looking at it on the screen, as yet unedited or touched warmed her insides. Without realizing, her hand slid down the inside of her jeans to find that same diamond to flick. Her actions didn't go unnoticed by him. He smiled knowingly. "They look good, don't they?" "Yes," her words emerged as barely a breath. "You did a great job- as always." "Yes, I did well, but I need a beautiful model to make them this good." His compliment, as usual, was met with her ducking her head and covering her face with her hair, muttering a barely audible 'thank you'. Her shyness was touching- almost confusing- to him. When the camera was trained on her, she exuded a confidence and snobish-ness that would bring a man to his knees. She weas sexy, teased the camera and made it seem as though sher was used to people watching her. Indeed, it looked as though she demanded nothing less. In reality, she was awkward around and easily embarassed when any attention was brough to her, flattering or otherwise. Her smile was honest and real and ready for anyone who passed in her presence. She couldn't see anything special about herself that could warrant attention. He only wished he knew why. "We will do more, you and I." He crooned as they resumed scanning. She could feel herself shaking from the pleasure of it. "Are you happy?" he asked. She could only nod, looking into his eyes. She couldn't deny they worked well together. They were comfortable together, feeding off each other, creating magic. A chill ran down her spine, making her nipples erect beneath her bra. She was attracted to him- that much was obvious, but she hesitated. A myriad of thoughts chased themselves through her head; feelings she could not express while she stood there before him, looking into his eyes. "I need to go." She said, her words now coming in a rush as she pulled her sweater over her head and raced for the door. Her hands shook as she tied her boots, their betrayal to her emotions stark. "I--" she stopped. Looking at him, she willed him to understand without speaking. She knew he wouldn't, but that wasn't something she wanted to discuss ever. She buttoned her coat. "I'll see you tomorrow." She blew him a kiss and slipped out the door into the darkness of night, her feet barely making a sound on the concrete.