Written by cp613

May 12, 2016

I don't have big, meaty hands like some men. My hands and fingers are slender and long. When I move and flex them you can see the tension and vitality beneath my skin, the life within my hands. Some would describe me as having "piano fingers".

I don't play the piano.

Imagine my hands at the back of your neck as you kneel before me. You roll your neck in small circles as I begin to rub away the tension. The heat from my hands soothes, and my thumbs push at the knots in your muscles. As you relax and your cares slip away, I slide my hands lightly toward your shoulders. My thumbs hook your bra straps and slip them off your shoulders. I lean forward; my warm breath tickles your smooth skin, as I kiss your neck and shoulders. I gradually move my hands back toward your neck; my fingertips trace the contours of your collarbones.

You anticipate my next movements, unconsciously raising your chin and pushing your shoulders back. It seems to take forever for my hands to move down your chest, pausing briefly while cupping your breasts. You feel my fingers run over the soft silky fabric, the cooling sensation tantalizes and teases. Deliberately avoiding your sensitive nipples only heightens your yearning. Each time a finger draws near, I feel you slightly tense up and catch your breath only to slowly, hesitantly release it as my finger moves away. Finally, the only touches you feel are my index fingers, tracing an increasingly tight spiral that, at last, reaches your nipples. Does my touch delight you?

I have to move closer to you now. Kneeling at your back you can feel how hard I am as we touch. I move my hands down your sides and waist now. As I reach your hips I can't help but pull you back, harder into me. You know how much I want you, can hear the quickness in my breath and feel my cock straining at my underwear. How long can I hold out you wonder, when will I give in?

But I'm not ready to relent yet. I slide my hands from your hips to the outside of your thighs. Moving my palms across your smooth legs, I slide my hands between them. I push lightly against your inner thighs inviting, or maybe insisting, you to move your knees apart.

I walk my fingers slowly up your inner legs towards your panties. I curl my fingers around the edge of the fabric. Running my hands up and down, my fingers rub your pussy lips, exploring your wetness. I pull my hands out of your panties now, and raise them to slide your bra off completely. With my left-hand fingers, I play with your nipple again. You can hear my heavy breathing beside you, almost feel the beating of my heart against your back. Your short inhales of breath let me know you like it. While I gently roll and pull your nipple, I slide my right hand underneath the waistband into your panties.

Your breast responds to my touch, but you can't ignore my other hand, slowly moving beneath your panties, the slightest of pressures as I move over your mound to the delights below. I slide my fingers down along the outside of your pussy and gently pull at the lips. I feel how wet you are and imagine the glistening nectar waiting to be appreciated. I wonder now "who is teasing who, can I resist a moment longer?" I start to gently rub my fingers across the top of your pussy. Your clit feels the pressure as I work my hand from side to side. As I play, I use my left hand to guide your chin up and back where you find my mouth. Our lips meet and our tongues explore each other. You feel so wet now; I think you are ready for more.

I move beside you now and guide you so that you are lying on your back. I rest my hand against your cheek and smile, gazing at the vision in front of me. I move my hand down along your body, reverently, barely touching you. Your eyes take in my lean body poised above you. As you look down, there's no hiding the head of my cock peaking above my waistband, trying to escape confinement. You can see a tiny bead of my pre-cum decorating my penis-head, glistening in the soft light.

Moving my right hand between your legs refocuses your attention. You roll your hips back a little as I slide a finger into you. The second finger slides in just as easily, and my thumb begins to circle your clit. I am soon sliding my fingers in and out of you. I maintain a steady pace as I move, in and out, in and out. I rotate my wrist to vary the pressure of my fingers, up down and to the sides. You are starting to move in time with my fingers, starting to breath faster. But there's something else to come; "piano fingers" have to be good for something don't they?

I curl my fingers up and inside of you finding your g-spot. You arch your back slightly so I can apply more pressure. You can feel all my strength being channeled to that one point, my fingertips, and your g-spot. The fingers inside you start to move with more urgency. Faster and stronger they press against you, timed to meet the rhythm of you hips, your thrusts.

Faster. Wetter. I can hear and feel your sweet juices, squirting and sloshing against my hand. Small splashes escape only to land on my wrist or your thighs. You feel the warmth dribbling down between your legs. Faster. Wetter. You've lost conscious control of your hips that continue to surge against my hand. It seems every momentary pause is met with redoubled effort and strength, every push more emphatic.

You take a sharp inhale and momentarily hold you breath. I see your thighs tighten, your hands clasped in delicate fists. Your stomach pushes down meeting my upward finger thrust one last essential time ... and you release, your air, your muscles everything becomes liquid and fluid. A soft moan escapes your pursed lips, as your eyes close savouring the moment.

No I don't play the piano. I hope you don't mind.