Written by Mr. Stickman

Nov. 8, 2015

Hi, thought Id see if you like my story. I was 16 and homeless in Hamilton and I asked a woman for a smoke. She said yes and that her husband had noticed that I spent a lot of time around their pizza shop. She said that her husband needed help with a job because he hurt his back. There was a bunch of boxes in the basement of the shop that needed to be taken out and if I did she would pay my $20 and a free pizza. I thought for sure she wanted to have sex with me because I got that vibe, and because I was a 16 year old teen who thought everyone wanted to fuck me. I looked her over, She would have been about 35, with black hair, drawn on eye brows with too much eye makeup. She was tall and almost all legs, like 6 feet tall. Her breast were small but ready to rip out of her shirt. She smelled of menthol cigarettes and wet dreams.

Anyways I went to the basement and there was a lot of boxes, I worked for like 4 hours moving them and around six o\clock her husband came downstairs and gave me $40 buck and told me to get my pizza. I was a little disappointed. So I got my pizza and went home.

When I got home I opened my pizza box and it had a note on the inside top of the box. And it said "If you want to see what the basement is for come back at 3pm". I went back. The door opened and there was another young guy a bit older than me wearing a black shirt and no pants. His dick was smaller than mine but oddly thick, like a juice bottle. He laugh because I didn't say any thing, I just stared at his dick. He told me to come in. When I did I had trouble seeing because there was only one light on. I followed it until the guy grabbed my arm and out of now where the pizza man came out of a corner and punched me hard in the gut. I could taste the pizza in my mouth, he then helped me up and said Your going to do whatever I tell you to to my wife. I then saw her strapped to a table with her tits up. She was smiling when her husband told the guy to eat her pussy. He then told me to stick my dick in her mouth. At first I was genital till I felt leather hit my ass and the pizza man said harder! I fucked his wife so hard and every time I was about to cum he would stop me. near the end she was let loss. she grabbed my dick and started to jerk into a cup. I cam so hard that it got her in the face and in the cup. She said thank you, and that's all she wanted. When me and the other young guy were done she took the cup and fed it to the pizza man. I walked out, I never did get another piece of pizza from them again..