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Rediscovering herself.

"Caught red handed, she gets what she needs."
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Published 1 week ago

I hear the front door close. Children's voices drift through the window. The engine turns over, and the sound of children's music blares. It quickly silenced as the car speeds down the street.

I'm free.

A wave of excitement rushes over me as I grab my phone. Flip open messenger and frantically search for his name. It started as a simple thing, reaching out to an old friend. We picked up where we left off. The casual banter, leading to good-natured flirting.

When did this get so out of hand, and why can't I stop.

The risk excites me. I can feel myself get wet just thinking about what comes next. I unleash those simple words, "He just left with the kids. You want to play?".

The response comes quickly, "I'll be at the office in 5 minutes. Why don't you surprise me with something to get me started?" I can feel my juice begin to flow. This man wants me. Let's tease him.

I lower the strap of my tank top and pull just a hint of my areola out. Biting my lip with a crooked grin I snap the selfie. It sends quickly. The response is quicker. "Damn, my pants are getting tight, can you help me with that?"

"Sure can, but I need proof first." I type with one hand on the phone, the other on the wet cotton. His response sends a chill down my spine. No words, just a quick pic of the bulge I've caused in the crotch of his suit.

Breathing heavily, I text, "You need to do better than that." And he does, his next pick shows me how much he needs me, his hard cock sticking out from his fly. It's been so long. Almost 18 years. But the thought of his flavour still causes my lips to swell. "Stroke yourself," I command in text. "I want to see you finish."

He's a good boy and does as he's told. His next message is a video. A large hand wrapped around his shaft. He didn't even make it out of his car. He strokes and stops. Letting his glistening liquid drip for the tip. Then he attacks his cock like a man out of control. Gripping and tugging. I can hear him moan as he releases. And then I hear a throat clear.

Frantically I drop my phone and twist around. Oh, shit he's home.

The six-foot burly man stands in the doorway with hurt and rage in his eyes. "Why?" is all he can say.

I look at him, this was never meant to happen. It's not cheating, I never touched another man. "What are you doing home?"

He strides forward, snatches my phone and looks. His eyes, darken as he sees, another man's hard shaft, covered in cum from our quick session.

Tossing the phone on the bed he turns to me. His eyes are intense, I can't meet his gaze. In a low growl, he says, "Does that turn you on?".

"Yes", I reply breathlessly, as he reaches down between my legs. The soft cotton, wet and sticking to me. He firmly rubs this strong hand across my wetness. It sends a shiver of excitement through me. My juice seeps out, wetting his hand even more.

I look away, I can't meet his eyes. I can't see the hurt in them. The touch of his right hand on my lips is firm, strong, sensual.

The fingers of his left-hand slide into my thick red waves. Moving slowly to the base of my neck he makes a fist. It pulls with just enough pressure to gain control. Guiding my head up and to the side, forcing me to reach his gaze.

The blue of his eyes has always demanded my attention. Soft, warm and loving. He's the father of my children. A man that has stood by me through so much. I'm so afraid to see the hurt, the anger.

I prepare for the worts, and my breath catches as our eyes meet. Where there should be pain and rage there is nothing but pure lust. His voice low and firm he says, "You've been a bad girl." Then pulls me close and kisses me.

The kiss is hard and hungry. My lips spread as his tongue intertwines with mine. Pulling my head back he attacks my neck. Licking and biting. His hand pressed on my sex, the force of it causes my lips to part. I thrust my hips forward. Pressing on his hand. A wave runs through my clit, as he begins to swirl his thick fingers. The cotton is soaked.

His hand finds the edge of my panties and pulls them aside. Thick fingers glide into my soft wetness, deep and slow. My breathing quickens with his pace. Hard gasps of air as his fingers thrust in and out. I can hear how wet it is.

He stops. Eyes locked with mine as he licks the glistening cream from his fingers. Reaching out, he grabs my hard nipple he growls, "Bad girls get punished".

He pulls me from the bed. Leads me to the office desk and pushes me down on my front. My face pressed against the cold heavy glass of the table, I feel him rip the soft cotton panties from my body. His open hand comes down fast, the slap loud, the pain welcome.

I hear his buckle come loose and his pants drop to the floor. "Are you ready for your punishment?", he says in a firm commanding tone.

"Yes", I gasp. As he guides my hand to his throbbing hard cock.

"Make it wet" be barks and I do as commanded. Sliding my fingers inside my wet pussy and using my cream to wet his dick.

He thrusts his cock into me. Hard and fast. Hips meeting mine, his balls slap against my ready clit. I can feel the wetness running over him and down me.

He stops. Pushes his full girthy length into me and moans.

Another quick hard slap comes as he begins to thrust. The spanking comes in time with his cocks entry into my deep wet hole. I moan as he pulls my hair and arches my back. Reaching across my torso to grab a handful of my large milky breast.

I thrust my hips back into him and begin to moan. "I'm so wet, I gasp".

He releases my breast and spins me around. Pushing me back onto the desk. My legs raise, he grasps my thighs, my legs bent over his forearms. Pulling me towards him he enters me. Deep, hard, quick. With each thrust, he pulls me near. Lifting me from the table.

Dropping my leg he reaches for his phone. Left on the desk. I hear him unlock the screen as he begins to record. "Have you been a bad girl", he says clearly for the camera.

My response comes in gasps as he thrust harder with each word, "Yes ... I've ... been ... a ... bad ... girl"

Nearing climax, he pulls me to my knees in from of him and grabs my hair. He pushes his cock in my open and waiting mouth. I take him in, enjoying the taste of my wet sex dripping from his shaft.

He thrusts once, twice and explodes in my mouth. I suck down and swallow every drop.

He gently pulls me to my feet. Locking eyes with me he leans in and kisses me, softly. The sensual contrast to his lustful . He gently runs his fingers through my hair. Pulling my head into a deep and long embrace. His lips near my ear whisper, "You silly girl, how should we punish your new friend?"

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