Written by DebbieDee_1961

Aug. 11, 2012

The day is dull and the rain falls sporadically. Inside, I am restless and bored but aching between my legs. I am aching for something hard and hot and delicious inside of me.

Yes, he is in my thoughts as I begin one chore and then move onto another without finishing the first.

I think a hot bath might soothe the ache but it only makes things worse. My skin is pink and warm when I emerge from the bath. The goosebumps travel down my arms and legs as the air cools me. I stand naked in front of the open window and feel the summer breezes against me. The air is nice against my bare skin...and my juices flow freely now...thick and creamy down the insides of my thighs. If only I had a man against me now and a cock to fill me up. If only.

I take the body lotion and massage it slowly along my legs...first my right and then my left. It feels lovely. I take more lotion and rub it against both arms and then begin to spread it against my tummy and then my aching tits. I rub and rub there...squeezing my breasts together and fondling my hard nipples as I work the creamy lotion into my sensitive skin.

My pussy throbs and aches and I moan out loud when I finally rub the cream onto my smooth mound. Oh, that's better...it feels so good.

It feels so good that I have to lie down on my bed so that I can spread the lotion in between my legs. My knees are bent and my legs are open wide as I work it all in. I thrust into my own hand as if it were a hard and willing cock.

The phone ringing awakes me from my trance. Dammit, who could it be? Should I answer or just keep going?

I grab the phone from my bedside table because it has distracted me from my self pleasuring.

"Hello?" I ask the phone, nearly irritated.

"Hey, lover, what are you doing?" the familiar voice asks me.

My pussy throbs and pulses once more at the sound of his voice.

"Trying to masturbate..." I tell him, honestly, as I begin to rub my pussy once more.

"Oh, you naughty thing..." he whispers to me and I moan in response.

"mmmmmm..." is all I can say to him.

"I'm comng over..." he tells me and my heart quickens.

"Get the jack rabbit thing out...and start playing with that..." he tells me

It is not a question but a demand and my hips writhe in response.

"Yes, " I whisper to him.

"Is the door open?" he then asks me...

"ah..ah..." I moan.

His laugh sends shivers through me...

"Good...get started...I'll be there soon..."

I hang up the phone and find my dildo in my lingerie drawer.

I am hoping I have enough battery power as I turn it on.

Yes, it seems so. The head of the dildo swirls and pulses. The ears of the jack rabbit pulse too and I lie down again and begin to tease my cunt with the tip of the cock.

Oh, that feels nice and my juices run from me.

I am afraid of coming before he arrives so I have to go slow.

Mmmm...the rabbit ears pulse against my clit when I finally thrust the dildo inside of me. I moan and thrust against the bloody thing as if it were a real live dick inside of me. But I am imagining that it is his hot cock teasing me as his fingers rub against my clit.

I close my eyes and fantasize. I imagine a dinner party that I am hosting. There are 7 guests in total and I am the only single one in the group. We are all dressed to the nines. I am wearing a cream-coloured halter-styled dress. The neckline of the dress plunges to show my cleavage...very enticing. The dress falls just above my knees in a stylish skirt. I am wearing heels higher than I am used to and I have to walk carefully when I rise from the table and gather some empty plates and bring them to the kitchen.

Someone follows behind me and I turn to see him as I place the dishes on the counter.

He grins, wickedly.

"Thought you could use a hand..." he tells me in a soft whisper

He comes in close and I feel my blood begin to boil and I feel my nipples harden...

I am awoken from that fantasy when I hear the front door open. Geez...he is here.

I hear him throw his car keys onto the kitchen counter and then I hear him discard his shoes.

I am so wet now as my Jack Rabbit pulses through me.

I hear him run up the stairs and I see him peek around my open bedroom door.

I see his eyes darken as he comes into the room and stands at the foot of the bed, breathing hard as he watches me play with myself.

"Fuck..." he tells me.

My heart is racing. This is so hot.

He unzips himself and I am surprised to see that he is not wearing any underwear.

What a bad boy, I think to myself but I love it, just the same.

He is hard and ready and he rubs along his engorged shaft. I love that too.

I moan as he stares between my legs and removes his shirt.

He is on the bed now on his hands and kees and between my legs as I continue to thrust the dildo inside me.

"Did you come yet?" he finally asks me, looking up and into my eyes

"No." I tell him.

"You are dripping wet, lover.." he says to me.

"I know..." I murmur

"Let me fuck your mouth while you keep doing that, okay?"

He doesn't wait for a response as he moves up to me and then gives me a deep and erotic kiss. Mouths and lips so hungry that it makes us hotter for each other. All the while, I am still fucking the dildo.

He then crouches and holds his hard cock out to me. I turn towards his throbbing cock.

"Take it..." he commands me.

I put my hand around him and begin to suck his tip...ever so gently.

And then I swirl my tongue around him and he moans.

He fucks my mouth then. It goes so deep that I think I might gag on him.

But I don't. I lay my tongue flat out to leave more room for him. And he fucks my mouth like a crazy man. He is watching me play with myself and then watching me swallow him as his hips move quickly.

God, I feel the beginnings of my orgasm now...and I feel my vaginal walls tighten around the dildo. The rabbit ears are still flicking and I am coming as he calls out.

He is coming too and I feel his hot cum slide down my throat. I swallow all of him and when he is finished spilling, his cock leaves my mouth and he drops to my side.

I have already taken the dildo out of me and it continues to squirm and writhe and buzz against the bed sheets. It is almost comical, in a post-climactic way.

"Fuck..." he tells me. "That was hot..."

I can only nod in response.

I slide a finger down and inside me...swirling the juices around my sensitive clit.

I offer him a silken finger and he sucks it into his mouth and licks my juices from it.

"You taste nice..." he says as he sighs and looks up at the twirling ceiling fan.

"So do you..." I tell him, quietly. "So do you."