Jun. 2, 2016

He was standing in the sports literature area checking out a new book he was interested in when he was struck by a delicious scent. He looked up from the book and seen a beautiful woman walking by. Black curly hair, big beautiful eyes and curves in all the right places. Distracted he watched where she walked to. The 'Chapters' at highway 7 and Weston Rd was not overly large, so she was easy to follow. She came to rest in an aisle five over from where he was standing. A sudden interest developed within him in the literature she was looking at, whatever that type of literature might be. He walked toward her pretending to browse and soon wound up on her aisle. Apparently, Mrs X was into teasing erotica. She was standing there flipping through a book by Kristen Ashley, 'Mystery Man'. She was dressed provocatively, in a short skirt and low cut blouse. Her large breasts showing ample cleavage and calves looked delicious in her four inch heels and fine fishnet stockings. Her makeup was done to perfection very subtle but, accentuating her eyes and cheek bones. He walked down the aisle and made sure she noticed someone as he stood about three feet away on a diagonal back to back. He feigned interest in some book as he caught another wiff of her intoxicating scent. He stood there drinking in the atoms, and something came over him. Before he could stop himself he blurted out "ya know, fucking a mystery man is far better than reading about one". She turned to look at him with rage in her eyes and open her mouth to speak, but nothing came out. The rage softened and a sly grin came over her face. "Ok mystery man, prove it. You're such a big talker, let's see if you can back it up". Dumbfounded that his advance actually worked he stumbled a bit, "Well, well I wasn't expecting you to agree with me" she smiled and said "I am fully aware of that but, now I have, your move Slick". He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her in for a kiss, hunger erupted within him and he ate at her mouth. Looking around the store he seen they were somewhat secluded he backed her against a wall and continued to kiss her. His hand reached for the hem of her skirt and they heard a security guard say "ahem, shouldn't you two take that somewhere else?" He turned to him hair disheveled and shirt twisted on his body. "Maybe you could show us a more intimate spot" the security guard smiled. "Maybe I could". He was standing with his hands on his hips his dark skinned arms bulging at the end of his short sleeves. His white shirt and freshly pressed pants did not hide the fact that underneath was a beautiful black man's body. 'Slick' could just make it the gentleman's name tag, Eric. "Well Eric, where might that be" he looked around to be sure no one was watching, "would you follow me folks". Eric led them to the surveillance room, the tv's along the wall showed various areas of the store. Mrs X seen the camera that was trained on the erotica section, "so, this is how you caught us?" Eric smiled, "I watched, what's your name?" "Call me Slick" he continued, "I

watched Slick here, track you from the sports section the minute you walked in. You two seem like nice folks so that's why we're here now in private". Butterflies began to develop in Mrs X's stomach. "Well, you two wanted a private spot what are you going to do?"Eric asked. Slick moved over and said "where were we?" as he leaned in to kiss her again. Wasting no time, his hand dropped to her skirt and he slid his hand up between her legs, she was saturated. She looked over at Eric and asked "are you just going to sit there and watch?" Eric jumped up from his chair and led them over to a couch along the back wall of the room. They sat her down on the couch and each sat on one side. Slick continued to finger Mrs X while Eric began to unbutton her blouse both taking turns kissing her then the three of them were kissing together they quickly remove Mrs X's clothes "yummy" both men said. Figuring that Eric was okay with swapping spit with her, Slick got down on the floor and fingered Mrs X with one hand and helped her open Eric's pants. Once they had his pants open he stood and took them off as well as his shirt. As expected he was ripped with a magnificent 8 inch cut cock. The only question, who was going to suck it first. Eric looked at Slick and said "You seem a little over dressed, we'll be over here when you get naked" he then stood in front of Mrs X and said "come get it Whore". Mrs X did not need to be told twice, she dropped to her knees and started sucking his cock with earnest she sucked and stroked him and then Slick was there beside him not quite as big but, impressive none the less. She held then both in her hands and began to suck them both off, the contrast of ebony and ivory was exquisite and she became more turned on with each stroke into her mouth. In turn each of them fucked her throat and their cocks were slippery with saliva and mucous. The two men were playing with each other's asses while she sucked and finally Slick couldn't take it any more and dropped to his knees to help her. They sucked his hard man meat bringing him near to climax then backing off. Mrs X turned to Slick and said "fuck me, I've come this far, fuck me!" He laid her down on the couch and positioned himself between her legs he entered her then reached over and pulled Eric over by his cock and took it in his mouth. He sucked and licked the head while he fucked Mrs X then said to Eric, "I think she needs at both ends" he pulled out and got her up on all fours facing his cock and Eric lined up behind her. She took his big Cock inside and squealed when he got to balls deep, then Slick grabbed her by the hair and guided her mouth onto his cock, "come show me what a lil Whore you are Bitch" she replied "Watch this!" And dutifully begin sucking him off in time with Eric's thrusts from behind. "Since you have taken everything so well today Mrs X, I have one more thing I want to try with you". She looks at him and smiles "ok" . "Eric, get on your back" Eric did as he is asked "Now Mrs X , lay on your back on top of Eric" she hesitates "no anal" she says "don't you worry" assured Slick there well be no anal. When she was in position Slick dropped to his knees and sucked on them both for a few minutes then he slid Eric's Cock inside her. Naturally Eric began

fucking her now very pouty pussy, "hang on there cowboy, let me get into position". Slick then got down between both their legs and slowly slid his cock on top of Eric's inside Mrs X. She groaned and screamed out "Fuck I'm full!" The guys started to moved in and out in unison and MrsX began to move with them, she had already had too many orgasms to count and she was on the verge of another one. They work into a rhythm and all three were going to a climax like never before. Mrs X tensed and release. Eric pulled out and Slick fell out and dropped to his knees just in time for Eric to shoot his load into his mouth not able to take it all, it dropped down the sides of his mouth. Mrs X got up and licked his face clean and get and Eric sucked Slick until he came in her mouth she swallows it and three kissed. They each got dressed and cleaned up a bit, Eric said next time just knock on the door. Slick and Mrs X both smiled and Mrs x said, "maybe you should bring a friend". Eric smiled, "male or female?" "I'm easy" replied Mrs X. Outside the room Slick took her into his arms for a hug and kiss "I told you it was more fun than reading about it" she laughed "when your right your right" she said " maybe next time you can tell me your name. On second thought, I like Slick."