Jan. 14, 2018

How about this approach for our first meeting. Let me see. This is a beginning, an exploration, a setting aside of inhibitions built up over time. OK, how about this?

After the usual introductions and small talk, I ask you if you are ready to begin. That is an essential first step. Upon receiving your consent, I stand you in front of me. We kiss and hug, gently and tentatively. Then I stand you back a bit and slowly unbutton your blouse, from top to bottom, finally slipping it off your shoulders to the floor. Then, I undo the clasp and lower the zipper on your pants and slip my hands around your back to the waist of your pants and gently tug them down, over your hips and butt, past your thighs and knees, down to your ankles. As you bend to step out of your pants, I see your cleavage over the top of your bra. I contemplate the suggestion of your breasts for a few moments. You stand there in front of me in your bra and panties, somewhat shy but willing to continue. I can just make out your hardening nipples and the outline of your pussy through the material. I am getting excited. You wonder what’s next, but suspect what that might be.

I reach forward and caress your breasts through the bra and move my hands to your back, following the bra straps. I find the clasps and undo them, one by one. My hands move up to your shoulders, my fingers slip under the shoulder straps of your bra and I drop them downward. The bra follows, exposing your full breasts and hard nipples. I caress each breast with two hands. I contemplate you some more. I move forward to kiss and suck your breasts. They are soft and smooth, your nipples hard and slightly rubbery with desire. You are a little more certain where this is going.

Then my hands wander down your rib cage to the top edges of your panties. I slip a thumb under the elastic on each side and gently tug them down. The top of your pubic hair appears, then the full vulva. I tug them down the thighs, past your knees until then drop silently on the floor around your feet.

As you step out of them, your breasts fall forward slightly and I reach out to cup them. I slip my hands around your back onto your buttocks and pull you to me. As we kiss, open mouthed, my hands explore your tits, and drop down to caress your ass and your pussy. I insert a finger just between the lips of your vagina. Then I move you back and freely look at you naked there before me. I caress you everywhere. I ask you to open your legs and you comply. I take advantage; you let go and enjoy.

I ask you to undress me and, as you remove my shorts, my penis salutes the woman that wants to stroke it. You reach down to caress it, but I have other plans. I sit back in a chair and invite you to kneel in front of me. As I let your tits fall naturally into my open hands, I gently move your head toward my cock. You take me into your mouth, using your hand to pull back the foreskin, exposing the glands to your tongue and mouth. You suck me, tentatively at first, then eagerly, finally with full abandon. I caress your tits, back and buttocks. My cock is hard and thick.

I stop you then. Now is not the time for me to cum. I get you to straighten up and I move my cock across each breast, paying attention to the nipples. I move my ass forward on the chair and, pulling your forward, I invite you to sit on my lap. My cock nudges your labia as you sit. With my hands on your hips, we move you back and forth along my cock. Meanwhile, I am ensuring that your full tits and hard nipples get all the attention they deserve. As you move your pussy up to the tip of my cock, your nipples are close to my mouth. I take them in my hands, putting the nipples in my mouth and suck hungrily on each one. Then the head of my cock slips inside. Did you put it there by desire or did it just slip in by accident? No matter.

As you move back, it enters you more deeply, sliding over your clit, your lips moistening it with your pussy juice. As my cock moves toward your cervix, I can feel the tightness of that “virginal” cunt (as you referred to it) as it gets used to my girth and to being penetrated after all this time. Yes, it’s been a while for us both, but your vagina lubricates the passage and its ribbed, rubbery, slick walls drive my cock wild. I would let you ride me like that for a while, watching your eyes, your face, your breasts and looking down to see my cock move in and out of you.

I think I would want to pull out now so I could masturbate to finish and spread my cum on your body. If it’s on your tits or pussy, yes, I would, as you previously requested, lick it off. But remember that you would have to share it with me. Hmmm. Would you do that? Would you taste my cum mixed with the juices from your pussy? Man, what I turn-on that would be, at least I hope it would be, for both of us.

And so you think we’re done. Not necessarily. If you haven’t had your orgasm, then it’s on the bed on your back with you, your legs apart so I can finger your clit, suck it and lick it until you cum properly, as a mature woman should. I’m talking about cumming till you can’t stand it and beg me to stop. And then, a long moment of afterplay.

The shower would calm us down and as we dressed we would wonder what marvelous sexual interlude we might have the next time we meet.